Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watchtower's Plan To Increase It's Hours in 2009

I have already stated in this blog that pioneer hours are being reduced.
There is more, however.
Starting with service year 2009, BOTH parents will be able to report one hour weekly for their child. That means that for every family with kids, there will be 4 more hours reported monthly, thus, inflating the figures.
Up to now, only one parent was supposed to do that. Please note that only one of the parents will be able to report a study and the return visit, but both will be able to count the weekly hour.
What do you think? Will there be an inflation of reported hours at the end of the year?
A quick number jump, even if it is manipulated, is cause enough for several Watchtower paragraphs full of self agrandizing and claims of heavenly support.


Anonymous said...

I have read it in the latest September KM issue. Bit disappointed, i thought maybe now they are looking into quality time by reducing the pioneer hours since i know loads of bros/sis doing social visits and putting them as service just to get the targets.

Governing Body Letters said...

The Watchtower believes that by reducing the number of hours pioneers have to put in, hours will actually increase because more people will take up the pioneer work.

kimmy jo said...

Pressure is on to pioneer. Pressure, taken off one area and put it in another. It is a numbers game as with any business, the bigger the numbers the better for business. Hmmm...

Ronde said...


People do what they want anyway.

But the lowering of the pioneer minimum will increase the gathering work. More will become pioneers and pioneers will do more. Yes, do more.
That is because there will be less slack time. They will get in fewer hours but do the same preaching work because they will not need the slack time fluff.

kimmy jo said...

"the gathering work" OMG ! yes, people are down in the dumps due to the economy, now would be the time to "gather" them, the more the merrier.
ronde, you are irrelevant.