Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jehovah's Witness Jumps To His Death

Wednesday, December 28 2011, 4:56 PM

A troubled man jumped to his death from a Brooklyn rooftop Wednesday in front of horrified bystanders below, police and witnesses said.
Neighbors identified the man as Dwayne Fagan, 48, a devout Jehovah’s Witness, who plunged 15 stories to his death.
Before his death, the suicidal man warned of hurting himself in a series of disturbing texts messages between him and a family member, a police source said.
Fagan left his seventh-floor apartment in the Linden Houses in East New York and headed toward the roof around 12:45 p.m., sources said.
A ledge above the the building’s entrance broke Fagan’s fall, before he tumbled to the ground, cops and witnesses said.
“I saw him land — it was so loud,” said eyewitness Antoinette George, 25, who lives in the same building on Wortman Ave. near Van Siclen Ave. “I thought someone had thrown an air conditioner off the roof. I screamed and screamed for a minute straight.”
“All his limbs were broken” the startled woman said. “He was lifeless.”
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I guess he missed the talk where it proclaims that Jehovah's Witnesses are the happiest people in the world.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More HATE SPEECH In The 9/11/2011 Watchtower

The Watchtower study article for 9/11/2011 says;
"Suppose that a doctor told you to avoid contact with someone who is infected with a contagious, deadly disease," the article reads. "You would know what the doctor means, and you would strictly heed his warning. Well, apostates are 'mentally diseased', and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings... Jehovah, the Great Physician, tells us to avoid contact with them. We know what he means, but are we determined to heed his warning in all respects? What is involved in avoiding false teachers? We do not receive them into our homes or greet them. We also refuse to read their literature, watch television programs that feature them, examine their websites, or add our comments to their blogs."

So now all those who do not believe the teachings of the Watchtower are "Mentally Diseased". That is not only preposterous, it makes the writers of the Watchtower seem "Mentally Diseased". They must be getting really desperate.

The Watchtower War On Apostates Is HATE SPEECH

The November 15, 2011 Study version of the Watchtower, has this to say in an article praising Jehu's actions against the family of Ahab. "The prophet Elisha sent one of the sons of the prophets to anoint Jehu as king and to instruct him to kill every male of the apostate house of Ahab.—2 Ki. 8:28; 9:1-10." "Though the thought of violence is unpleasant, we should realize that in those days, Jehovah used his servants to carry out his judgments.... Today, no servant of Jehovah uses physical force against opponents of pureworship. “Vengeance is mine,” God says. (Heb.10:30) But to rid the congregation of potentially corrupting influences, Christian elders may have to act with courage similar to that of Jehu. (1 Cor. 5:9-13) And all members of the congregation need to be determined to avoid the company of disfellowshipped individuals.— 2 John 9-11." "Jehu announced that he intended to hold “a great sacrifice” for Baal. (2 Ki. 10:18, 19) “This is a clever play on words on the part of Jehu,” says one scholar.While the term employed here “generally means ‘sacrifice,’ it is also used of the ‘slaughter’ of apostates.” "It is true that Jehu spilled much blood. Yet, the Scriptures present him as a courageous man...


Friday, July 15, 2011

Watchtower October 15, 2011 Says To Make Up Your Own Mind

"Neither Branch Office or World Headquarters is in a position to analyze and answer all such questions that have not been considered in our literature. We can be satisfied that the Bible provides sufficient information to guide us through our life but omits enough detail so as to require us to have strong faith in its devine author."

What’s happening internally?

Watchtower’s doctrinal development generation is all but dead and gone. The few remnants are in their mid-80s and older, and none of these ever made it onto the organization’s top shelf decision-making body known as Watchtower’s Governing Body.
The newbies leading today’s Watchtower do not see things as their predecessors; do not have the circumstances of their predecessors; do not have the charisma of their predecessors; do not have the juice of their predecessors. Perhaps worst of all, Watchtower’s current leadership has inherited a set of doctrines that place it in a vulnerable position.

Where are the problems?

At the top of this heap is all doctrine impinging the organization’s end-time teaching. All of these teachings are heavily dependent on the year 1914 as a marker from which many very important things are said to happen from.

Another such doctrine is the organization’s blood transfusion taboo. This teaching has never been wholly embraced by the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and in the last two decades has faced refutation from every conceivable perspective.

What’s been happening

For decades Watchtower has received inquiries from the Witness community questioning important details of these teachings; details that if wrong would undermine any perception of legitimacy to the doctrines. The advent of the Internet Age has exacerbated this problem for Watchtower, and it is only getting worse. This is made worse again because birthers and shakers of these doctrines are effectively out of the picture and newbies are left with problematic details that are impossible to keep quiet.

How is the new guard at Watchtower going to deal with this problem?

Basically Watchtower’s current Governing Body is telling Jehovah’s Witnesses to stop asking and addressing questions to its world headquarters. If details of concern are not specifically addressed in published Watchtower literature then make your own mind up.

It will be very interesting to see how this direction is grown and used moving forward. This latest directive is only a readying of the Witness community for what is to come.

Stay tuned for changes on the way whereby Jehovah’s Witnesses will be making more “personal conscience decisions” related to blood, and dogmatism about dates of supposed prophetic significance will lighten.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Exactly Who Does The Governing Body Represent?

For many decades the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses has been told by the Watchtower organization that its Governing Body headquartered at Brooklyn, New York represents and acts for what it terms the “anointed ones” on earth.

For example, in 1976 Watchtower stated:

In an attempt to explain the apparent disconnect between itself and those whom it supposedly represents, Watchtower states:

All the corporations branch offices and printeries and their personnel serve under the direction of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, a body that represents and acts for all the spirit annointed worsjippers of Jehovah God on earth.
The Watchtower. May 1, 1976, pg 266

Yet in recent years Watchtower has stated:

Are all of these annointed ones throughout the earth part of a global network that is somehow involved in revealing new spiritual trughts? No.
The Watchtower, August 15, 2011, pg 24

The Governing Body does not maintain a global network of annointed ones.
The Watchtower, August 15, 2011, pg 22

At face value it seems absurd that Watchtower’s Governing Body can rightly be understood to represent the “anointed ones” on earth given that it neither has nor maintains a network of those whom it purportedly represents.

In an attempt to explain the apparent disconnect between itself and those whom it supposedly represents, Watchtower states:

Although as a composite body the slave class is responsible for feeding the spiritual household, not all indiiduals of the slave class have the same responsibilities for work assignments (Read 1 Corinthians 12: 14-18.) As noted earlier in the first century, all were involved in the votal preaching work. But only a very limited number were used to write the books of the Bible and oversea the Christian Congregation.
The Watchtower, June 15. 2009, pg 24

That is an amazing piece of explanation. Why?

Watchtower teaches that the composite “slave class” is the sum total of all “anointed ones” on earth at any given time, and that these "anointed ones" have the assignment to provide spiritual food. Specifically, Watchtower states:

We accept the teaching that all of the annointed ones living on earth at any given time constitute the faithful and discreet slave that Jesus said would provide timely food for his domestics.
The Watchtower, November 1, 2007, pg 30

According to the above, as recent as year 2007 Watchtower’s Governing Body taught that all of the “anointed ones” would provide spiritual food. Yet Watchtower’s 2009 explanation expresses that some of the “anointed ones” do not have the assignment to provide spiritual food.

Watchtower’s teaching on this point is cloaked in the conundrum of “a composite body”. The apparent theory of this “composite body” is that though it is made up entirely of the “anointed ones” and no one else, and though all of the “anointed ones” comprise this “composite body,” when the “composite body” acts in its singular assignment it is not the whole “composite body” that is acting in that singular assignment, that is to provide spiritual food.

Notwithstanding supposition of various “work assignments,” one can only wonder how an organization can rightly claim to represent persons for whom admittedly it neither has nor maintains a network of.

Is The Watchtower Society Still Living in the 19th Century?

have always sensed a disconnect about the society. Especially the way the rank and file is treated. Is it because they are still operating with a 19th century mentality?

The WT was started in an era when higher education usually meant the 8th grade. When medical practices were often dangerous and harmful or in the case of beneficial treatments, not well understood. When Science had barely penetrated daily life, when communication meant tracts and printing presses. When critical historic study of the Bible was virtually unknown and most people considered every word in the bible inspired from god. When women were in a continuing fight for basic rights. When William Miller and his Adventist movement could reach out from the grave and infuse his simplistic millennium end of the world beliefs into the thinking of the founders and future stewards of the Watchtower Society.

Reviewing the lives of it's Presidents and a sampling of the Governing Body, I noticed that almost every one of them was either born and educated in the 19th century or if not were in turn educated by those who were. And that continued all the way through to the succession of Fred Franz.

Does this extremely limited 19th century thought process still influence the 21st century Watchtower Society?

Is this time warp one of the reasons 67% of born-ins and thousands of converts are abandoning this religion/cult?

Do JW's have more in common with the Amish and Mennonites, less the quaint attire, then with the contemporary population?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Watchtower Study, Sunday May 1, 2011

In today's Watchtower Study, towards the end, you had one of those typical comments by a former Df'ed Witness expressing appreciation for being shunned.

After this kind of nonsense is expressed, you will get a flurry of self righteous comments emphasizing how important it is to shun your disfellowshipped relatives, so that they can come back in the "truth".

Oh, Really? Do any of these people raising their hand realize that, if the "success" of disfellowshipping depends on your shunning, then the "repentant" person is "coming back in the truth" FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR RELATIVES -AND NOT BECAUSE OF FEARING JEHOVAH !!!???

Think about it. If disfellowshipping is openly motivated by getting back with your cultish relatives, then what, pray tell, does that have to do with repentance towards God?

And the second point!

Jehovah's Witnesses keep lying and lying and lying - as this article does - about how disfellowshipping 'keeps the organization clean'.

It does not! This is an endlessly repeated , bold face lie!

How so? The Jews of Jesus' day loved shunning! Did it make them 'clean'? ( see Luke 6: 22)

Does the Watchtower complain about many leading a 'double life'? Is that 'clean'?

Do internet sites, such as this one, manifest documents and confidential information in a steady stream, that comes from Witnesses pretending to be loyal?

Does the Society warm about "apostates" lurking in congregations currently?

Do disfellowshipping cases often manifest serious sins committed over years, sometimes decades, including homosexuality, child molestation, adultery and more?

Out of their own mouth, you can judge them, by their admissions about widespread problems in congregations. They are liars, seeking to deceive others, about a "cleanness" that their own evidence contradicts.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Society On The Warpath Against "Apostates"

(The Watchtower - July 15, 2011)

The men of the Governing Body are on their 'Apostate Warpath' again.

And as usual they brought with them their Motive-Judging, Name-Calling Watchtower propaganda weapon. They have even come up with a new hateful way of referring to former Witnesses who have had the nerve to disagree with them:
"Apostates are mentally 'diseased' and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings." And as usual, they dig up all the negative comments they can find in the Bible and apply them to those former Witnesses.
This time their propaganda asserts without presenting a shred of evidence that former Witnesses "seek to take Christ’s disciples with them and like ravenous wolves, false teachers are out to devour trusting members of the congregation, destroying their faith and leading them away from the truth."

Personally I am not aware of anyone who has left the Watchtower religion who sought to make their own disciples out of Jehovah's Witnesses. Raymond Franz for example. Anyone who has read his books knows full well that he had no interest in having anyone follow him or even a suggestion that anyone ought to agree with him.

On the other hand, what about the men of the Governing Body? Although they don't refer to the Witnesses as their own "disciples," they treat them as if they were. Their motive may not have been to intentionally have millions of Jehovah's Witnesses become their followers (or disciples) but that is what has happened.
They not only claim to be the only "true teachers" of the Bible, but unlike Raymond Franz, they require the Witnesses to follow them by accepting whatever they are currently teaching, even if what they are teaching is not true.

One of their ways of keeping their disciples under their control is to keep convincing them not to want to have anything to do with former Witnesses. In the above article they ask, "What is involved in avoiding false teachers?" They answer this way:
1) Do not receive them into your homes
2) Do not greet them
3) Do not read their literature
4) Do not watch TV programs that feature them
5) Do not examine their Web sites
6) Do not add your comments to their blogs

Why do millions of normal people put up with such control? Or as they ask it: "Why do we take such a firm stand?" They answer, "Because of love. We love 'the God of truth,' so we are not interested in twisted teachings that contradict his Word of truth. We also love Jehovah’s organization."

I think it is really telling that the organization never gives examples of the twisted teachings of apostates. Instead of calling names they should explain what the twisted teachings are. The reason they do not specifically address the the claims of apostates is that they cannot.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do witnesses servJehovah out of Love or Fear?

I think the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses has been an amazing but tragic social experiment proving that the mind is most vulnerable to brainwashing when it's in an unhealthy state. It seems to attract the bipolar, schizophrenic, depressive, and the paranoid. It preys on negative emotions like sorrow and fear. In my 25 years of being a witness, I've met as many people with mental disorders as a psychiatrist does in his whole career! Have you guys noticed this? Kingdom Halls are close to being asylums!

On service, the people who actually listen at the doors and accept a study are the ones going through some hardships at the moment. How many times have you heard a JW recalling an experience of knocking on the door of a man about to commit suicide? Gun in the mouth ready to pull the trigger when the doorbell rings. Followed by "That man is now a baptized pioneer"....another man with serious issues and mental disorders becoming a witness and everyone applauding.

So many people I've met are in this religion cause of a desire to see a dead loved one, fear of the current world events, fear of death at armaggedon, fear of being shunned, a desire to rid themselves of an illness, or sometimes they're there for the juicy gossip. My father is driven by the sorrow of his dead mother, my brother has had several medical near death experiences and is driven by the fear of death, and my mother's fear of aging keeps her going.

Wasn't it the love for Jehovah that was supposed to make us serve him? It's not love, it's fear and sorrow. Manipulate the weakened minds to make them do what we want them to...kinda like a sociopath (Which is a disorder in itself). Maybe that's why this religion doesn't seem to work well on people with healthy minds and/or above average IQ's. (That's why education is of the Devil) Has anyone here noticed the same?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Former Witness taking on Watch Tower

Former Witness taking on Watch Tower
•Graeme Hammond
•From: Sunday Herald Sun
•April 10, 201112:00AM
A FORMER Jehovah's Witness is to launch a private criminal prosecution against the religion's world headquarters.

His action is in protest at its refusal to require church elders to submit to Working With Children police checks in Victoria

Steven Unthank, who says he was a victim of sexual assault by a church elder in Queensland, says he is taking the drastic step to protect children within the religion and at homes where Jehovah's Witnesses doorknock.

Mr Unthank, from Toongabbie in Gippsland, says he is frustrated over inaction by police and the Justice Department after the religion decided its ministers were not required to undergo police checks.

He hopes the state will take over the prosecution after court documents are filed on April 19.

Mr Unthank, 43, quit the religion in late 2009 after waging a long campaign to persuade the Watch Tower Society, the religion's administrative arm, that elders and door-to-door preachers needed to get police checks before working with children.

Victoria's Working With Children Act requires ministers of religion who have regular unsupervised contact with children to apply for background checks and the Catholic and Anglican churches say all ministers and volunteer workers routinely apply for such checks.

Although Jehovah's Witnesses say all members become ordained ministers at baptism, a spokesman for the Watch Tower Society said elders or other evangelists were not required to gain a police clearance. "We don't typically work with children, we don't have Sunday schools, so that law doesn't apply to us," the spokesman said.

But Mr Unthank said adult Jehovah's Witnesses often paired up with minors when preaching, with much of their time spent in cars calling on homes. Elders also mentored children and teens from religiously divided homes.

He said elders underwent no background checks before being appointed and were required only to voluntarily declare any convictions for sexual offences.

"Without police checks, how would a member of the public know it isn't a sex offender knocking on their door, talking with their kids?" he said.

Victoria Police say they investigate specific complaints about breaches of the Act, but government sources say the Watch Tower Society's stance remains "a worry".

"A lot of this is about reassurance to parents and the public, so their attitude isn't helpful," one source said.

Friday, April 15, 2011

For those who follow the Watchtower's sick and twisted policy of shunning

For those who shun your own family members just because they no longer want to be Jehovah's Witnesses, please think about this:

When you placed your children into a daycare or with a babysitter – did you just hand your precious children over some stranger? Or did you interview them, do a background check, references, check out multiple people so that you can find the most loving, secure and trustworthy person? After you found the perfect person did you just leave it at that or did you continue checking up on them? Did you ask your children how they felt, did they feel secure, or if anything strange happened or something that could be dangerous? You kept making sure the person was loving and trustworthy!

How many of the governing body have you interviewed? How many of them did you reference check? How many have you met PERSONALLY? Can you even name all of them? Can you tell me about their personality, their likes, their dislikes, their tempers? How do they treat their family? Do they have kids? Can they show you their certificate of GOD APPROVAL? What do you truly know of these men?

Now for children who shun their parents: Go through the same process! You KNOW your parents! You see their hearts, you know THEM. They gave you life! They took care of you when you were small, sick, hurt yourself, needed love and attention. They were there for you. What did the GB do for you today? How do they replace the love of your parents?

Each and every day you shun your family you hurt the people who are closest to you and who truly love you. Read the stories here – see the damage that is being done! Ponder upon the family that you leave behind and are hurting. You are trading your family for people you don’t know! You are placing your life in the hands of people you have never met! People you have never had in your homes and you don’t personally know. WHY? Because they say so? Use your intellectual capacity here. See the hurt that this organization forces upon people. See the trail of broken families.

Next time you see your parents or children - look into their eyes – see the pain, the anger, the hurt – see them! You have shunned them when they needed you most. You traded what is right in front of your eyes for a lie.

Sit with your heart. Listen to it. Feel the truth. Get rid of the fear. Choose love and compassion.

Set yourself and your family free.

July 15th Watchtower reinforces the shunning of immediate family members

July 15th WT study edition

God's Rest - Have You Entered Into It?

subheading, When Someone We Love Leaves Jehovah

parts of paragraph 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17

There may be occasions when our loyalty to this aspect of God's purpose is sorely tested. Suppose, for example, that the only son of an expemplary Christian couple leaves the truth. Preferring "the temporary enjoyment of sin" to a personal relationship with Jehovah and with his godly parents, the young man is disfellowshipped.

Our hearts go out to those parents. After all, their son had a choice, and he chose to pursue his unchristian lifestyle rather than to continue to enjoy close association with his parents and other fellow believers. The parents, on the other hand, had no say in the matter.

But what will those dear parents do? Will they obey Jehovah's clear direction? Or will they rationalize that they can have regular association with the disfellowshipped son and call it, "necessary family business"? In making their decision, they must not fail to consider how Jehovah feels about what they are doing.

Today, Jehovah does not immediately execute those who violate his laws. He lovingly gives them an opportunity to repent from their unrighteous works. How would Jehovah feel, though, if the parents of an unrepentant wrongdoer kept putting Him to the test by having unnecessary association with their disfellowshipped son or daughter?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Committee of Management for the Religion of Jehovah's Witnesses facing Indictment in Australia

In 2006, the Victoria (Australia) Government introduced mandatory child protection laws to help protect children from sexual or physical harm by preventing those who pose a risk to their safety from working or volunteering with them. It is an offence to knowingly engage in or engage someone in “child-related work” without them having passed a Working With Children Check. The deadline for compliance by "religious organisations" was 1 July 2008. The Watch Tower Society refused to comply.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are Jehovah's Witnesses Extremists?

From the May 1 Watchtower, complaining about those poor misunderstood Witnesses in Russia, who are (gasp!) actually accused of being extremists! Can you imagine!

So, the magazine presents a list of publications the Russians labeled as extremist - and I took a look.....

Mankind's Search for God - read pg 369 and beyond for classic Watchtowerism: if you are any other religion, you are part of Satan's system and God will kill you. Clear enough?

What Does The Bible Really Teach? - outright deception and fraud. This book urges you to get baptized but where does it explain the threat of disfellowshipping? - perhaps runing your family? Firmly asserts the deadly blood transfusion issue and more labeling of everybody else as 'false religion'. Not extremist? Really?

Questions Young People Ask - So, the biggest fear here is drugs? or pregnancy? or crime? No, it's masturbation, with TWO CHAPTERS DEVOTED TO THE SUBJECT! Ask yourself, isn't there something sick and twisted about a bunch of old men being obsessed with a private bathroom function by young pubescent people? Over and above other serious priorities? Disgusting...

So, Jehovah's Witnesses are not extremists. I guess they have to proclaim that rather loudly because ordinary people might not come to that conclusion without a lot of help.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Testimony From A Former Jehovah's Witness

I have 2 issues with the liars who call themselves the governing body, due to things that they led me to believe.

First, the idea that a 15 year old should get baptized. My father was a career Marine. There were a lot of things that he wanted to do with me/for me, but of course as soon as I got baptized I wanted to have nothing to do with any of it. My father and I reconnected about twenty years later and my father told me that my getting baptized was the only time in his life that he cried. My father had been through extremely trying circumstances in Vietnam, he did two tours there, lost his entire company on one tour. If I had taken a more balanced view of life there is no reason why I should have limited my involvement with my father at the age of 15, the way the WTBTS instructed (they deny this but they are liars) me to do. For example, I remember one year I refused to put up the Christmas tree because of the lies that the WTBTS teaches.

Second, the commandment from the WTBTS that we should not go to college. I love learning, I love reading, I can pick up new ideas and new skills pretty quickly. And I did manual labor most of my early adult life. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH And for what? Of course they claim in their literature that they never said this. LIARS. They said this at EVERY assembly. And anytime I asked an elder for advice on this, the advice was always the same.

I graduated from high school at the top of my class at the age of 16. I could have had a Ph. D. by the age of 19 or 20. I could have easily gotten scholarships.

Instead I spent all of my youth going to five meetings a week and putting in field service time and working 12 hours a day 6 days a week at construction work because I had no education.

Oh, and the worse part was whenever a "Brother" would hire me. No overtime, no benefits of any kind, lower wages than normal for the same job, the Brother constantly telling me how lucky I was to be working for a "Brother". Did you ever hear about that all Witness company named Trimline? Oh my goodness those liars were evil. I worked for a "brother" for that stupid company. They call you a "subcontractor" so they don't have to pay you any overtime, or any benefits, or matching social security, or unemployment. I worked for them for 3 years. Then I saw just how brotherly these liars are. I got very sick and almost died. I had acute pancreatitis and it was misdiagnosed for over one month. Pancreatitis makes you want to die the pain is so bad. I spent a little over 3 months either in bed or in the hospital. The "Brothers" never came to see me once. When I was well enough to go back to work I went to the Trimline office and the two "Brothers" that ran the place told me that no one had been calling on my accounts while I was ill. Which meant that I would have had to start over again. I was so upset because I knew that these two brothers spent all of their time fooling around and they could have easily covered my accounts while I was ill. And their attitude when I brought this up was "well, you should have thought about that before you took all that time off". I became so angry that I unloaded all of their Trimline crap out of my truck and I never spoke to either of these "Brothers" again. I also made up my mind that I would never work for a Jehovah's Witness again.

So, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society destroyed my relationship with my family and made it so that I had no education which forced me to work at manual labor for years, while I have a very acute mind and should be doing more intellectual work. I only started doing intellectual work at the age of 35.

I got to know some of those 'Christains' who keep to themselves and do home schooling, when I lived in rural Virginia. I think they were Mennonites. They all built their own homes, by hand. They were all self employed. I was talking to one family and I asked them how did they learn such useful skills since they don't go to public school or college. They looked at me very funny and said "the elders teach us". So, here are people who have the same "don't go to college" beliefs but they teach you very high paying trades that are in demand so that you can support yourself. Do you know ANYONE who is a JW elder who has high skills and who could teach someone else? Not that they would. I can't think of anyone like that.

So, if you are going to tell young people that they cannot learn a trade from "Satan's world", then I think that you take on the responsibility of teaching them several trades yourself. And the WTBTS feels ZERO obligation to do this. They want all their members to be janitors so that they can all pioneer.

I think the people who write the literature are either insane or pathological.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simple Questions For Jehovah's Witnesses

If there has always been a faithful and discreet slave on the earth, why didn't Charles Russell just join them?

Why did he go to all the trouble of establishing the Watchtower Society??

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Sort of Man Was Judge Rutherford?

No one really expects 'perfection' of their fellow humans, even of those in high station. Our past President, Bill Clinton certainly demonstrated that men in high station can and do give into acts that are not accepted by the public at large. Likewise, I doubt anyone expects that Joseph Rutherford would be perfect, but we would expect that as a human, he had his ways.
What about "True" Spiritual Leaders?: The question that needs to be asked is, 'Can we expect something more from a man or woman who is called, chosen, appointed, selected, anointed, and used by God as a contemporary Prophet to lead His people?' If such a man in high station, or an organization who has these men at their helm, and claiming to 'keep their organization clean', holding to high and 'lofty' standards, and being God's 'Channel of Truth' for all mankind in these 'Last Days' of a 'wicked' system, then are we not to expect that these men are in someway blessed, and guarded from bringing reproach on God, and that God is careful to select the 'creme de la creme' of His people to represent His Kingdom interests here on earth? A representation that is said to be the 'sole source of truth and enlightment from God' for the entire planet?

What kind of man, therefore, was this Judge Joseph F. Rutherford?: He was known to "... use vulgar language, and sufferred from alcoholism, ..." - Apocalypse Delayed, P.48, M. James Penton.

Rutherford was once accused of attending a 'burlesque' show (a type of glorified nudie bar) with fellow Elders, a young Bible Student woman, on the evening of the Memorial celebration. - ibid.

"On 27 April 1926 George H. Fisher wrote a letter to W. Nieman of Magdeburg, Germany accusing Rutherford of attending Al Jolson's Winter Garden Theater to see the Paris Edition of the then notorious show 'Artists and Models.' ... Rutherford's lame answer to Fisher's charge was that he was too busy in the Lord's work to be bothered with replying to such criticism, and anyway, had never seen Al Jolson in his life and did not know what he looked like." ibid, P.318, Note 4. Also see The Golden Age (4 May 1927), 505, 506)

Did not know what Al Jolson looked like? Then, if that is true, I don't know what Elvis Presley or the Beatles looked like either. Come on! In 1927 Al Jolson was the biggest thing since Peanut Butter!

Who was George H. Fisher? He was a close trusted Rutherford selection to be on the Board of Directors. Fisher was among the four selected to replace the four Directors that Rutherford had earlier removed. So, George H. Fisher was not one of those fallen 'evil slave', but specially chosen by Rutherford to serve alongside him in directing the Lord's work. Fisher was effectively the equivalent of a member of the GB today.

What did Fisher have to make his case?: George Fisher wanted to take Ruthrford before the Bible Student 'ecclesia' for discipline, and he documented this in the above referenced letter, and had the necessary witnesses to do so. ibid, P.318.

There you have it! Rutherford did not deny being at the Burlesque show (again, a type of glorified nudie bar). He did not bring forth an alibi or witnesses to the contrary. He did not submit to 'Theocratic Procedure' in harmony with the Bible, answering to and be confronted by multiple witnesses to the same act. He did not submit to the legitimate concerns of a fellow Director (GB Member) No, Joey Boozy, Cigar-smokin Ratherflawed was tooooooooo busy in the Looooorddddd's work to respond.

Monday, February 28, 2011

What Happened Regarding Blood Doctrine in 1945

Many commentators have cited 1945 as the date Watchtower announced its religious position against blood transfusion. That assertion is wrong. More importantly commentators often miss the import of what Watchtower did publish in 1945 regarding blood transfusion as it relates to belief held by the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

1. It was first in 1944 that Watchtower articulated a position against blood transfusion. This presentation we find in the following statement[1]:
See The Watchtower, December 1, 1944 p. 362

2. The oft cited 1945 Watchtower presentation was a response to objection from the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses about what Watchtower had published in 1944, which is a very important fact that should not be overlooked because of its significance then and now. This objection we find in the following statement[2]:
See The Watchtower, July 1, 1945 p. 199.

1945 marked the year in which the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses began objecting to Watchtower’s teaching that it is wrong to accept blood transfusion. Despite decades of Watchtower teaching otherwise and finally imposing its religious view under pain of its organized communal shunning program, things have not changed.

To this day the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses has not wholly accepted Watchtower’s doctrinal position opposing blood transfusion as wrong, and to this day individuals in the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses voice their discontent with the doctrine, See The Watchtower, March 1, 1950 pp 79-80,The Watchtower, May 1, 1950 pp 143-144,The Watchtower, May 15, 1950 pp 158-159.

Lack of support for Watchtower’s blood taboo among Jehovah’s Witnesses is observed by the Watchtower organization and medical researchers who consistently find a significant minority that is, despite the dire social consequence for accepting blood transfusion, willing to and does accept blood transfusion.

● Watchtower admits this observation by testifying that Witness have accepted blood transfusion despite the potential consequence of being disfellowshipped. See The Watchtower, October 15, 1987 p. 14. Secular news sources have also recorded this.

● Medical researchers have shared their observations based on review of records and direct surveys, which in both instances consistently finds a 10-12% minority that holds a view contrary to Watchtower’s doctrine. See Larry J. Findley, MD and Paul M. Redstone, MD, Blood Transfusion in Adult Jehovah’s Witnesses A Case Study of One Congregation, Arch Intern Med, March 1982; Vol. 142 pp. 606-607, Kaaron Benson, Special Article: Management of the Jehovah's Witness Oncology Patient, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Cancer Control Journal, Vol. 2, No. 6, November/December 1995, Cynthia Gyamfi, MD and Richard L. Berkowitz, MD, Responses by Pregnant Jehovah’s Witnesses on Health Care Proxies, Obstet and Gynecol Vol. 104, No. 3, September 2004 pp 541-544.

● Internal Watchtower documents also demonstrate that the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses has never embraced Watchtower’s blood taboo as Watchtower would have it embraced. See: Blood — How Resolute?

So what happened at Watchtower in 1945?

1945 witnessed the beginning of Watchtower's now 55 year effort to force a doctrine onto the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Watchtower began teaching its blood transfusion taboo in 1944.[1] When simply teaching it did not work, Watchtower began imposing its teaching under pain of disfellowshipping, which enforcement technique remains to this day under the term “disassociation”.

In 1945: Watchtower decided to force a teaching onto the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses whether it wanted to accept it or not. That decision is what happened at Watchtower in 1945.

In 1945: the community of Jehovah's Witnesses began objecting to this teaching by Watchtower, and have persisted in that objecting as best they could under threat of Watchtower’s harsh shunning policy. This resistance is what happened in 1945, and it persists.

Only when Watchtower ceases its policy to excommunicate Jehovah’s Witnesses for conscientiously breaching its blood doctrine will a clear picture emerge to answer whether a majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses accept or reject Watchtower’s blood doctrine.

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April 15, 2011 Discourages Internet At Home

The subheading is "Guard Your heart by exercising self-control. On page 27 paragraph 17 it says "One way a person could wonder into the foolish course of the "young man in want of heart" is by aimlessly flipping though television channels or surfing the Internet. Whether intentionally or not, he might chance upon sexually stimulating scenes. He could gradually develop the unclean habit of viewing pornography, with devastating consequences to his conscience and his relations with God. It could involve his very life."

It than says in paragraph 18 "Of course, we can and should exercise self-control by taking immediate action if we are confronted with a provocative image. But how much better if we avoid the situation in the first place. Setting appropriate safeguards and adhering to them involve the exercise of self-control.

Here is where it gets strange and bizarre (at least to me it does.) It goes on to say "For example, keeping the computer in an open area can serve as a protection. Some find it best to use the computer or watch television only when other are present. Other have decided not to have access to the Internet."

They are not talking about children here they are talking about adult members of the religion and having the computer in the open and not watching TV by yourself because you might not be able to resist temptation? They have to tell adults this? I was thinking who is in this religion that is so out of control? If adult member of this religion have to have this spelled out to them then Jehovah help us. No wonder there is such a problem with child molesters in the halls.

Does Jehovah thinks that his people are so stupid, so foolish, so weak that they cannot control themselves? The internet is an integral part of life today and not having access to it is simply ridiculous. The entire article was incredibly insulting.

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Is There Any Evidence That It Is The Truth?

When Christ inspected’ the faithful and discreet slave’ in 1918, he found those anointed ones on earth (Joseph Rutherford and his associates) to be faithful in providing spiritual ‘food at the proper time.’ Hence, Jesus was pleased thereafter to appoint them ‘over all his belongings.’ (Read Matthew 24:45-47) Page 24 of the January 15, 2008 Watchtower
First question everyone interested in, or associated with, the religious order known as Jehovah’s Witnesses should ask:

What was it about the “food” (ie. publications and content therein) that Jesus judged it to be “spiritual” and “at the proper time”? Clue: being able to read and evaluate these publications, and content therein, will help you answer this question.

Second question everyone interested in, or associated with, the religious order known as Jehovah’s Witnesses should ask:

Where is the evidence that Christ made any inspection at any of any kind in 1918 (or any other year, for that matter)?

Could it be, perhaps, that the religious order known as Jehovah’s Witnesses just is like any other man-made religion making grand claims of being the ultimate truth and the only way to God?

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Peddling Watchtower Magazines More Important Than Education

12 THE WATCHTOWER ? MAY 15, 2011

5 What good results there can be when
children are trained to keep a simple eye!
Consider the example of a teenage girl in the
country of Ethiopia. She did so well in her
schoolwork that upon completing her basic
education, she was offered a scholarship for
further education. Having her eye focused
on serving Jehovah, however, she turned
down the scholarship. Soon thereafter, she
received a job offer that would pay her 3,000
euros a month-a high amount in comparison
with the average wages in her country.
But the girl's "eye" was set on pioneer service.
She did not need to consult her parents
to turn down the job. How did her parents
feel on learning what their daughter had
done? Why, they rejoiced with her and told
her howproud they were of her!

(So, to be a good Jehovah's Witnesses one must not only turn down a free education but also turn down a lucrative job as well. She will probably be dependent on her parents forever just so that she can go and peddle the Watchtower magazines. And remember, what is taught in the Watchtower today will surely change.)

Fred Franz's Draft Registration Cards from WW1 and WW2

Fredrick William Franz was the President of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society from 1977 to 1992.

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Exposing The Watchtower's Stance on Blood

Does that religious position make sense to you? If so, then explain the following:

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2002 Handout on Blood

This is a copy of a very rare handout[1] provided by Watchtower to Hospital Liaison Committee members for their own use and to distribute for others to use as needed.

The handout above also contains an admission that, so far as I know, is not found anywhere else in printed documents distributed by Watchtower. It presents the fact that the product known as cryoprecipitate contains plasma. This piece of information, small though it may seem, shows Watchtower’s blood doctrine is not true to itself in “a very small matter”. Watchtower tells everyone that Witnesses refuse transfusion of plasma.But this is a false claim as shown by admission of the 2002 handout document. It is also false for other, perhaps even greater reason.

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Bethel Entrants' School Lecture

The Watchtower organization requires that all new full-time workers at its world headquarters or other facilities attend an entrant school. Attendees are provided worksheets that are outlines for lectures at these events.

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Top 10 Differences Between Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses (lol)

10. Mormons abstain from coffee. Witnesses take frequent coffee breaks.

9. Brigham Young said to be “filled with the Spirit.” Judge Rutherford said to be “filled with spirits.”

8. Mormon Tabernacle Choir ---- Pre-recorded Kingdom songs

7. Joseph Smith discovered gold plates. Charles Russell discovered printing plates.

6. Mormons established BYU, a world-class university. Witnesses established Theocratic Ministry School.

5. Mormons urged to form close-knit family. Witnesses urged to shun family.

4. Mormons abstain from wine all year. Witnesses abstain from wine once a year.

3. Mormons have “Divine Revelation.” Witnesses have “New Light.” (Okay so that’s not actually a difference)

2. Prominent Mormons include doctors, lawyers and governors. Prominent Witnesses include janitors, pool cleaners and multi-level marketers.

1. Mormons don’t stand in front of deserted strip malls at 6:00 AM mutely displaying the Book of Mormon and try to convince you they’re “preaching.”

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Watchtower praises the donation and feeding of blood as heroic

Sunday October 19, 1924 was tragic for the Kelty family. While traveling in San Bernardino, California their automobile left the highway sending its passengers careening down a 900 foot canyon. Mr. Kelty was killed instantly. Mrs. Kelty and her 5-year-old niece, Meredith survived but by the time they were discovered 3 days later both were near death from injuries and exposure.

Mrs. Kelty and Meredith were left helpless and immobile at the bottom of the canyon. During the crash Mrs. Kelty had suffered wounds that were bleeding. For sake of the child she intentionally kept her wounds open and bleeding to provide sustenance by having Meredith suck blood from her wounds.

It is more than ironic that in 1924 Watchtower taught Witnesses the heroism of donating blood to save life. Contemporary Watchtower policy is a diametric opposite. Today Watchtower doctrine condemns Witnesses as unfaithful if they conscientiously donate whole blood for transfusion or for accepting the same from others. Watchtower enforces this doctrinal position under threat of organized communal shunning.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Elder Rveals His Secret

Elder reveals his secret
January 28th, 2011

By “Shadow Elder, Jr.”

A few weeks ago, my father and I were out working together in the door-to-door preaching work. That morning only four of us showed up at the Kingdom Hall –my dad and I, and a married brother and sister. The other couple announced that they only had a little over an hour available for service and had some return calls to make. They would go off on their own while my dad and I would visit a territory a few miles away in a more rural area.

I am the youngest in my family. I was born into the Jehovah’s Witnesses, as was my father, and his father before him. Dad would not allow any of us to be baptized until we were at least sixteen years old, just to make sure that we truly wanted to dedicate our lives to Jehovah’s service. My oldest brother was baptized when he turned seventeen. My other brothers have not been baptized, although they do go to meetings and occasionally take part in field service. I was baptized the summer before I went to high school.

But back to my story…

My father silently chewed on his lower lip as we drove toward the territory. I could tell that something was definitely on his mind and he seemed troubled. I asked if he was feeling OK. I suggested that he might want to stop and get a cup of coffee before we started knocking on doors. He denied that anything was wrong, but agreed that a cup of coffee might do him some good.

One of our favorite little coffee shops was on the way. I’m not much of a coffee drinker. And when I do have a cup, I put so much sugar and creamers in it that I can barely taste the coffee itself. Then I find myself totally “wired” all day. But for some reason, I felt today was definitely a day when a coffee break was needed.

We sat at a little table off in a corner while we had our coffee and shared a cinnamon roll. Dad looked at me and then surprised me with “What do you think about going back to school? You always got decent grades in high school, and…” he paused, “I was wondering if you had any plans about going to college?”

“Gee, I don’t know, Dad,” I answered. “I haven’t really thought too much about it because I know the Society frowns on anyone going to college – especially a 4-year school. I don’t want to get into any trouble at the Kingdom Hall. After all, you’re an elder – I don’t want you to get into trouble either.”

Dad was deep in thought as he gazed over my head, watching people pass by the window of the coffee shop. He’d start to say something, but failed to form any words. I worried that he was going to tell me he had cancer or that my mother had some terrible disease. “Dad – what is wrong? Are you OK? Is everything OK?”

That’s when he told me that he was in mental turmoil. As an elder, he should have a strong faith in Jehovah and the Society, and set a good example as a faithful Witness. “Look, son – I’m having some doubts about things – mostly Watchtower teachings. I guess you know what that means and the problems that could cause our family, right?”

I was shocked. My dad having doubts? My dad? I had no idea. I sat silent as he tried to find ways to tell me how he felt and what exactly was bothering him.

“I’m not sure that the Governing Body and the rest of the Society are right about everything. I sometimes find it hard to believe that they are really being guided by Jehovah’s Holy Spirit. I have real problems with a few things they are doing and teaching right now.”

“Why are you telling me this now? How long have you felt this way?” I asked.

“Actually, I’ve been troubled in mind and spirit for quite a while. Sometimes I feel like a total hypocrite – feeling this way and still being an elder. I’m not sure that I should even be telling you this. But you are my son, and I trust you to keep this between us. If you don’t, you could destroy our family.”

Dad was becoming emotional. His normally robust voice was choked and he was blinking away tears. I knew at that very moment he was being totally honest with me.

“Look. I’ve been thinking. With the economy so bad right now, I’m thinking this might be a good time for you to go back to school and work toward getting a degree. You could continue living at home and your mom and I would provide for you. At least until you were able to get out on your own. I worry that you’ll miss the opportunity to go to school now while you still can – thinking that Jehovah will judge you harshly. But, you know, I just don’t believe it. I don’t think Jehovah wants his people to be uneducated. After all, I wouldn’t have the job I’ve got if I hadn’t gotten a degree. I went to night school all those years. I’d still be driving a truck or working in a warehouse somewhere if I hadn’t.”

Anyway, “to make a long story short,” that morning my dad and I never went to a single door. We just sat in that coffee shop and talked. We occupied that table for so long we had to order lunch to keep the waitresses from chasing us away.

That was the day I got to know my dad for real. In Jehovah’s Witness families, fathers are so totally into being “head of the household,” or “spiritual leader and example to the family,” that they will be very distant, cold, and often cruel to their kids. Even my dad could be that way at times – but I think he felt he had to act that way, even though his heart wasn’t in it. I sometimes feared my dad, but I always knew that he loved me – at least a little.

For a long time, my dad was really into being an “elder.” He was even a primary overseer for a while. But he asked to be relieved of that level of responsibility because of long hours at his job due to a promotion he got a few years back. I did notice that he seemed to have lost enthusiasm for going to meetings and in field service, but he’d force himself to go door-to-door at least once a week. He never turned down any assignments that he was given as an elder. I also knew that he really hated being on a “judicial committee.” I remember him coming home and locking himself in his bedroom – and then throwing up – after having to disfellowship a young JW sister earlier that day.

Now I knew that my dad was entering a new phase in his life as a Jehovah’s Witness. I found out that he turned the corner when he told me he had written an article on the Internet. “Yeah,” he said, “and it’s on an apostate’s web page!”

You could have knocked me over with a whisper. My dad? Writing an article for an apostate website? No freaking way! It was true, he said, but he thought it actually might do some good for other people who were also having doubts. “If they know that someone like me, a lifelong JW who’s an elder, has questions and concerns about the Truth, then maybe they will feel better about their own doubts and fears,” he told me.

“I doubt that anyone around here will figure out who I am, or what Kingdom Hall I go to, but you never know,” he said. “The guy who runs the web page promised to keep my identity private and to delete any of my emails after he reads them. I believe him and think he will protect my identity.”

“So exactly what did you write, Dad? I want to know!”

“I wrote about a lot of things. I wished I could have done more, but I think I touched on the main issues that were bothering me. I guess my number one issue is the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses, even elders like me, can’t ask too many questions. We can’t challenge anything the Watchtower leaders tell us. I can’t sit down and have a talk like this with another brother, even someone who has been a close friend all my life, without fearing that he will blab it all over the Kingdom Hall, creating gossip and dissension. I might even be disfellowshipped. How would I deal with your mother and the rest of our JW family members if that happened? I’m not ready for any of that - not as long as you’re still in school.”

“Does Mom know?” I asked. “Does she have any idea how you feel and that you have doubts? Does she know about the article you wrote?”

“No. No, and no,” he replied. “I don’t think your mom is ready to deal with any of this yet. I think that if I asserted my ‘husbandly authority’ over her, she would give in eventually. But right now? No. She’s not ready.”

We finally left the coffee shop and drove to a branch library nearby to use a computer they had available to the public. My dad logged into and showed me that they had thousands of visitors who wrote articles and comments about the Watchtower and about JW life. “I’ve learned more from that bulletin board than I ever did reading any Watchtower books. Here, let me show you my article.”

Then he logged into, typed “shadow elder” in the search box, and suddenly a link to an article appeared on the screen. “Look, the guy who runs it even put in a little picture of a shadow guy with a brief case walking in front of the factory in Brooklyn. I guess that’s supposed to be me. Hah! Now go ahead and read the article and tell me what you think.”

As my dad sat beside me and looked over my shoulder, I read through the article from top to bottom. In his story he covered a lot of subjects that included how the Governing Body makes decisions, what it’s like to go to a Witness funeral, and his feelings about how some apostates – and even Jehovah’s Witnesses – appear to outsiders. “Yes,” he said, “I’m afraid that some of the younger and angrier apostate writers might actually ‘stumble’ people INTO the Organization – instead of out of it – just because of the way they present themselves. Some of them are very angry. It shows in the way they write.”

He told me that he’d read comments about his article on “Yeah, a lot of people on that bulletin board thought I was a fake or that I was being unfair to apostates, and even to many Jehovah’s Witnesses who write poorly. They felt I was really full of myself and was being hateful to others. One person even called me a ‘typical JW elder’ because of my attitude. I think they missed my point, but I’m OK with their criticism. I have to admit that it hurt a little, but I think they meant well. At least I hope so.”

It was getting late. Mom called us on Dad’s cell phone. She was wondering where we were and what we were up to. Dad just told her that we were just enjoying the day together and would be home soon. For me, it was probably the most fun I’d ever had alone with my dad. That day I discovered he was very different than I’d imagined. He was still my dad – but for me he became my very special friend and confidant that day.

Dad and I still keep our little secret – at least for now. I am now going to the library at the junior college and checking out some of the “apostate web sites.” Dad was right – you really learn a lot of secret truth about the real story of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Society. I try to read as much as I can – every chance I get.

A few weeks later I signed up for some classes in English, Spanish and Accounting at the community college. My dad got in a little hot water over that at the Kingdom Hall, but he just told the other elders that I was studying to become a “bookkeeper” and had to take those other classes as well. I’m not sure how I can go to a 4-year college without getting myself and my dad in trouble at the Kingdom Hall, but hopefully I will eventually find a way.

One thing changed for the better: Now I love going with my dad in the door-to-door preaching work. My mother has noticed my apparent enthusiasm for the preaching work – and so far hasn’t guessed the truth about what my dad and I are up to.

Another thing has changed as well: I’ve never been as close to another human being than I am now with Dad. I know that I will follow his lead, no matter where it takes us. If we stay in the Truth, then I guess that’s what we’ll do. But if Dad decides to disassociate and leave the “Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses,” then that’s what I will do as well.

Deep down – that’s what I’m hoping our final decision will be. I look forward to the day “I can be free to be me!” and escape the control of the Watchtower Society.

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Changes In The Blood Doctrine Over The Years

There have been myriad changes to the blood doctrine:

1892 - The Watchtower's first mention of the blood issue. Russell's view was that the injunction at Acts 15 was a temporary measure to promote unity during the transition from the Jewish age to the Church Age (Watchtower 1/15, pp. 349-352).
1909 - Br. Russell comments on Acts chapter fifteen indicating his belief that observing the prohibition did not "MAKE THEM CHRISTIANS", but served to preserve the body of Christians and Gentiles.(Watchtower 4/15/09, p. 4374)
1919 - Clayton J. Woodworth becomes editor of the Golden Age Magazine (Watchtower 2/15/52, p. 128)
1923 - An article entitled "The Vaccination Fraud" begins the Watchtower's opposition to vaccination (Golden Age, 1/3, p. 211 #35). Sample quote: "When it has been shown conclusively that there is no such things as rabies." (Golden Age, 4/22, p.455, #15).
1925 - The man who frequently donates blood for transfusion is commended. (Golden Age, 7/29, p. 683, #52).
1929 - Vaccinations are again condemned: "Thinking people would rather have smallpox than vaccinations, . . . Hence the practice of vaccination is a crime, an outrage and a delusion . . . it has never saved a single life" (Golden Age, 5/1, p. 502, #40).
1931 - Vaccinations are a violation of the Eternal Covenant God made with Noah. (Golden Age 2/4/31, p. 293)
1931 - The Society acknowledges that Genesis nine and the "Eternal Covenant" is not really about eating blood. "All reasonable minds must conclude that it was not the eating of the blood that God objected to, but it was bringing the blood of the beast in contact with the blood of man." (Golden Age, 2/4, p. 294, #42).
1935 - Vaccination is a direct injection of animal matter in the blood stream and a direct violation of the law of Jehovah God. (Golden Age 4/24/35, p. 465) For seventeen years Witnesses refuse smallpox vaccination until the Society, after the death of Br. Woodworth, reverses the vaccination ban. As it turns out, the smallpox vaccine wasn't even manufactured from blood. During this period, many cartoons appeared in the Golden Age magazine showing things like piles of pock marked babies, damaged by vaccines. Other cartoons depicted "dope doctors" holding syringes labelled "puss." Today we can scarcely imagine just how incredible of a situation developed around this issue. Children were not able to attend school without a vaccination certificate, Witnesses could not leave or enter countries, and Witnesses in prison were placed in solitary confinement.
It's important to remember how serious a problem smallpox was at this time. In 1921 there were 100,000 cases of smallpox in the U.S. alone, with mortality as high as 40%. It is not known how many Witnesses suffered real physical harm or even death as a result of conforming to the Society's ban on vaccination.
1940 - Report of a doctor donating a quart of his own blood during an emergency. It was portrayed as heroic (Consolation, 12/25, p. 19, #53).
1945 - Blood transfusions and blood products are officially banned as "pagan and God-dishonoring." (Watchtower 7/1/45, p. 198-201)
1949 - Organ transplants are discussed as unobjectionable and "wonders of modern surgery." (12/22/49 - "Spare Parts for Your Body")
1951 - Clayton J. Woodworth, editor of the Golden Age/Consolation until it became Awake in 1946, passes away and is buried on December 18, 1951. (Watchtower 2/15/52, p. 128)
1952 - In a letter dated April 15, 1952, vaccinations, such as smallpox, are now officially allowed. Many Witnesses have already been taking them for a dozen years or so, and the Society has known that smallpox vaccination does not contain blood ever since being advised of this by a Witness named William Cetnar. It is certainly reasonable to speculate that the ban wasn't officially lifted until 1952 out of respect for Clayton J. Woodworth who was so strongly opposed to vaccines. Watchtower 12/15/52 P. 764
1953 - "Vaccinations are no longer considered feeding on blood and no longer considered related to sex relations. (Make Sure, P. 48, #47).
1954- Blood serums are not OK. "We are told that it takes one and a third pints of whole blood to get enough of the blood protein or "fraction" known as gamma globulin for one injection... its being made of whole blood places it in the same category as blood transfusions as far as Jehovah's prohibition of taking blood into the system is concerned."- Awake! 01/08/1954 p. 24
1958 - An answer to a "Questions From Readers" explains that an anointed sister should be allowed to partake of the emblems at the memorial if she has had a blood transfusion, reasoning that she is simply immature. (Watchtower 8/1/58, p.478)
1958 - Blood serums are OK. Important ruling on blood serums like diphtheria antitoxin and gamma globulin states that these may be used as a matter of personal judgment. (Watchtower 9/15/58, p.575)
1959 - Blood has to be poured out, therefore, it would be wrong to remove one's own blood, store it and later put it back. (Watchtower 10/15/59, p. 640)
1961 - Accepting blood or a banned blood product is made punishable by disfellowshipping. (Watchtower 1/15/61, p. 63-64)
1961 - Organ donation is a matter of conscience. (Watchtower 8/1/61, p. 480)
1961 - Personality traits, the impulses to commit murder and suicide are transmitted in the blood. (Watchtower 9/15/61, p. 564)
1963 - Blood serums are not OK. 1958 ruling is overturned. Any fraction of blood is now considered as a nutrient and forbidden. Ruling does not apply to vaccines. (Watchtower 2/15/63, p. 124) Note: Published comments from the WTS in 1961 had created much confusion about blood serums.
1964 - Blood serums are OK. Just 21 months later the position reverses again. This is the fourth complete reversal in seven years. (Watchtower 11/15/1964 pp. 680-3)
1964 - Witness doctors may administer transfusions to non-Witness patients. (Watchtower 11/15/64, p.682)
1966 - Blood transfusion is referred to as cannibalism (Watchtower, 7/1, p. 401, #57).
1967 - Organ transplants are now cannibalism. Another reversal. Organ donation is now strongly advised against. (Watchtower 11/15/67, p. 702)
1971 - The heart is not just a pump, it is linked to the brain through nerves and is the actual organ where affections, motivations, desires and emotions are literally formed. (Watchtower3/1/71, p. 133-135)
1974 - Another reversal on blood serums. They are once again a matter that must be left for each individual conscience, though the article seems to suggest that they are not such a great idea. (Watchtower 6/1/74, p. 352)
1975 - As to the treating of hemophilia with plasma factors the Society says that true Christians do not use this treatment, heeding the Bibles command to abstain from blood. (Awake 2/22, p.30, #74).
1975 - Four months later a reversal. The Governing Body decides that blood fractions for Hemophiliacs are acceptable as a matter of conscience. Beginning in the early 1970's brothers were told that they could accept a one time only treatment. Those phoning the Society after June 11th are told that they may make a personal decision about whether or not to use Factor VIII and IX. This policy will not become official for three more years. Those who have written about using factor VIII and IX are contacted directly by the society. Those who called by phone cannot be contacted and many die.
1975 - Those who accept organ transplants and blood transfusions may suffer a personality transplant as well. (Watchtower 9/1/75, p. 519)
1977 - Blood transfusions are now considered organ transplants, and parents must be allowed to refuse blood transfusion for their children. ( Jehovah's Witnesses and the Question of Blood, p.41)
1978 - A softer position on serums. They are apparently not a method of "sustaining life." Hemophiliacs now officially learn that may accept treatment with blood components or fractions, if they had called the Society they would already have learned this some 3 years before, if they didn't call, then they would not know. Witnesses may use heart-lung machines if primed with non blood fluids. (Watchtower 6/15/78, p. 30-31)
1980 - More new light on organ transplants. In a complete reversal, they are no longer to be considered cannibalism, and elders should not take judicial actions against a Witness who has one. (Watchtower 3/15/80, p. 31)
1980 - The Society is now setting up hundreds of HLC's or Hospital Liaison Committees. Lists of sympathetic doctors are kept, and the committees will endeavour to circumvent doctors of social service agencies who try to intervene on behalf of minors.
1982 - The Society introduces it's doctrine of major and minor blood components. Minor products are allowed, major ones are forbidden. Hemodilution is listed as objectionable. (Awake 6/22/82, p.25)
1984 - Bone marrow is discussed as a matter of conscience, but seems to be discouraged. (Watchtower 5/14/84, p. 31)
1984 - The Society quietly abandons the idea that literal heart is responsible for affections, motivations, desires and emotions. (Watchtower 9/1/84, p. 6)
1985 - AIDS is seized upon to give credibility to the Society's position on blood. (Watchtower 6/15/85, p. 30)
1988 - AIDS has become a world-wide problem the Society frequently sites as proof of the correctness of their doctrine, and claims that their policy has protected Jehovah's Witnesses from AIDS. They acknowledge that some 10,000 Americans with severe Hemophilia have been infected. What they fail to mention is that these individuals were infected because of treatment with Factor VIII and IX, which have been on the approved list for the past ten years or more. The Society's position was no protection at all for these Witnesses and several dozen will have contracted AIDS in this manner. (Awake 10/8/88, p. 11)
1989 - The Society appears to open the door to some intraoperative autologous transfusions. Though not mentioned by name, it is implied that use of scavenging techniques are permissible. (Watchtower 3/1/89, p. 30,31)
1991 - Witnesses are encouraged to rehearse what answers they will give if questioned by a judge. (KM - 3/91)
1992 - The Society tells us not to be concerned about whether or not food contains blood unless we have good reason to suspect that it does. (Watchtower 10/15/92, p. 30)
1994 - "Youths Who Put God First" - Article about Witness youths who have died as a result of the blood prohibition. (Awake 5/22/94, p.3-15)
Discussion of RH factor (made from blood serum). Article states that "this journal and it's companion have commented consistently on this matter." (Awake 12/8/94, p.27) Note the RH injection was absolutely forbidden until 1974, and still discouraged until 1978. Witnesses who receive this type of blood transfusion are typed and receive the same identifying wrist band as any other transfusion recipient.
1995 - A Witness may have his own blood transfused back into him under certain circumstances. Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution (ANH) and autologous blood salvage procedure (Cell Saver) are acceptable and involve brief storing of the blood outside of the body. (Watchtower 8/1/95, p. 30)
1997 - Elders encouraged to help and provide understanding for those who have accepted blood transfusions. In judicial cases elders will remember that love is the backbone of Christianity, and they will temper firmness with mercy. (Watchtower 2/15/97, p. 20)
1997 - Dan Sydlik, Governing Body member, fails to respond to a plea for assistance in reforming the blood issue. On February 23rd, the web site NEW LIGHT ON BLOOD, comes on line, and the reform movement begins to organize.
1997 - The Watchtower Society allows a Jehovah's Witness in Australia to accept a new therapy involving the transfusion of white blood cells. These are still listed as a prohibited blood product by the Watchtower. The procedure is called "autografting", which sounds more like transplants than transfusion, and the setting of leukapheresis is for CD34+, rather than usual granulocyte.
2000 - In the spring, Circuit overseers in the United States receive a letter instructing them to inform local bodies of elder not to disfellowship anyone who accepts blood transfusions. If their conduct becomes known and they are deemed unrepentant, they will be considered to have disassociated themselves.
2000 - In June the Watchtower institutes sweeping reforms of its blood policy. "...when it comes to fractions of any of the primary components, each Christian, after careful and prayerful meditation, must conscientiously decide for himself." This lays the foundation for members to accept oxygen carrying hemoglobin solutions. (Watchtower 6/15/00 p.29-31) Reports soon filter in from the media confirming the new policy on hemoglobin. In September it becomes evident that the WTS will permit the use of bovine hemoglobin.
2000 - In October the Journal of Medical Ethics publishes what amounts to a crushing defeat of the Watchtower's position in the medical ethics community. These groundbreaking articles open the door to the larger medical community.
2001 - In January the British Medical Journal (BMJ) publishes the article "Bioethical aspects of the recent changes in the policy of refusal of blood by Jehovah's Witnesses". The article is published online and extensive debate quickly ensues in the BMJ rapid response publishing system.
2004 - The June 15th Watchtower expands on the June 15, 2000 article. For the first time, the rank and file Jehovah's Witness learns that the single largest blood component (hemoglobin) is now permitted as a matter of personal choice. JW's have been using Polyheme and Hemopure where available in clinical trials as well).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Family ties cut for ex-Jehovah's Witness

A 24-year-old man has spoken of his sadness and frustration leaving the Jehovah's Witness which has resulted in him losing all contact with his family.

When Nathan Phillips decided to leave he was told by the elders that he would be disfellowshipped immediately.

He said: "It does make me feel very angry, not with the people so much and not with mum but the way the religion works."

The elders in Wells and his family have refused to comment about the issue.

Smoking and drinking

Nathan was disfellowshipped by the Jehovah's Witness in May 2009. Prior to this, he had stopped attending meetings for six months because he had stopped believing in the faith.

"My beliefs had changed; my views had changed - it just wasn't for me."

He had also taken up smoking and drinking.

Smoking goes against the rulings of the faith and although drinking alcohol is permitted, it is only allowed in moderation.

Each congregation of the Jehovah's Witness has a group of elders who are regarded as spiritually mature and are responsible for leading the congregation.

"I was called into a judicial committee of three elders.

"They sit in front of you like a panel and asked me questions to see if I had been smoking or drinking - basically they sent me out the room and when I came back in they said they'd decided to disfellowship me.

"Obviously I did explain to them about the impact this would have on my family but none of that was taken into consideration.

"It was a shock to begin with, and I hoped it would turn itself around, but they believe it so much I don't think it ever will."

'Upside down'

Nathan was brought up in the Jehovah's Witness faith and had been baptised at the age of 15.

After being disfellowshipped, all contact with his friends and his mother's side of the family ceased despite his efforts to stay in contact with them.

"It's turned my life upside down really. It's like losing your mum in a way because I have no contact at all.

"It affected my work and it took me quite a few months to get back on track but I've kind of got my head around the fact that's what it's going to be."

Now Nathan hopes to shed light about the religion.

"There's a lot of nice people in the witnesses, I'd never bad mouth them. Jehovah's Witnesses are very well-known for knocking on people's doors and for speaking to people out in the streets and they always come across as being very nice people.

"But what people don't realise is this part of it [disfellowshipping process] and how it goes on behind closed doors."

Wrong reasons

Nathan said he did not believe the situation would change and recently met with the elders.

"About three months ago I arranged a meeting with the judicial committee again and pleaded with them really that I was finding it very hard and thought that I could cope with it but couldn't and they said the only thing I could do was come back.

"Again I explained to them I was coming back for the wrong reasons and the only reason I wanted to come back was to be able to see my family but they said there was nothing they could do."

BBC Somerset asked his mother and family for a comment but they refused, as did the elders in Wells.

A spokesman for the Jehovah's Witness headquarters in London said Nathan's situation was a "private matter" between him and his mother.

But it is not just a "private matter" between mother and son. In the new elder book it says that contact with a disfellowshipped family member is cause for being disfellowshipped. This happens to many people who leave the organization. They cannot just leave. No, they have to be punished for leaving. A kind of theocratic blackmail. To add insult to injury, the organization calls shunning an act of "love".

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unsubstantiated Gossip Passed Along By A Bible Student

The Bible Students say something big is about to happen at the London Bethel. The society lost a case with the London Supreme Court that dealt with a pedophile that was big in England. They wanted the pedophile to be able to go to the Kingdom Hall with an elder sitting with him. They lost the case. This man is one of the worst pedophiles in London.

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2010 Worldwide Service Report in 2011 Yearbook

Some of the countries with no increase or with a negative number:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Czeck, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland. Several other smaller islands, or small countries.

U.S. listed with 2% increase, but their numbers before "rounding up" would be 1.7%. U.S. avg. auxilary pioneers decreased 11.6% (so probable the reason for their new idea to do trial effort in April with lower hour requirement of 30). Memorial Attendance increased .6%, Baptisms increased 1%.

I'll try to post a scan later.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

April 15, 2011 Watchtower

Page 11, Paragraph 11 states:
"If a brother has been baptized at least one year and to a reasonable degree meets the Scriptural qualifications for ministerial servants outlined at 1 Timothy 3:8-13, he can be recommended for appointment." Didn't Paul specifically warn against appointing a "newly converted man"? Paul, of course, was referring to elders, but the Watchtower usually groups Ministerial Servants in with that scripture.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Secret Call From Bethelite Hiding In Closet At Bethel

This is a little long and it takes about 15 minutes of listening to the woes of a sister who recently left for it to really get going. But it is well worth the listen. The Bethelite lets us know that everything is not so rosy at headquarters.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Watch Out For "Brother Paul"

Police: Man scammed elderly woman
By ANDREW GANT, Staff writer
December 10, 2010 12:05 AM

A Crescent City man scammed a DeLand woman out of more than $250,000 after knocking at her door with a Bible in hand, according to an arrest report released Thursday.

Francis L. Paul III, 46, was charged Wednesday with exploitation of an elderly person after a more than four-month investigation by DeLand police.

Paul fooled the 84-year-old woman into signing away her savings and stock holdings -- totaling about $255,000, according to the report.

Detective David Hiers wrote that the woman -- who is not being named because she is vulnerable -- was willing to sign several blank pieces of paper he handed her without explanation.

"It became apparent that (she) could be talked into signing anything," Hiers wrote.

A son visiting from California discovered the thefts in July and reported them to police, the report states.

The Department of Children & Families declared the woman mentally incompetent and police said she "suffers from the infirmities of aging."

Police said Paul -- who also goes by the name Francis P. Lipani III -- "showed up at (the woman's) door one day with a Bible in his hand" and befriended her. In an interview with police, the woman said she "liked him and was comfortable around him" and signed some papers he provided so they could "go into the lawn business together."

Subpoenaed documents from several banks -- Paul used at least seven, investigators said -- showed the beneficiary on many of Paul's accounts was theWatchtower Bible and Tract Society, an organization of Jehovah's Witnesses.

His arrest report listed his occupation as a salesman.

Paul posted $15,000 bail Wednesday at the Volusia County Branch Jail, an official said. The phone number on his arrest report was disconnected.

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BOE LTR Dec 26, 2010 "Increased Activity April 2011"

Re: Increased activity during April 2011

Dear Brothers:
Serving Jehovah is the greatest privilege that we could possibly have. With good reason, the faithful and discreet slave has long encouraged Christians to involve themselves in the ministry, even serving “more fully” whenever possible. (1 Thess. 4:1) We wish to commend you for the loyal support and diligent efforts you put forth in sharing the “good news of the Kingdom.” (Matt. 24:14) The 2010 service year report is evidence that Jehovah’s people are ‘offering them-selves willingly’ in his service.—Ps. 110:3.

It is encouraging and comforting to remember that Jehovah accepts our whole-souled service prompted by a cheerful heart. [Read 2 Corinthians 9:7.] Even so, our circumstances may prevent us from doing all that our hearts yearn to do in serving him. How we appreciate Jehovah’s assurance that he values the unselfish service of each of his faithful servants. More than anyone else, he understands our limitations. What does Jehovah expect? He expects something that all of us, regardless of our situation in life, can offer: “Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as to Jehovah, and not to men.” (Col. 3:23) To better understand the principle, consider the example of Mary, the sister of Lazarus, and that of the poor widow who contributed two small coins. Mary demonstrated her deep love for Jesus by pouring “very expensive” perfumed oil on his head and feet. (Mark 14:3; John 12:3) On the other hand, the poor widow dropped “two small coins, which have very little value” into the treasury chest. (Mark 12:41, 42) Was one woman more devoted than the other? No. Both women did what they could, and both are portrayed favorably in the Bible record. In God’s eyes their gifts, though of differing value from a human perspective, represented whole-souled service.

In an effort to increase the praise and honor to Jehovah and Jesus Christ at the time of the Memorial, the Governing Body has arranged for a special period of increased activity during April 2011. (km 2/11 p. 1) Perhaps you have taken the opportunity to auxiliary pioneer in the past during the Memorial season. Or maybe you have long had the desire to share as an auxiliary pioneer, but your situation prevented you from fulfilling this goal. You will be pleased to learn that during April 2011, publishers who wish to serve as auxiliary pioneers may indicate on the application whether they will be working toward a 30-hour or 50-hour requirement for the month. This is a special arrangement for the month of April 2011 only. Additionally, if the circuit overseer is visiting your congregation in April, all who are serving as auxiliary pioneers, whether with a 30-hour or a 50-hour requirement, are invited to attend the entire meeting the circuit overseer has with the regular pioneers.


Re: Increased activity during April 2011
December 26, 2010
Page 2

What will you do with this special opportunity? We urge each one to prayerfully contemplate whether he can expand his ministry during April by serving as an auxiliary pioneer. No doubt you will agree that exerting ourselves vigorously in the ministry during the Memorial season is an excellent way for us to honor Jehovah and Jesus Christ. (Luke 13:24; Heb. 13:15) We believe this will be an especially good time to auxiliary pioneer, since the month of April has five Saturdays. It is our hope that with good organization and planning, many more—both older and younger ones—will be able to “taste” the privilege of serving as auxiliary pioneers during this special period. (Ps. 34:8) May our resolve be that of the psalmist who stated at Psalm 145:21: “The praise of Jehovah my mouth will speak; and let all flesh bless his holy name to time indefinite, even forever.”
Your brothers,

Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses

cc: Traveling overseers


Re: Increased activity during April 2011
December 26, 2010
Page 3

PS to body of elders:
It is the desire of the Governing Body that all publishers learn of this special arrangement during the same week. To that end, the Governing Body has directed that the letter be read to the congregation following the Watchtower Study for the week of January 10-16, 2011. It should also be read at the following Service Meeting. Thereafter, it should be posted on the in-formation board. This postscript should not be posted on the information board.

In the majority of congregations, the letter will first be read on Sunday, January 16. If your congregation’s Watchtower Study is scheduled earlier in the week, you may read the letter whenever your Watchtower Study is held. If the congregation will be attending a circuit assembly that weekend, the letter will be read by the district overseer at the end of his concluding talk. If a special assembly day is scheduled, the visiting speaker will read the letter at the conclusion of the program. If your congregation has the visit of the circuit overseer, he will read the letter following his concluding service talk. No changes are being made in the qualifications to serve as an auxiliary pioneer. Neither are any changes being made to the Application for Auxiliary Pioneer Service (S-205b). When announcing the names of those whom the Congregation Service Committee approved to serve as auxiliary pioneers during April, no mention should be made of the hour requirement they have selected. Likewise, when reporting to the branch office the activity of the auxiliary pioneers for April, no distinction in hour requirement should be made.

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