Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Worldwide Service Report in 2011 Yearbook

Some of the countries with no increase or with a negative number:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Czeck, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland. Several other smaller islands, or small countries.

U.S. listed with 2% increase, but their numbers before "rounding up" would be 1.7%. U.S. avg. auxilary pioneers decreased 11.6% (so probable the reason for their new idea to do trial effort in April with lower hour requirement of 30). Memorial Attendance increased .6%, Baptisms increased 1%.

I'll try to post a scan later.


JHK said...


jworld said...

interesting changes indeed. The organization does change over time...even if its slow.

alanv said...

Hi TJ,The 2010 service report is available already. However I believe people are worried about posting it as it may infringe copyright law. Maybe you know if that is true.
Certainly other years it has been posted but this year people seem concerned that it may be illegal to put it on the interney

Kim Costanzo said...

Sometimes it takes truth awhile to get around. So be it. We that know the truth have the job of keeping up telling each and every day the truth about this satanic organization. In fact, due to the souls that will suffer eternal suffering in hell, is it not our urgent responsibility?

Kim Costanzo

queennepy said...

Some pioneer sister I know heard that they're going to decrease the hours. She said it's because the time of the end is coming closer and we're going to need to slow-down the work because the harvest is almost over... LOL

jonathan said...

Is someone able to advise me where I might purchase the "2011 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses?" I prefer not to have any Witnesses visit me for this purpose. Many thanks, Jon

vineyalan said...

Hi Jonathan,
You can go to the Watchtower site of, where you can hear it being read out loud.
However if you want a hard copy, you could try other ex witness sites as some posters are still half in the org. and they may be able to get you one.
Failing that, you can of course order one from the society and I think they might send you one. I guess you could ask that no one calls on you.
Also it is up to you if you want to send a donation, as there is no fixed price these days for their literature.
Good luck