Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unsubstantiated Gossip Passed Along By A Bible Student

The Bible Students say something big is about to happen at the London Bethel. The society lost a case with the London Supreme Court that dealt with a pedophile that was big in England. They wanted the pedophile to be able to go to the Kingdom Hall with an elder sitting with him. They lost the case. This man is one of the worst pedophiles in London.


Three Amigos said...

Are you sure it's the London Bethel? Because this sounds just like the Perfetto case in New Hampshire:


zaarin888 said...

You should know by now that TJ rarely checks his sources because he just can't wait to copy/paste everything he finds.

Again, TJ, why do you rarely post sources?

7000ptt said...

I am a Bible Student and we got this at one of our sites addressed to me. Those are the exact words. Undoubtedly someone is sending this email to Bible Students. I tracked the ip address and since this was the third time it was addressed to me the first email had more info. We could not find anything other than the old news about the elders at Mill Hill Bethel, being DF back a couple of years ago. We wrote this person, got no answer back so we dismissed it. It came in on the friendsojehovahwitnesses website, affliate.