Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fraud Alert

This alert involves a particular form of fraud known as affinity fraud that has been perpetrated upon multiple congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Northern California (USA), specifically Circuit 13*, by persons professing to be servants of Jehovah God.
Affinity fraud is defined as a scam that preys upon the trust and friendship that exist in associations, such as religious groups. Those who utilize affinity scams typically are - or pretend to be - members of the group and often use respected religious leaders within the group to promote the scheme by convincing the members that a fraudulent investment is legitimate and worthwhile (See g02 5/22 p. 29 under the heading Theft in the Name of God; also g97 9/22 pp. 9-10).
Sadly, an affinity fraud scam manifested during my congregation’s engagement with Regional Building Committee #7 (2009 – 2011).
Having observed this firsthand as a participant in the RBC engagement and as an officer for the congregation’s non-profit religious corporation, I am shedding light on this situation since the wrongdoers, including overseers within the English - Menlo Park Congregation, Regional Building Committee and Circuit 13*, continue to cover up their misconduct. They have done so to avoid scrutiny from persons in the organization with greater responsibility, unsuspecting congregation members as well as the secular authorities.
Understandably, the following information may be difficult for some to believe. As a lifelong servant of Jehovah, I find this situation hard to believe myself. Nevertheless, it has occurred.
In Matthew Chapter 13, Jesus warned of false Christians when providing the illustration of the Wheat and the Weeds. At 2 Timothy 2:20, 21, Paul speaks of vessels “for an honorable purpose” and other vessels “for a purpose lacking honor” within the same house. At Acts 20:29 Paul spoke of “oppressive wolves” entering in among true Christians that would not treat the flock with tenderness.
This alert is intended to provide a general overview of the problem. Further details will be provided in subsequent postings.
In the spirit of Leviticus 5:1, the goal is to overcome the current cover-up of this situation so that upright brothers in positions of organizational oversight can become aware of this problem and take the appropriate action.
The scam involves theft by false pretense (1, 2), private benefit, excess benefit transactions and self-dealing - in short: white collar crime (1, 2).
It appears that participants in this scam occupy strategic positions of responsibility at varying levels of the organization, which may explain why all requests to the Service Department for a special committee to be formed to investigate and resolve this situation have gone unanswered.
Jehovah’s organization itself is not perpetrating this scam, rather a group of deviant, self-willed individuals therein are doing so. Such persons insidiously exploit the arrangements, procedures and infrastructure of the organization to execute their schemes - to their own benefit.
The Scam: Phase 1
The scam often targets Kingdom Hall properties that are fully paid for. A “trigger man” is required to set the plan in motion. This may be the circuit overseer, an RBC representative and/or members of a local body of elders. The trigger man may be complicit in the scam or may simply be directed by complicit persons above him to unknowingly set the stage for the scheme.
The trigger man then initiates a discussion of maintenance needs invariably steering the flow of the conversation toward completely remodeling the Kingdom Hall and/or selling it to purchase new land and build a new one.
If the existing body of elders agree, all is well. If they do not then the non-conformists are arbitrarily deleted as elders and/or diluted by new elders  predisposed to proceed with the desired building project that are directed to move into the congregation. This dilution can also occur under the guise of merging congregations.
The newer elders typically become the officers in the congregation’s non-profit religious corporation. In doing so, they amend the articles of incorporation changing the name of the corporation and the by-laws ensuring that the local branch office is named as the recipient of all assets, including the Kingdom Hall property and proceeds from the sale of such, upon dissolution of the corporation. This enables the schemers to acquire operational control of the corporation and thereby assume effective ownership of the Kingdom Hall property.
The Scam: Phase 2a
Next, complicit RBC representatives provide a proposal for a complete remodel of the Hall when, in reality, a more modest project would suffice in-line with organizational directives (Policy Letters dated 4/6/2009 & 12/11/2009). This proposal is approved by the body of elders as a matter of course, per the scheme, regardless of the undue financial burden that is placed on congregation members.
The costs of the building project are inflated with specific intent to exceed the congregation’s available funds thus manufacturing the need for the congregation to obtain an interest free loan from the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Inc.
For example, the actual costs of a modest remodeling project for Kingdom Hall “A” is $35,000. However, complicit RBC members unnecessarily recommend a complete remodel that, in actuality, should cost no more than $100,000. Yet, the RBC representatives specify a project cost of $250,000. This amount exceeds the congregation’s available funds and so they are then directed to obtain an interest free loan from the local branch.
The project proceeds and the work is done for the actual cost of $100,000 – or less. However, the congregation is now responsible for a loan of $250,000 due to the misrepresented project costs.
By inflating construction costs for a project that the congregation doesn’t actually need and then finalizing a loan that will be paid monthly for the next 10 – 25 years, the scam fraudulently creates a revenue stream that constitutes a surreptitious form of tithing, something that Jehovah God and his organization do not approve of.
Based on what occurred during the English - Menlo Park Congregation's RBC engagement, sham building projects have also been used as a means to reposition liquid assets specifically to obscure their source and/or final destination. Such transactions can enable tax evasion especially when performed under the guise of religious non-profit activity, something else that Jehovah God and his organization do not approve of. (See w11 9/1 pp. 21-23)
The Scam: Phase 2b
Alternatively, once the perpetrators of the scam acquire operational control of a congregation’s corporation, thus assuming effective ownership of the Kingdom Hall property, they direct the congregation to finance upgrades to the Kingdom Hall and then sell the property for a substantial profit, anywhere from 200 – 300%. With the original congregation and corporation dissolved at the direction of complicit branch personnel, the publishers are then merged with a neighboring congregation and the perpetrators move on to the next “building” project.
My efforts to expose this problem have been met with stiff opposition. My family has been insidiously undermined and attacked by the perpetrators of this scam. These attacks have included false accusations intended to destroy my reputation and credibility (See g90 5/22 p. 12 - Fallacy Number 1). Nevertheless, the importance of James 1: 2, 3 remains.
While others in Circuit 13 have the basis to do so, at present, a total of seven persons can and will bear witness to the authenticity of this problem. (John 8:17) All that is required now is someone in a position of responsibility within Jehovah’s organization, whose fear of God exceeds his fear of men, who will listen and take the appropriate action to investigate matters. (Matthew 10:28; w01 12/1 p. 23 pars. 17-18)
If such corruption can manifest in this one cited area, there may be cause for concern in other regards. A special committee under the direction of the Governing Body, would be able to investigate these matters and determine the actual extent of the problem to the end of fully resolving this situation. (1 Thessalonians 5:21)
An old saying states that “Sunshine is the best disinfectant” - which is to say that a good way to impede underhanded activity is to shed light on it.
If anyone has knowledge of this situation, or others, please notify your congregation elders, circuit overseer, district overseer, local branch, and anyone else who may be positioned to help. If you have the basis to communicate directly with any member of the Governing Body, PLEASE do so as their involvement will be needed to solve this problem. (Leviticus 5:1)
Individuals are also encouraged to participate in a brief survey intended to assess whether or not the scam described herein or other forms of fraud have occurred outside of Circuit 13*. Personal contact information is not requested or gathered therefore survey participants will enjoy complete anonymity.
Friends - In being created in Jehovah God’s image, each person has the fundamental basis and inherent potential to be a force for good.
Jehovah God sees what is taking place and he will soon act for the sake of his own name. (Ecclesiastes 12:14) Take care to be standing on the side of truth when he does.
* Circuit 13 is located on the San Francisco Peninsula and consists of English congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, San Mateo and Burlingame.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Historical Chart of "This Generation" Teaching Adjustments

JW Guide to Generation Teaching

Monday, September 16, 2013


JW Leaks has commenced publishing US Diplomatic Cables relating to Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watch Tower Society.
The first series of diplomatic cables deals with the years 1973 – 1976 and provides a unique insight into the role the US government played in assisting the Watch Tower Society around the world during the turbulent mid-1970′s.
These diplomatic cables deal with the treatment of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Malawi, the banning of the Watch Tower Society in Kenya and Argentina, arrests of Jehovah’s Witness missionaries and members around the world (incl. Turkey, Spain, Greece, Kenya, Mozambique), the US government’s diplomatic political assistance in trying to get Grant Suiter and Milton Henschel into South Africa for a visit, and the seizing of Watch Tower Society property in various countries.
When taken together the cables show the degree of reliance the Watch Tower Society has placed in the US Department of State and various US embassies to secure the presence of the corporation in Africa, Asia, and South America.
These diplomatic cables will especially assist those who are researching the history of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Africa, Asia, South America, Turkey, Greece, and Spain.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jehovah’s Witnesses under fire

25. jul. 2013 13.26 English
At the recent summer conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Silkeborg and Herlufmagle, speakers likened lapsed members to a deadly virus, snakes and contaminated soil that should not be mixed with clean soil.

The rhetoric was so strong that the movement may have breached article 266b of the Danish Criminal Code, under which “a
ny person who publicly or with the intention of dissemination to a wide circle of people makes a statement or imparts other information threatening, insulting or degrading a group of persons on account of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin, belief or sexual orientation shall be liable to a fine, simple detention or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years”.

Overstepping the markThis is the conclusion of lawyer Niels-Erik Hansen, head of the Documentation and Advisory Centre on Racial Discrimination (DRC), after having read excerpts from the sermons delivered at the summer conventions, reports Danish newspaperKristeligt Dagblad.

“The speeches clearly overstep the mark. When someone compares another group to deadly diseases and snakes, we’ve moved into the core area of the anti-discrimination article,” said Hansen.

Harsh attitude towards defectors

“The speeches are the same type of rhetoric that we heard against the Jews in Europe in the 1930s. This is precisely what the anti-discrimination article was introduced to restrain,” said Hansen.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are known for having a harsh attitude towards those who choose to leave the movement. Among other things, many defectors find that existing members refuse to have any contact with them.

Nevertheless, Poul Dal, chairman of the Support Group for Former Jehovah’s Witnesses, believes the language used at the summer conventions represents a stepping up in rhetoric.

Could be reported

“The rhetoric has become more intense in recent years, when they have begun to use terms such as ‘mental illness’ and ‘Satan’s workers’ in relation to former members who now oppose the religious community,” said Dal.

The support group is now considering reporting Jehovah’s Witnesses to the police for violating the anti-discrimination article.

Carit Stypinsky, a spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses, denies that the summer conventions’ sermons and denunciations of former members are in breach of Danish laws.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Watchtower cult shuts down websites to coverup Pedophilia letters

Just when you thought it was safe to call watchtower a done deal it seems watchtower is going on a mission to tell the body of elders in a series of letters to basically cover up any illegal activity within the organization and then tell the elders to destroy the letters once they have read them. The corruption seems like something out of a bad horror movie, like a monster that won’t seem to die.

The story seems to start where watchtower decided to shut down websites using copyright clams as an excuse to cover up these leaked watchtower letters. Its not the first time watchtower has been caught bullying or going after websites but apparently this time the watchtower realizes the situation is getting out of control so there solution to the problem is to tell the body of elders to cover up any tracks of criminal activity.

First lets talk about the letters regarding watchtowers desperate attempt to cover up cases regarding pedophilia.

The document reads:

“1. This letter updates the letters to all bodies of elders regarding child abuse dated March 23, 1992; February 3, 1993; August 1, 1995; March 14, 1997; July 20, 1998; May 24, 2002; April 1, 2004; June 5, 2006; and May 24, 2010. Those letters should be removed from the congregation permanent file of policy letters and be destroyed. No one should keep originals or copies of any of those letters.”

Obviously telling someone to destroy a document regarding Child Abuse is not only suspicious but illegal.

But wait it gets better. According to the watchtower the document is saying in black and white that basically, it is not child molestation, as long as the person is approaching adulthood and is a willing participant. The reality is Children are not capable of making adult sexual decisions with an adult.

“In harmony with these references, we are herein discussing sexual perversion in which children are the object of sexual abuse, including fondling, by an adult. We are not discussing a situation wherein a minor who is a willing participant and who is approaching adulthood has sexual relations with an adult who is a few years older than the minor nor, generally speaking, are we discussing situations in which only minors are involved. Rather, we are referring to situations in which it is established that an adult brother or sister has been guilty of sexually abusing a young child or has been sexually involved with a minor who is approaching adulthood and who was not a willing participant.”

As sick as this sounds elders rather then reporting these problems to the authorities they are strongly encouraged to seek legal advice from there legal department. Last I heard this falls under the pretenses of aiding and imbedding a known felon. Not that this comes to any kind of shock. I think what is most festinating is that they are writing a sort of step by step guide to conducting illegal and unlawful practices within a religious organization. But there is nothing to see here right?

“4. Most states have child-abuse reporting laws that, depending on the facts, mandate elders to report an accusation to the authorities. Thus, when elders learn of an accusation of child abuse, two elders from their congregation should immediately call the Legal Department for legal advice. If the individuals involved are in different congregations, each body of elders should arrange for two of their elders to call the Legal Department. A call should be made even when both persons involved in sexual misconduct are minors. The elders should not ask an alleged victim, the accused person, or relatives of the victim or accused to call the Legal Department.”

Now lets move on to the next brilliant watchtower letter telling elders how to hide or manage digital information that may have illegal or legally sensitive information.

“What should never be stored online? Any information of a sensitive or confidential nature, including judicial matters, should not be stored online or be distributed electronically. The same is true for documents already available on the Web site.”