Sunday, November 23, 2014

Are the Teachings of the Governing Body a Scam?

Looking at all the doctrinal teachings over the last five years, it's almost impossible for any person of conscience who originated such doctrine to do a complete u-turn and change it and still believe it when the passage of time has proved beyond doubt that doctrine is no longer credible.
I say this with reference to the Generation of 1914. They were so sure. It was part of the Awake! masthead for decades that those who saw the events of 1914 would also see the Great Tribulation.
Now, imagine the old GB 1.0. For decades they believed and taught that the 1914 generation would not pass before the GT began. In the 1993 conventions there were rumors that there would be a change and in 1994 there was little mention of the generation of 1914 that year, which was by now already eighty years old.
Until 1995 - the Awake! masthead removes reference to 1914 and leaves the beginning of the tribulation open-ended.
So what were the then Governing Body members actually thinking? Could they still believe with all their heart that their 1914 Generation was really true? Surely some doubts must have set in?
So when the changes begin in 1995 this continues on for the next decade until more changes are announced. The generation of 1914 are first the anointed, then the wicked people living in the mid 1990s, then back to the anointed.
Until 2012 or so when the generation becomes two overlapping generations.
Can anyone see how utterly ridiculous this is? We laugh at this and wonder how could the GB believe this crap? Seriously? Two overlapping generations?
Then this new revised teaching starts to get printed in the new releases at this year's district convention.
And I'm beginning to wonder about the sincerity of the Governing Body.
Either they are fooling themselves OR they are perpetuating a SCAM on the body of believers.
I am now inclined to think, that this is not a group of seven misguided elderly anointed who sincerely believe they have the truth, because no sane person could possibly u-turn so many times on one single teaching and yet still believe they had the
I am of the strong opinion that they have been caught with their pants down - chronology has backed them in a corner, and they have no way out except to change the teaching, but in doing so they have lost credibility among themselves and the flock who wait in perpetuity for the Great Tribulation.
They are deliberately and wilfully perpetuating a scam to fool the masses because they have to keep the Great Watchtower engine well oiled or the whole thing comes to an end.
Hence all the distractions, like the grey Bible, the web site etc.
We're not dealing with sincere elderly anointed who genuinely believe what they teach but scam artists.


MaryJoseph said...

Thank you for your blog and posts.

Agreed.. The GB knowingly has and is scamming millions... the ping pong teaching on 1914 (and 1874, etc) is nothing short of a very sad and cruel joke.

I have been out of the Watchtower cult for a few years now... officially shunned for believing that Christ is MY Saviour.

I haven't had an opportunity to read one of their new so called bibles and whatever self serving changes they made to God's inspired Word but... all witnesses should soon shut their mouths when they are read John 6:51-58 KJV and realize that each year at the "Memorial" they choose to WILLFULLY DENY mankind's ONLY Saviour Jesus!!!

Dorothy Jennings said...
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D Jennings said...

Every time I try to reach your Governing Body it turns out to be the hardest thing to do. My grandfather died an elder in the JW organization and I was raised in his belief. This organization have Negros and Niggas shunning, discouraging, and setting up what could had been future members. I know because it happened to me through what was called a family member (not grandfather) and after the occurrence some non-witnesses joined in with the same discouraging, tear down actions to ruin my life, that is mimicking, trying to bitter and angry me. Therefore, I wish your Negro sister Veronica Bankston and associates aspirates and CPR is to late for them. I could never be the one to talk to those individuals, since I couldn't be the one to explain why some stop BREATHING. Negros; Niggas; And AN ALL CACUSOID GOVERNING BODY where Black Magic should come out of it's ass and take a fuckin rest.