Thursday, January 22, 2009

Article On Jehovah's Witness Growth In The United States

Article title
Institutional versus Contextual Explanations for the Growth Of the Jehovah's Witnesses in the United States, 1945-2002
Sturgis, P.W.
Journal title
Bibliographic details
2008, VOL 49; NUMB 3, pages 290-300

The author argues Witness postwar growth in the US is mainly due to Watchtower organizational initiatives rather than US demographic trends. But isn't this a statement of the bleeding obvious - I mean surely it is a given that an increase from about 50,000 to 1,000,000 cannot be explained on the basis of the increase in the US population alone. I am sure there are more interesting things could be said about JW growth than simply that.
He does make the interesting observation that 12% of US Witnesses are foreign born rather than 7% for the US population in general. That would seem to indicate immigrants account for a significant but not overwhelming amount of the postwar Witness growth in the US.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

KM 2009 - misrepresentation on blood transfusions

In the Feb 2009 KM there is a 10 minute part entitled "Answering Questions about Blood Transfusions"

Notice the part I've highlighted in red. Exacty what transfusions do JWs allow their children to have? Their whole reasoning is a pathetic attempt to appease the householder without saying they flat out refuse blood.

rs p. 74 - p. 76 Blood If Someone Says—

‘You let your children die because you refuse blood transfusions. I think that’s terrible’

You might reply: ‘But we do allow them to have transfusions—the safer kind. We accept the kind of transfusions that don’t carry the risk of such things as AIDS, hepatitis, and malaria. We want the best treatment for our children, as I am sure that any loving parent would.’ Then perhaps add: (1) ‘When there is severe blood loss, the greatest need is to restore the fluid volume. No doubt you realize that our blood is actually over 50 percent water; then there are the red and white cells, and so forth. When much blood is lost, the body itself pours large reserves of blood cells into the system and speeds up production of new ones. But fluid volume is needed. Plasma volume expanders that contain no blood can be used to fill that need, and we accept these.’ (2) ‘Plasma volume expanders have been used on thousands of persons, with excellent results.’ (3) ‘Even more important to us is what the Bible itself says at Acts 15:28, 29.’

Or you could say: ‘I can understand your point of view. I suppose you are imagining your own child in that situation. As parents we would do everything possible to safeguard our child’s welfare, wouldn’t we? So if folks like you and me were going to refuse some sort of medical treatment for our child, there would certainly have to be some compelling reason for it.’ Then perhaps add: (1) ‘Do you think that some parents might be influenced by what God’s Word says here at Acts 15:28, 29?’ (2) ‘So the question is, Do we have enough faith to do what God commands?’

‘You people don’t believe in blood transfusions’

You might reply: ‘The newspapers have published stories about some situations in which they felt that Witnesses might die if they did not accept blood. Is that what you have in mind? . . . Why do we take the position we do?’ Then perhaps add: (1) ‘Do you love your wife (husband) enough that you would be willing to risk your life for her (him)? . . . There are also men who risk their lives for their country, and they are viewed as heroes, aren’t they? But there is someone who is greater than any person or thing here on earth, and that is God. Would you risk your life because of love for him and loyalty to his rulership?’ (2) ‘The issue here really is loyalty to God. It is God’s Word that tells us to abstain from blood. (Acts 15:28, 29)’

Or you could say: ‘There are many things that are rather common today and that Jehovah’s Witnesses shun—for example, lying, adultery, stealing, smoking, and as you mentioned, the use of blood. Why? Because we govern our lives by God’s Word.’ Then perhaps add: (1) ‘Did you know that the Bible says we should “abstain from blood”? I would like to show it to you. (Acts 15:28, 29)’ (2) ‘Perhaps you recall that God told our first parents, Adam and Eve, that they could eat from every tree in Eden except one. But they disobeyed, ate that forbidden fruit, and lost everything. How unwise! Now, of course, there is no tree with forbidden fruit. But after the Flood of Noah’s day God again set out one prohibition for mankind. This time it involved blood. (Gen. 9:3, 4)’ (3) ‘So the real question is, Do we have faith in God? If we obey him, we have before us the prospect of eternal life in perfection under his Kingdom. Even if we die, he assures us of a resurrection.’

‘What if a doctor says, “You will die without a blood transfusion”?’

You might reply: ‘If the situation is really that serious, can the doctor guarantee that the patient will not die if he is given blood?’ Then perhaps add: ‘But there is someone who can give a person life again, and that is God. Don’t you agree that, when face to face with death, turning one’s back on God by violating his law would be a poor decision? I truly have faith in God. Do you? His Word promises a resurrection for those who put faith in his Son. Do you believe that? (John 11:25)’

Or you could say: ‘It may mean that he personally does not know how to handle the case without the use of blood. If possible, we try to put him in touch with a doctor who has had the needed experience, or we engage the services of another doctor.’

This is not the sort of reasoning that an average brother or sister comes up with out of their own originality. What makes it worse are the GB and those in the writing dept. who have to think of all these excuses to make their disgusting doctrine palatable. I'll never forget the brochure, "How can blood save your life?"

Any thinking person who didn't know about JW blood doctrine and saw this booklet would conclude that blood can save your life when ironically, it is just the opposite considering that taking blood incurs Jehovah's wrath and could end your prospects of everlasting life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Another prominent mark of the beast .. is the honoring of the special class, the clergy, with special honors and titles. They are known as Revs., Divines, etc., but Jesus, the divine, said: 'Ye call me Lord and Master, and ye say well, for so I am.' 'Be not ye called Rabbi, neither be ye called Masters, for one is your Master, even Christ, and all ye are brethren (Matt. 23:8 ). These titles are assumptions fashioned after those of Papacy."- Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence, January 1880, p6-7 - the words are those of Charles Taze Russell, the first President of the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society has had six Presidents. Let us look at the "Classes" invented or officially used by just one of them - the same Charles Taze Russell:

144,000 Class
20,736,000,000 Class
Abel Class
Achan Class
Aggressive Class
Altar Class
Amaziah Class
Ammonite Class
Amos Class
Ancient Class
Ancient Worthy Class
Anointed Class
Anointed Remnant Class
Antagonistic Class
Anti-pas Class
Antitypical Levite Class
Apostatized Class
Apostle Class
Arisen Class
Aryan Class
Beloved Class
Betrothed Class
Bird Class
Bitter Class
Blemished Class
Body Class
Bride Class
Bridegroom Class
Brier Class
Brother Class
Caleb Class
Camp Class
Carnal-Minded Babes In Christ Class
Chaff Class
Changers Class
Chief Class
Chieftain Class
Child Of God Class
Childlike Class
Chosen Class
Christ Class
Christian Sanctuary Class
Christiania Class
Church Class
Churchianity Class
Composite Class
Conqueror Class
Consecrated Class
Cream Class
Created Class
Creditor Class
Critic Class
Cultured Class
Dan Class
Dangerous Class
Darkened Class
David Class
Dead Class
Debtor Class
Deceived Class
Dependent Class
Depraved Class
Desirable Class
Dictator Class
Dignified Class
Disciple Class
Disfavored Class
Dishonorable Class
Dispensable Class
Disreputable Class
Dog Class
Eagle Class
Earthly Class
Earthly Hope Class
Edom-Idumea Class
Edomite Class
Elder Class
Elect Bride Class
Elect Class
Elijah Class
Elijah-John-The-Baptist Class
Elijah-Like Class
Elisha Class
Enthroned Class
Envious Class
Esau Class
Esther Class
Eunuch Class
Evil Slave Class
Exalted Class
Ezekiel 44 'Gate Shut' Class
Ezekiel Class
Faith Class
Faithful and Discreet Servant Class
Faithful and Discreet Slave Class
Faithful and Discreet Steward Class
Faithful and Wise Servant Class
Faithful and Wise Steward Class
Faithful Class
Favorable Class
Favored Class
Feet Class
Fighting Class
First Class
First-Born Class
Firstfruit Class
Flock Class
Foolish Virgin Class
Foreknown Class
Fourth Class
Gershonites Class
Glorified Class
Glorious Class
Goat Class
Goats Class
Gold Class
Governing Class
Great Class
Great Company Class
Great Crowd Class
Great Multitude Class
Great Restitution Class Great Teacher Class
Groom Class
Ground Class
Harvest Class
Heavenly Class
Heavenly Hope Class
High Angel Class
Higher Class
Highest Class
Hireling Class
His Bride Class
His Jewel Class
Holier Class
Holiness Class
Honored Class
Hopeless Class
Humble Class
Hypocrite Class
Improper Class
Infant Class
Influential Class
Inspired Class
Intractable Class Isaac Class
Ishmael Class
Israel Class
Jacob Class
Jehu Class
Jeremiah Class
Jerusalem Class
Jew Class
Jewel Class
Job Class
John Class
Joint-Heir Class
Jonadab Class
Jonathan Class
Joshua Class
Judas Class
Judge Class
Justified Class
King Class
Kingdom Class
Kingly Class
Laity Class
Lapsing Class
Large Class
Lazarus Class
Levite Class
Levitical Class
Little Class
Lord Class
Lordly Class
Lords over God's Heritage Class
Lower Class
Lowest Class
Loyal Class
Lunatic Class
Man Of Perdition Class
Man Of The True God Class
Man With the Writer's Inkhorn Class
Many Class
Mediator Class
Messiah Class
Messianic Class
Millennial Age Class
Ministers of the Gospel Class
Minor Class
Mordecai Class
Mordecai-Esther Class
Moses Class
Mustard Seed Class
My Bride Class
Mystery Class
Naomi Class
Needy Class
Neglected Class
Nehemiah Class
Nephilim Class
Nethinim Class
Nicodemus Class
Nominal Class
Nominal Temple Class
Non-Elect Class
Numerous Class
Obedient Class
Obscure Class
Official Class
Opposite Class
Opposition Class
Ostracized Class
Other Sheep Class
Outcast Class
Overcomer Class
Overcoming Class
Parent Class
Pastor Russell Class
Peculiar Class
Penitent Class
Permanent Class
Peter Class
Pharisaical Class
Pharisee Class
Philistine Class
Preacher's Class
Preaching Class
Priest Class
Priesthood Class
Priestly Class
Principal Class
Prodigal Class
Prophet Class
'Prophet' Class
Prophetic Class
Prophet-like Class
Putty Class
Reformer Class
Reigning Class
Religious Class
Remnant Class
Reproached Bullock Class
Reputable Class
Resident Class
Restitution Class
Restless Opposition Class
Royal Class
Running Class
Ruth Class
Ruth-Naomi Class
Sadducees Class
Saint Class
Saintly Class
Salt Class
Salter Class
Samaritan Class
Sanctified Class
Sanctuary Class
Saul Class
Scapegoat Class
Sea Class
Seashore Class
Second Class
Second Company Class
Second Death Class
Secondary Class
Seed Class
Seeking Class
Select Class
Separate Class
Servant Class
Servants of the City Class
Sheep Class
Silver Class
Simon Magus Class
Sinner Class
Sister Class
Slave Class
Son Of Heaven Class
Special Class
Specific Class
Spirit-Begotten Class
Spiritual Adultery Class
Spiritual Class
Splendid Class
Spurious Class
Standfaster Class
Steward Class
Submerged Class
Subordinate Class
Subsidiary Class
Suitable Class
Superior Class
Swine Class
Tare Class
Tarried Class
Temple Class
'The Man in Linen' Class
'Thee' Class
Third Class
Tribulation Class
True Bride Class
True Wheat Class
Unfaithful Class
Unprincipled Class
Unsaved Non-Elect Infant Class
Unsuitable Class
Upper Class
'Us' Class
Vile Class Viper Class
Virgin Class
Watchman Class
Wheat Class
Wicked and Slothful Servant Class
Wicked Class
Winnowing Class
Wise Virgin Class
Worldly Class
Worst Class
Worthies Class
Zealous Class
Zerubbabel Class
Zionistic Class
What chaos! A total of 325 Classes (and more may be discovered - my sifting work is not quite completed; I am tarrying awhile), drawn only from the published writings of just the Watchtower's first president (including a handful drawn from his one "posthumous" work) - all OFFICIAL WATCHTOWER SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS. Bear in mind that:
"God is not the author of confusion" - 1 Cor. 14:33

And further - all these classes from the same person - the very founder of the Watchtower Society - who attacked the Catholic church for having classes! Here is what Lord Jesus Christ said to men like this shameful founder of the Watchtower Cult: "Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye." - Matthew 7:5

And here is the clear scriptural warning to brainwashed Jehovah's Witnesses, following as they do an insane, blasphemous, dangerous, wicked, mind-controlling, soul-destroying cult that is based on the teachings of the amazingly presumptuous HYPOCRITE (as proven above) Charles Taze Russell: "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." - 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Spiritual Ponzi Scheme

Over the past couple of weeks as the Bernard Maddoff scandal has been unfolding I couldn't help but see the parallels between his ponzi scheme and the WT Society's behavior over its history. The WT Society and the Governing Body have perpetrated a scandalous spiritaul ponzi scheme on some of the most vulnerable members of our society and others who were just good hearted, idealistic people wishing to see a better world.
Just like Maddoff, the WT Society (and by extension the Governing Body):
1. created an "elite" club that could only be joined if you met certain very high standards and were invited to join
2. has always sought the implicit, blind trust of its "investors"
3. encouraged "investors" to invest all the fruits of their lives in the scheme
4. has known in their "heart of hearts" that the whole pitch was/is based on empty promises
5. has kept moving the "prize" so that it is always tantalizingly within reach
6. like many ponzi scheme perpetrators, perhaps started off with honest intentions but then had to twist, distort, and lie to keep the whole thing afloat
7. is remorseless for the uncounted ruined lives, shattered dreams, and stunted potential they have mercilessly imposed on the rank and file
8. will escape adequate justice for the swath of destruction they have left in the wake of their scheme

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Watchtower Study, January 11, 2009

Sadly, some who seemed to appreciate Jesus' sacrifice and made a dedication to God no longer associate with the Christian congregation. Discouragement, health problems, or other factors may have weakened their zeal and caused them to become inactive. However, only as part of God's flock can they enjoy the serenity and happiness that David spoke of in the 23rd Psalm. For instance, he sang: "Jehovah is my Shepherd. I shall lack nothing." (Ps. 23:1) Those in the flock of God lack nothing in a spiritual way, but that is not the happy lot of sheep who have strayed.

What's so interesting about this paragraph, is that the rank and file will not notice the oxymoron here. They claim that "only as part of God's flock can they enjoy the serenity and happiness that David spoke of..." while completely ignoring the fact that David himself was not a Christian, nor a Jehovah's Witness. They try and make Jehovah's Witnesses feel special by saying that only Witnesses are happy. No one else in the whole world is happy except Witnesses because they are busy attending meetings and going from door to door. Is this true? Of course it's not. Despite all his failings, David apparently enjoyed a good relationship with God without attending 5 meetings a week or knocking on doors Saturday morning. My god, he even had a beard!

It is really love that motivates Christians to as­sist inactive ones to return to the congrega­tion? Or is it just because it's a directive from the Governing Body? Is it not true that most things that Witnesses do that should come from the heart, are done mainly because the Governing Body tells them to do it?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Interview With Watchtower Attorney Hayden Covington

In 1978, Jerry Murray, a Jehovah Witness elder, interviewed Hayden Covington, the Watch Tower attorney who had a prominent role in legal matters for the Watch Tower Society before the U.S. Supreme Court. For those who have never heard this interview before,the Murray interview is seventy-five minutes long and now can be found on the following website,

Scroll down to the year, 1978.
It's a great interview because Covington states little-known facts that I think anybody researching or studying Watch Tower history will appreciate. Helps to add some previously missing links to the history of the Rutherford years that only somebody on the inside like Covington would know about. Listen to him talk about who took Rutherford's body back to New York from San Diego and they all went first class.
Complete speculative quiry on my part, but it's fun: What if the coffin on that train was empty? After all, we should not forget when a visitor to Bethel asked Freddie in the 1980s, "Where is Rutherford buried?", he didn't hesitate and said, "In California!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Magazine for Witnesses

I came across a German magazine called "Erbrechet!".
("Erbrechet!" means "Vomit!" but sounds like "Erwachet!" which is the German title of "Awake!".)
Some of the best articles have been translated into English and publish those as a new magazine called "The Witchtower".
Here is the first issue:

The first issue covers the following topics:

Clothing – Is it for Christians?
Thinking – Be aware of the dangers!
Are you ready to fight for the sanctification of Jehovah’s name?
Young people ask: Kingdom Melodies – Are they for me?
Carnival Celebrations – How important for christians?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Straight From The Watchtower Magazine

From The Official web site of Jehovah's Witnesses:
Nowhere does the Bible command Christians to procreate. God told the first human couple and Noah’s family: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth.”
But this command was not repeated to Christians. (Genesis 1:28; 9:1)
Hence, married couples may decide for themselves whether they will raise a family, how many children they will have, and when they will have them.
The Scriptures, likewise, do not condemn birth control.
From a Biblical point of view, then, whether a husband and wife choose to use some nonabortive method of contraception is really a personal decision.

So, there we have it, commands in the Old Testament are meaningless if they are not repeated in the New Testament.

It makes one wonder why they reversed their teaching on vasectomy and say any brother who had one was not eligible to me a MS or Elder? If its the couple decision "and no one should judge them" why do they forbid it?

Isn't it clear that the Governing Body just makes this stuff up as they go along?

Here is a really ridiculous line of reasoning from the Watchtower:

1941 The prophetic picture seems to set forth the correct rule, to wit: The three sons of Noah and their wives were in the ark and were saved from the flood. They did not have any children, however, until after the flood. They began to have children two years after the flood. (Genesis 11:10,11) No children were taken into the ark and none were born in the ark, and hence none were brought out of the ark. Only eight persons went in and eight came out of the ark. (1 Peter 3:20; Genesis 8:18) That would appear to indicate that it would be proper that those who will form the "great multitude" should wait until after Armageddon to bring children into the world. (Children; 1941; 3,000,000 ed.; p. 312-313)

Oh, yeah! That makes sense!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Memorial Invitation (Spanish)

Latest Jehovah's Witness Get Rich Quick Scheme

Thought you'd like to know about the latest fad rippling through the JW community. It is home-based get-rich-quick business offerings.
A WHOIS search at Network Solutions ( shows the owner of the following websites. It turns out this owner is a well known Congregation Coordinator (aka Presiding Overseer).
Of course, nowhere in the greed-stirring online spiel is Jehovah mentioned, or all the advantages of living a contented life free of materialistic lust for more money. I wonder how many of his millions or billions he donates to the poor and hungry? (Yes, he does imply he is either a millionaire or a billionaire.) I wonder if he includes his get-rich advice in public talks for the benefit of "the brothers"?
Following is another link where, near the bottom of the page, the same elder is the point of contact to "GET RICH IN 2008." By the way, take a look at the name of this web site: Is that irony, or what?
We should call the Watchtower Society and ask about this elder's "GET RICH IN 2008" plan and whether it is still good for 2009? Watchtower's phone number is: 1-845-306-1100. According to sources at Patterson, this elder was among early candidates for the new elder's school. Guess he's putting his new organizational and promotion training to good use. This is Witness marketing at a whole new level.