Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spiritual Ponzi Scheme

Over the past couple of weeks as the Bernard Maddoff scandal has been unfolding I couldn't help but see the parallels between his ponzi scheme and the WT Society's behavior over its history. The WT Society and the Governing Body have perpetrated a scandalous spiritaul ponzi scheme on some of the most vulnerable members of our society and others who were just good hearted, idealistic people wishing to see a better world.
Just like Maddoff, the WT Society (and by extension the Governing Body):
1. created an "elite" club that could only be joined if you met certain very high standards and were invited to join
2. has always sought the implicit, blind trust of its "investors"
3. encouraged "investors" to invest all the fruits of their lives in the scheme
4. has known in their "heart of hearts" that the whole pitch was/is based on empty promises
5. has kept moving the "prize" so that it is always tantalizingly within reach
6. like many ponzi scheme perpetrators, perhaps started off with honest intentions but then had to twist, distort, and lie to keep the whole thing afloat
7. is remorseless for the uncounted ruined lives, shattered dreams, and stunted potential they have mercilessly imposed on the rank and file
8. will escape adequate justice for the swath of destruction they have left in the wake of their scheme


chocolatepuddingeyes said...

I agree with everything but #8. They will get what's coming to them. If they don't repent in time it's going to be bye-bye forever, after Jesus reveals who the man of lawlessness is.

Jesus will rip off their mask with surprising suddenness. They will be exposed for the whole world to see. Jesus promises that the manifestation of his presence will do away with the man of lawlessness (2 Thess. 2:8). It would be good for them to repent before it's too late.

W. Lockhart said...

The bible is just a book. It's not even a good book. Jesus is not coming.