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Apologies From Former Jehovah's Witnesses


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Full Text of Letter Regarding No More Bookstudy

I wasn't able to get a copy of the letter off the information board but here is the exact text of the letter that was read at our English meeting today.
To All Congregations:
Dear Brothers,
At 1st Corinthians 7:31 the bible tells us that “the scene of this world is changing.” The truthfulness of these inspired words is felt by each of us on a daily basis. As we draw ever nearer to the Great Tribulation Satan’s anger against us is intensifying.
The Governing Body is fully aware of the mounting pressures that YOU, the Lord’s precious sheep, are experiencing. Like the first century Governing Body we wish to add no further burden to you, except what is necessary. Therefore, after prayerful consideration we have decided to take steps to lighten your load by adjusting the weekly schedule for congregation meetings. Commencing January 1, 2009 the Congregation Book Study will be held at the same time as the Theocratic Ministry School and the Service Meeting. The name of the Congregation Book Study will be changed to the Congregation Bible Study. After a song and prayer the Congregation Bible Study will be conducted for 25 minutes in much the same way as it is conducted now. Qualified elders will conduct the study on a rotation basis. It will be followed by a 30 minute Theocratic Ministry School. After another song there will be a 35 minute Service Meeting. The three meetings will conclude with song and prayer. The total time for these three meetings including songs and prayers will be 1 hour and 45 minutes.
We will continue to follow the same patterns for meetings for field service including arrangements in smaller groups. In time you will receive further information relative to the Congregation Bible Study and meetings for field service.
This adjustment in our weekly meeting schedule will be beneficial in many ways. For example, in many lands the cost of fuel is escalating, and much time is expended in travelling to and from congregation meetings. However, there will be even greater benefit!
The importance of personal and family bible study cannot be overemphasized. This adjustment in our weekly schedule will provide each of us with an opportunity to fortify the spirituality of our families by scheduling a specific evening each week for family worship. Family heads must shoulder the responsibility before Jehovah to ensure that a meaningful, regular, family bible study is conducted. Single brothers and sisters with no family responsibilities will be able to use this time for personal bible study.
It is vital for all to buy out the opportune time and to strengthen themselves for what will shortly take place. The “great day of Jehovah” is fast approaching. How urgent it is for all of us to seize and use the time remaining to build ourselves up in this most holy faith! May we be determined to benefit from these adjustments as we continue to follow our Great Shepherd who leads us to grassy pastures of peace and refreshment. We send along an expression of our warm Christian love, praying that Jehovah will continue to watch over you and strengthen you in these difficult times.
Your Brothers,
The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hear The Announcement in English Regarding No More Bookstudy

Just in case you slept in this morning and didn't get to the KH, here's an MP3 of the letter being read....
No More Bookstudies (Look To The Right of the Screen: 2007427_announcement.mp3):

You will notice that the announcement says that the Bookstudy is now to be referred to as the Congregation Bible Study. Who are they trying to kid? We have never studied the Bible. It has always been a book written by someone in the organization telling us what the Bible says.

It also mentions that gas prices is one of the reasons for the elimination of the Bookstudy. Well, even though gas prices in the United States have skyrocketed, there are other places in the world that pay far more for gas than we do. If the part about doing it because of gas prices were true, they would eliminate the study immediately, not six months from now. Maybe they have special communication with Jehovah who told them that they should wait six months?

This is all just spin. The real reasons are entirely different and non-spiritual. Remember when we stopped selling the Watchtower and Awake from door to door and gave them away for a contribution? Well, the organization said at that time that the reason was that more people could receive lifegiving information. Bull crap! The real reason was a lawsuit against one of the televangelist and it was decided that religions would now pay tax on all goods sold. So the Watchtower, seeing the writing on the wall, stopped asking for money and gave the magazines away on a contribution basis. The publisher was still expected to pay for them though and all contributions were given to the organization. Quite a little racket.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Letter From Governing Body Regarding No More Book Study (Spanish)

The Organization once wrote this in a Kingdom Ministry:
What a blessing the Congregation Book Study is! This loving arrangement from Jehovah helps us maintain our sure spiritual footing during the challenging times in which we live.—Ps. 26:12.

I guess Jehovah has now changed his mind!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who Owns The Kingdom Halls?

The Watch Tower Society originally claimed to be a publishing corporation, and various Bible Student groups merely suscribed to their literature and much of the beliefs. This was during Charles Russell's presidency. They met in homes, and stated that they always would operate this way. Each group elected Elders, but there was not 'official' ties to the Watch Tower corporation.
In the 1930s J. F. Rutherford forced all the 'Ecclesias' (Bible Stident congregations) to register with the Society to maintain their affiliations, thus creating an organized religion (something that Russell condemned as being part of Babylon the Great.)
[bTwo very important facts remained: 1. Each congregation still owned its own property as a non-profit association or corporation in their respective states. 2. The Society continued to claim that they had no clergy distinction, and thus no heirarchy. (The Society legally claimed that they were a 'congregational' organization and not a heirarchial organization.) The Roman Catholic Church, for example is Heirarchial, with a Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests, and the Chruch owns everything. The Southern Baptists, on the other hand, are Congregational. Each congregation is totally independant, and can tell the central convention to get lost if they wish.
What happened in Bonham, Texas?: The body of elders and the majority of the congregation decided to leave the Watch Tower organization. And with that, they took the Kingdom Hall. The rremaining JWs and the Society sued in court to recover the Kingdom Hall. For the first time in its history the Watch Tower Society made two important arguments: 1. They were now a Heirarchial like the Catholic Church, with the Governing Body, Branchs Overseers, District Overseers, Circuit Overseers, and Elders appointed by the Society. 2. The Society as a heirarchy, therefore, had the rightful tital to the Kingdom Hall.
This was a serious departure from all their previous claims, and is among the many issues that impressed upon me that the Society was no longer what it claimed to be.
The result?: The Society lost because the Bonham congregation was able to prove that the Society was a historically a 'congregational' organization, and as such had no legal title or interesst recorded on the deed. The Society was unable to establish legal interest.
The Subsequent Changes: Among many changes to establish legal interest was to start getting recorded on deeds as the first position leinholder when making remodel and quick build loans. (I can recall the days when we would get remodel loans from the Society, but nothing was ever recorded on the deeds.) The Society started a group insurance program for all Kingdom Halls, ostensibly to provide lower cost premiums, but also this showed an interest in each property.
And, while I did not follow the corporate changes after this, I understand that the Society started holding the deeds to local Kingdom Halls or at least assuring that each congregation was so established that its corporate by-laws would preclude losing the property if the congregation opted out of its Watch Tower affiliation.
In some religious affiliations, even though each congregation is independent, they will have corporate congregation by-laws that dispose of a church should its membership be reduced by a certain percentage. This prevents the few remaining members from getting the wealth should a church come to its demise. Rather, once a certain low membership is maintained for a period of time, then the church property becomes the property of some pre-selected charity, or the religious convention they were part of.
What did the Society do?: While, I have no doubt that the Society set up some arrangements as a result of Bonham, Texas, it was, nevertheless, done very slowly over a long time. Even by the mid to late 1980s, long after the Bonham decision, my own Kingdom Hall was solely owned by the local members as a Non-Profit Association in the State of California. The Society had no legal tital or interest in the Hall. Our remaining loan was not recorded against the property. SO, this process has taken them a long time, and even after I moved to Oregon in the late 1980s, our Kingdom Halls that we attended were still locally owned. BUt I understood that new 'Quick-Builds' were being set up with a different deal. I left in 1992 and have not followed this aspect - exactly. But some of the property deed research I have done reveals that the Society does not yet own all the Kingdom Halls. So they are still vulnerable in some respects should a local congregation decide to otp out of its affiliation with teh Watch Tower Society.
Circuit Holding Corps.: I am not aware that the Circuit Holding Corporations are for owning Kingdom Halls, but rather, for the ownership and operation of Circuit Assembly Halls. If they are being used to hold local Kingdom Hall property, then this is a new one on me.
Other State and Regional Corps.: Oftentimes local corporations will be set up by the Society to establish a legal base on which to rent stadiums and other facilities for conventions. The local corporation will engage in the negotiations and obtain the necessary permits, liability insurance, etc. Then, if something bad happens, resulting in serious injury to hundreds or thousands of people, then the Society will not be directly liable - at least they hope that it works that way. A good, but mean, injury lawyer might be able to penetrate the local corporations and nail the Society in New York.
In some states a corporation must have stockholders or own property, so in some cases in order to incorporate in a given state, the Society might have to technically issue some stock or buy a house to use for its offices. But, in other states, a non-profit corporation only has to register with 3 officers, and can use any address for its registered agent.
The Significance of Bonham: While the legal ramifications and actions taken by the Society are not 100% certain, the moral, ethical, and mostly "historical" implications were monumental. The Society moved from a lose groups of unofficial Bible Students to a highly organized heirarchial religion just like the Roman Catholic Church in almost exactly 100 years from its inception. It wnet from condemning organized religion as being part of Babylon the Great to becoming the model of organized religious corporation, just like the Catholic Church - the Society grew up to be just like her mom.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Big Changes Coming Soon To A Kingdom Hall Near You!

There is going to be an important announcement soon at all Kingdom Halls. I know this will be hard to believe but the society is doing away with the book study in private homes! Very soon now the weekly book study will be incorporated into the weekly Ministry School and Service Meeting. I am not sure exactly how, but the book study will be only 25 minutes long and it will be before the Ministry School. One less meeting per week. Aren't we all thankful to Jehovah that he has seen fit to give us a more free time that we can spend in the field service recruiting members for the Watchtower organization. I suppose that the society is responding to the fact that the brothers are moaning and groaning over having just too much to do. Now, if the Watchtower would just stop making ridiculous predictions and cautioning us about the end being near while they are planning for the future by selling property and planning new projects that will take years to complete.

Some Witnesses will view the announcement as a sign that the end is near. Some of them will exclaim that it is a loving provision from Jehovah. These Witnesses need to take off their rose colored glasses and wake up! Witnesses are leaving the organization at an alarming rate. This latest change has to do with the economy! A mass exodus is going to lead to loss of income. The economy is in trouble but if you've got a printing business with guaranteed subscribers paying the costs and you can keep that in place then you can weather the coming economic collapse a lot better. The Watchtower organization is doing what it can to secure its future income as much as possible; they are tightening their grip on the fold.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Organ Transplants Were Once forbidden

Awake! magazines before 1970 are not included in the Watchtower Library CD-ROM and the June 8, 1968 Awake! is one reason why. It was a special issue entitled "Medical Experiments and Your Health." While the perils of blood transfusions are mentioned in passing, the main focus on "medical experimentation" was to criticize organ transplantation. While transplants had been going on for years, pioneer surgeons were just beginning heart transplantation and this was big news. As page 21 of this Awake! noted, Witnesses considered all transplants to be cannibalism. This had been spelled out in the November 15, 1967 Watchtower, p. 702-3:
Not to be overlooked is the use to which a dead body might be put. Would a Christian who, while living, refused to give his blood to be used as a transfusion for some other person, allow his body to be turned over to a group or to a person and possibly at that time have the blood removed and used for transfusion, as has been done with some cadavers? (See, for example, Awake! of October 22, 1962, page 30.) A person might feel that he could stipulate that his body not be used in that way; but if many persons in authority refuse to abide by a Christian’s wishes about blood when he is alive, what reason is there to believe they will show more respect for his wishes after his death? Would they use his organs in cannibalistic medical experiments?
Our bodies are the creation of Jehovah God. (Ps. 100:3; 95:6; Job 10:8) Christians might allow apparently necessary surgery to be performed, such as to remove a diseased limb, but they do not needlessly mutilate their bodies created by Jehovah. Would allowing a body to be mutilated after death be showing respect for and appreciation of God’s creation? True, in some instances there may be legal requirements that Christians abide by, such as when the law requires a postmortem examination to determine the cause of death. (Rom. 13:1, 7; Mark 12:17) In such cases the next of kin can usually request that the organs not be removed for transplant or reuse. In this way, even though an autopsy might be required, the Christian can prevent misuse of the body of a loved one. But when such laws do not apply, the Christian can decide in such a way as to avoid unnecessary mutilation and any possible misuse of the body. Thus he will be able to have a clear conscience before God.—1 Pet. 3:16.
This view that organ transplants were cannibalism was rejected in 1980 and the Watchtower Society now says that JWs face no congregational discipline if they accept or donate organs for transplantation. Oddly, however, while accepting a transplanted organ is no longer seen as cannibalism (eating human flesh), receiving a blood transfusion is still viewed as eating human blood.
This June 8, 1968 Awake! is a classic case of yellow journalism. Organ transplants are considered to be "medical experimentation." Alternatives to transplants are suggested on pp. 16-17. Organ transplants are rejected ethically, medically and scripturally. The fact that a treatment may still be beneficial at times despite potential risks is ignored. All in all, this magazine reveals the faulty science and views on medical ethics of Watchtower writers. These are the same writers who similarly rail against the medical use of blood.
Just think of the number of witnesses who died because the Governing Body instructed them not to have an organ transplant. Then, all of a sudden, they change their minds, or Jehovah spoke to them, and its okay to accept organ transplants. Why anyone in their right mind would follow what these people say is beyond me. They just cannot get anything right, which is why they keep flip-flopping their teachings.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Announcement To Elders Only: A new Tract Campaign

Only elders were advised of a new Tract Campaign for October 20 - November 16.
The tract is entitled "Do You Want to Know the Truth?". It is not a "Kingdom News" campaign. After the campaign, this tract will join the "regular rotation" of tracts to be used in the field ministry. It is designed to replace the "Do You Want to Know More About the Bible" tract . The goal is to use it to start "Bible" studies (so that the organization will have more people to contribute and those studies will then go on to get new studies that will result in more people contributing and then those studies........ well, you get the picture.)
The goal is to cover all of the congregation's territory in 4 weeks, similar to other campaigns in the past. Unlike other campaigns, though, the congregations can order as many as they would like - they are not limited to 50 per publisher. Per the letter to the Body Of Elders, all of this is strictly confidential - so don't tell anybody, OK? Especially, don't tell the regular publishers - this was announced to elders only!
Are these campaigns effective. No, not necesssarily. But they help to get the brothers all stirred up and thinking that Armageddon is coming. And when that happens the brothers become anxious about the end coming and not only does the field service hours increase but so does the contributions! Your "loving" brothers on the Governing Body really get a kick out of this. They love seeing how anything they say or do can get the brothers all in a tizzy! Oh, and here's one other local tidbit....Our PO, whose hobby (besides aggravating our accounts servant) is calculating new dates for "the end", gave this solemn thought after announcing this latest campaign... "This could be very significant, brothers...it could be that by October, organized religion has been done away with, and people will be wondering what it all means...the Faithful and Discreet Slave is preparing the food at the proper time." lol! lol!

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Special Talk Given by Brother Losch To Members of the Bethel Family. Instructions Were Given Not To Post This Talk on the Internet.

Preserve the Spirit of the Bethel Family -G. Losch
Every family has its own spirit. As the Gilead instructors know, each class has its own spirit and so does each congregation. Paul spoke to the Corinthians about preserving the spirit of the congregation "in order that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord." (1 Cor. 5:5) The Headquarter family displays its own spirit. Attitude as defined in the Webster dictionary is a state of mind or feeling, disposition. (Volume 2 of the Insight - pages 1026-7) "Ru'ach and pneu'ma are both used to designate the force that causes a person to display a certain attitude, disposition, or emotion… As applying to a group of persons, it is the dominant force activating them." The Bethel family displays joy, zeal, loyalty, obedience, and appreciation. They enjoy close association with older ones, they show personal interest in one another, have love for the truth, possess the spirit of self-sacrifice, and they are supportive of any direction the Governing Body gives. We commend you for such a spirit. (Ps. 110:3, Isaiah 6:8) "Thank you for being here, for each year you stay, we love you more." Experience in the Watchtower: A brother said that his son wanted to see the world so he served as a merchant marine. While in NY he visited Bethel. He saw the men and women from the factory walking to go to the meal. He saw how busy and happy they are. He observed their spirit. He changed his job and is now a ministerial servant in his father's congregation. On January 6, 1999, a letter of appreciation was received saying that while visiting Bethel on a Saturday, the ones they saw were in dignified and respectful dress. The brothers dressed in suits showed respect to our grand Creator.. We serve for the praise of His glory. This is the purpose of the Bethel family. (Eph. 1:12) The worldwide Bethel family brings glory to Jehovah. (Eph. 3:21) Treasure the good spirit of the Bethel family. Be preserved in a blameless manner. (1 Thes. 5:23) The spirit of the world is like pollution. The spirit of the world needs to be resisted. (Eph 6:13) We received the spirit of God, not the world. The spirit of the word can affect our attitude, our joy. The Bethel family displays an excellent spirit. However, some display a worldly and corporate attitude. This corporate attitude affects a few, and has not spread to others. However, it is the responsibility of all to be careful we are not influence by the corporate attitude. But isn't Bethel a "non-profit corporation"? Bethel does not endorse a corporate attitude. For instance, the Bible does speak of "manager " yet Luke 12:42 refers to a house manager (Gr., oi•ko•no'mos) not in the sense of how a worldly manager or management operates. How can such an attitude enter? It comes from reading many worldly journals, from the Internet, adopting theories, it is conveyed through brothers who own or do business in the world and when we adopt their views. Can it come from computer programs like SAP? No. Although the program is made with certain terminology and operations - these can be adjusted to meet our needs.
What is it this attitude? How can it be identified and avoided?
The corporate spirit is:1. …democratic - It delays work from being accomplished because the overseer is afraid to make a decision on his own. A group consensus is sought, so he does not take the blame.2. …not showing consideration for older ones. Putting efficiency ahead of compassion. In the world, those who are unemployed and in their 40s and 50s have a hard time finding a job. Some are fired before the are due to receive their pension. Work is given to young people. The Governing Body shows consideration for older ones. "We treasure" older ones and "value your experiences. You contribute to the spiritual stability". (Is he kidding? Betheel is actually dismissing older ones because it takes to much money to support them as they grow older!) 3. …creating artificial work when there is not enough work for everyone to do. Creating excessive and detailed manuals take away the dignity of the worker. It says that they are not able to do the work without detailed instructions, although there are some who may need such details. It does not admit that there are too many people in the department.4. …seen when there is insufficient personal interest taken in one another. When someone withdraws into his own office, he is avoiding personal contact. The one who says: "Send me an e-mail." is avoiding eye contact. (Phil. 2:4) Would a father whose son wanted to speak to him say, "Send me an e-mail." (Loesh is a Governing Body members but he talks like someone who is so out of touch that it's frightening. If any of us call to ask a questions, we are told to send it in a letter.)5. …overdoing. Controlling production and productivity. This creates anxiety in the volunteers. The volunteer is afraid of not meeting the overseer's expectations. He becomes afraid of losing his assignment or afraid that he may be asked to leave Bethel.6. …the competitive spirit, outshining others. If the overseer promotes competition between crews to promote higher productivity, this is worldly. Gal. 5:26 says not to be stirring up competition.7. …careless spending of funds. The attitude is to always have more than enough. Micah 6:8 says to "walk modestly". It is easy to spend money not yours. Be reasonable, do not have grandiose ideas. Request only what you need. Do not squander money. 8. …philosophical method to motivate workers into greater performance. Popular psychology, human philosophy, this is selfishness and causes frustrations.9. …jargons. The Bethel family has within the past six months improved in this area of not using jargons. (1 Cor. 2:13). Reflect - what is the attitude behind these words and expressions?10. …reflected in manner in which we speak to each other. Do not have a gruff, harsh voice when speaking to others. An efficient business voice is worldly. It should be warm, friendly, and instill affection in others. Eph. 5:31. The world lacks fellow feeling.
Although Bethel may take advantage of certain things used in the world to do our work, we do not adopt their attitude. Computer programs are just a tool. We may replace it or we may choose to keep it. Your joy doesn't depend on this tool. A spiritual man is not concerned with his personal preference, but love, joy, and peace. He is not overly affected by where and what type of work he does. He looks at it from a spiritual viewpoint. He promotes and preserves the fine spirituality of the Bethel family. Grow spiritually, pray, and associate with older ones. The family has a wonderful spirit.
So, this is what is happening at the Bethel Home, among people who are the happiest on earth! (Barf, Gag)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Judge Sentences Jehovah's Witness Rapist

Young girls' rapist jailed
By Steve Wright
A Jehovah's Witness, who raped two young girls and sexually assaulted another, has been jailed for ten years.
Patrick Nolan, 61, was told by a judge at Bradford Crown Court: "This was an appalling act of self-gratification."
Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC added: "I have to deal with you for the most serious offence a man can commit, short of homicide. Society would be outraged if I didn't pass upon you a sentence measured in years."
Nolan pleaded guilty to four charges of rape and one of indecent assault, committed on three different girls between 1983 and 1991.
Prosecutor Simon Kealey said that Irishman Nolan committed the offences while he was living in the Skipton area, before returning to Ireland, from where he was extradited late last year.
Mr Kealey said Nolan touched the breasts of his first victim when she was aged 14 or 15. She was upset and shocked but was too frightened to say anything about what had happened.
His second victim was aged ten or 11 when he raped her on three occasions.
His final victim was only nine when he raped her as she cried and told him to stop, to no avail. Nolan made her promise to say nothing about it.
The complainants plucked up the courage to tell police in 2001-2002.
James Keeley, mitigating, said Nolan, of Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland, was an illegitimate child who had been brought up by his grandparents.
Mr Keeley said that while growing up Nolan suffered unwanted sexual advances from a Catholic priest and a neighbour and was regularly beaten by his schoolteachers. He left Ireland in the late 60s and found work on a farm in the Skipton area.
Mr Keeley said his client had no previous convictions, had pleaded guilty at the first practical opportunity and was in poor health.
He added: "He is a Jehovah's Witness by faith and that has provided him with strength throughout the years."
Judge Durham Hall told Nolan he was a drunken, violent man who had committed very grave offences.
He described the rapes of the second girl as callous and said Nolan had forced himself on the nine-year-old, causing her significant terror and pain. "She was crying throughout the incident and begging you to stop."
He imposed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, preventing direct contact with children.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

June 15, 2008 Watchtower

The latest “JW only” Watchtower (June 15th) supports what I perceive to be an increasing trend on obeying the FDS & stressing the publications, instead of the importance of Jehovah and the Bible:
Things From Which we Must Free
Par 11: “True Christians … have an obligation to warn members of Babylon the Great. One way they do this is by distributing bibles & related literature published by the FDS.” My comments: This phrase is being using all the more instead of “preaching the good news”. It strips down the activity to the essential task - that of placing more literature.
Qualities We Must Pursue
Par 10: After quoting Rom 10:17 - “To attain & maintain strong faith , a Christian must keep mediating on the precious truths found in God’s word. The FDS has provided many fine publications. Three exceptional books are The Greatest Man who ever lived , Learn from the Great Teacher & Come be my follower.” …The Slave class also arranges for meetings , assemblies & conventions.” WTS puts its own publications on a par with the bible.
Par 16: “We must retain God’s word, keeping it alive in our hearts & minds. The NWT - an accurate , easy-to-read translation, available in more & more languages has made it convenient & possible to do so.” Was this not possible before the NWT? Notice the emphasis on the WTS “house” bible.
Accept Jehovah’s Authority
Ironically the article describes congregation elders as imperfect and fallible but neglects to state the same about the FDS.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

-2008-2009 "Guided By God's Spirit" District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses

“The Spirit Will Guide You Into All the Truth” – John 16:13

Why Be Guided By God’s Spirit?
Holy Spirit At Work in CreationSymposium:
Faithful Ones of Old Guided By God’s Spirit
In Moses Time
In the Days of the Judges
In the First Century
Keynote Address: Holy Spirit’s Role in the Outworking of Jehovah’s Purpose
Answers to Questions About Holy Spirit
The Spirit Searches Into the Deep Things of God
Become Hearers and Doers of God’s Word
Symposium: Young People Walk By Holy Spirit
At School
At Work
In the Family
In the Congregation
During Social Activities
When Alone
(Conclusion – A convention highlight that will provide practical guidance to help them do so.)Young People – Safeguard Your Relationship With Jehovah

“Sowing With A View To the Spirit” – Galatians 6:8

Symposium: Directed By God’s Spirit In Our Ministry
Dedication and Baptism
Bible Writers Bourne Along By Holy Spirit
Symposium: Empowered By Holy Spirit
To Fight Temptation
To Cope With Tiredness and Discouragement
To Withstand Persecution
To Resist Harmful Peer Pressure
To Endure Adversity
(Conclusion – Another convention highlight…)
Keep Yourselves In God’s Love

“Keep Walking By Spirit” – Galatians 5:16AM
Cultivate the Fruitage of the Spirit(9 Parts - Discusses each aspect of the sprit’s fruitage mentioned at Galatians 5:22, 23)
Public Talk: Reap Blessings Through Jehovah’s Spirit Guided King

Do Not Leave the Love You Had At First (Depicts attitudes and situations that likely existed at the end of the 1st century as the great apostasy was setting in.)
Loyally Serving With Jehovah’s Spirit Directed Organization

(Ha... this is the talk to keep the brothers faithful and loyal to an organization. They use Jehovah's name, but Jehovah has nothing to do with it! We as christianss are admonished to put faith in Christ. Not in an organization.)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Was Joseph Franklin Rutherford a drunkard?

There are court documents -- testimony and exhibits that bear on this matter in the Moyle v. Fred W. Franz, et al. case, docket # 15845, along with other material elsewhere, on the prominance of alcohol at Bethel and Rutherford's drinking habits.
These include:
1. WTB&TS lawyer Olin Moyle's original letter to Rutherford (dated 7/21/1939), Exhibit 4in the Moyle transcript, that claims that "under your [Rutherford's] tutelage there has grown up a glorification of alcohol and condemnation of total abstinence" at Bethel, mentioning several experiences he had at Bethel along these lines, that " 'One can't be a real Bethelite without drinking beer' ", and which said specifically to Rutherford: "You have publically labelled total abstainers as prudes and therefore must assume your share of responsibility for the Bacchus-like attitude exhibited by members of the family" (pp. 1736-1737).
2. The testimony of Olin Moyle, who related some of the things said by the boys in the elevator, "the boys would remark there, make allusions, wish they had a barrel of beer around, how nice it would be to have a barrel of beer" (p. 359), who described new Bethelites being broken into the habit of drinking beer (p. 359), who mentioned the frequent use of beer and "stronger stuff" by the factory staff in the evening (p. 360), and who related an incident in which an intoxicated factory worker rang an alarm bell late at night as a joke (pp. 361-362).
3. The testimony of Phoebe Moyle, who described seeing many empty liquor and whiskey bottles in the rooms at Bethel when she worked as a housekeeper (p. 1587), and who claimed to have been teased by brothers in the elevator saying that she couldn't take her liquor (p. 186).
Peter Moyle's letter, published in the December 1972 United Israel Bulletin, that "it has also been known, albeit carefully 'covered', that Rutherford liked his women and his whiskey" (cf. Horowitz 1986:65).
4. The letter by Candian branch overseer Walter Salter to Rutherford (dated 4/1/1937, and mentioned in the 5/5/1937 issue of the Golden Age) that declared that "I, at your orders, would purchase cases of whiskey at $60.00 a case, and cases of brandy and other liquors, to say nothing of untold cases of beer. A bottle or two of liquor would not do; it was for THE PRESIDENT and nothing was too good for THE PRESIDENT. He was heaven's favorite, why should not he have everything that would gratify his desire for comfort".
5. Jim Penton reported a number of accounts by those who knew Rutherford, including an elderly woman in San Diego who "sold him great quantities of liquor when he came to purchase medicines in her husband's drugstore", and former Bethelites who "recount tales of his inebriation and druken stupors" (Penton 1997:72-73). He also mentions an interview he conducted in April 1972 with Frank Wainright, late Secretary-Treasurer of the IBSA of Canada, wherein Wainright reported the illegal importation of liquor from the Canadian branch office to Bethel during Prohibition.
6. Edmond C. Gruss similarly interviewed a former Bethelite (Informant #1 in Gruss 2003) who reported that "old timers say his [Rutherford's] drinking was covered up, to the degree possible, by associates Frederick W. Franz and Nathan H. Knorr," and who specially mentioned A. H. Macmillan as telling his father that Beth Sarim was built "for no purpose other than to get the drunken and declining Rutherford out of Brooklyn".
Rutherford also had an obsessive interest in Prohibition, which received much attention in his talks and writings, including a booklet on the subject published in 1930 entitled Prohibition and League of Nations -- Born of God or the Devil, Which?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Watchtower, April 15, 2008

In the article , "Repudiate Ungodly Things" it immediately puts down having too much time spent on "fun" things at the expense of "activities connected with our worship," saying, "relaxation becomes a valueless thing, adversely affecting our spiritual well-being." Where do they come off telling people not to relax? No wonder witnesses are so uptight!

Then more stupid comments on money and education! About money, "Similarly, money has it's place. We need it to survive and we can use it well in Jehovah's service. But if we place the pursuit of money ahead of our christian service, money becomes, in effect a god to us." I see, so if we can't buy food or pay our rent, and we go to work instead of field service, money is our God. Incredible!

About education: "What though of higher education received in a college or a university? Many who pursue such education end up with their minds filled with harmful propaganda. Such education wastes valuable youthful years that could best be used in Jehovah's service. "Oh! Jesus Christ, give me a frigging break - as if going in service all the time as a youth and not going to college isn't a total waste of time! Everybody needs an education! It's absolutely disgusting that they tell people not to go to college.

The final kicker in this article making me want to "hurl" was warning the witnesses to dismiss any critical words against the organization! Notice this: "If any statements come to our ears that are critical of the truth or that cast aspersions on the congregation, the elders, or any of our brothers we do not accept them at face value. Rather we ask: "Is the one spreading this story acting in harmony with what the Bible says? Do these stories or allegations further Jehovah's purpose ? Do they promote the peace of the congregation? " Anything we hear that tears down the brotherhood, rather than builds it up, is a worthless thing. "Does this sound like damage control to you folks? They are really trying to insulate their rank and file members from bad media publicity involving child abuse scandals, blood transfusion scandals, etc.! Telling them that ANYTHING that is said against the Watchtower society, its members and leaders, even though it might betrue, is negative, and should be dismissed from thought! Stepford Wives Syndrome!

Note that they did not say that we should research these apostate sayings to see that they are true. No, we are just supposed to ignore them and go off pretending that everything is okay. This is how the Nazis, Jim Jones and other flaky organizations came into power, because the people refused to recognize anything bad about the leaders. Sadly, most Jehovah's Witnesses are right up there with the worst of them. They cover their ears and run away when they are confronted with the least negativity of the religion. It's just plain sick.