Monday, April 21, 2008

Big Changes Coming Soon To A Kingdom Hall Near You!

There is going to be an important announcement soon at all Kingdom Halls. I know this will be hard to believe but the society is doing away with the book study in private homes! Very soon now the weekly book study will be incorporated into the weekly Ministry School and Service Meeting. I am not sure exactly how, but the book study will be only 25 minutes long and it will be before the Ministry School. One less meeting per week. Aren't we all thankful to Jehovah that he has seen fit to give us a more free time that we can spend in the field service recruiting members for the Watchtower organization. I suppose that the society is responding to the fact that the brothers are moaning and groaning over having just too much to do. Now, if the Watchtower would just stop making ridiculous predictions and cautioning us about the end being near while they are planning for the future by selling property and planning new projects that will take years to complete.

Some Witnesses will view the announcement as a sign that the end is near. Some of them will exclaim that it is a loving provision from Jehovah. These Witnesses need to take off their rose colored glasses and wake up! Witnesses are leaving the organization at an alarming rate. This latest change has to do with the economy! A mass exodus is going to lead to loss of income. The economy is in trouble but if you've got a printing business with guaranteed subscribers paying the costs and you can keep that in place then you can weather the coming economic collapse a lot better. The Watchtower organization is doing what it can to secure its future income as much as possible; they are tightening their grip on the fold.


John B said...

Can you furnish the letter that describes this change? Thanks

KVoyles said...

My understanding is that "an important announcement" for "significant" congregation changes will be read in a letter from the governing body to all congregations on a global scale at the Watchtower Study/Public Talk meetings beginning this Sunday, April 27th, 2008. I wonder if this is the announcement. I too would be interested in viewing this letter.

John B said...

What is your source for this information? You do not have to give name, but is it a JW? Ex-JW? Is this source reliable? How do you know this source is reliable? Is this some urban legend? It does not ring true to me. Announcements are not usually given at the Public Talk/WT Study meetings. Such organizational changes are usually announced at the Service Meeting.
Until I have confirmed this, it just does not seem factual.

Anonymous said...

Well John B... I take it that you don't look at this as fictional anymore?

John B said...

No, I don't.

It just did not make any sense at first for the reasons I mentioned. I contacted the Watchtower Society about this. I received a letter confirming the change. Also some of my secret sources who are still JWs also confirmed it for me.