Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Announcement To Elders Only: A new Tract Campaign

Only elders were advised of a new Tract Campaign for October 20 - November 16.
The tract is entitled "Do You Want to Know the Truth?". It is not a "Kingdom News" campaign. After the campaign, this tract will join the "regular rotation" of tracts to be used in the field ministry. It is designed to replace the "Do You Want to Know More About the Bible" tract . The goal is to use it to start "Bible" studies (so that the organization will have more people to contribute and those studies will then go on to get new studies that will result in more people contributing and then those studies........ well, you get the picture.)
The goal is to cover all of the congregation's territory in 4 weeks, similar to other campaigns in the past. Unlike other campaigns, though, the congregations can order as many as they would like - they are not limited to 50 per publisher. Per the letter to the Body Of Elders, all of this is strictly confidential - so don't tell anybody, OK? Especially, don't tell the regular publishers - this was announced to elders only!
Are these campaigns effective. No, not necesssarily. But they help to get the brothers all stirred up and thinking that Armageddon is coming. And when that happens the brothers become anxious about the end coming and not only does the field service hours increase but so does the contributions! Your "loving" brothers on the Governing Body really get a kick out of this. They love seeing how anything they say or do can get the brothers all in a tizzy! Oh, and here's one other local tidbit....Our PO, whose hobby (besides aggravating our accounts servant) is calculating new dates for "the end", gave this solemn thought after announcing this latest campaign... "This could be very significant, brothers...it could be that by October, organized religion has been done away with, and people will be wondering what it all means...the Faithful and Discreet Slave is preparing the food at the proper time." lol! lol!


Jerubaal1914 said...

Excellent contribution. This is really appropiate food. New Campaign is meaning new money, new fear, new panic. In fact, this is a perfect marketing idea.
This year is a great year, the year of the truth: We will know the truth, and we will be free...free of this sales-company called WatchTower.
Regards from Spain. Your brother JERU.

Hikaru said...

Is that just what your PO said or did all the others say it too? Is it really gonna end October?! I hope it was only that guy...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses will be calling on the folks again, and again and again. Whether it is with this tract or an offer to study the Bible, they will continue to preach the Good News of the Kingdom as Jesus instructed. Matt 28:19,20 They will preach until the end has come.

The more people who listen, the more people who stop being controlled by Satan and his system of things and find salvation in Jehovah and His son Christ Jesus.

And then more donations will be made to build more Kingdom Halls and print more literature and preach to more people. Who will then become Jehovah's Witnesses who will go out with more tracts and offers to Study the Bible with the folks....well you get the picture.

What's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...


You are so funny! Whoooo....you are disclosing secret letters from the Governing Body. Ohhhhh...so secret, and what pray tell are these secret secret intriguing letters?????????

Nothing more than a campaign. Hahahahahahahaha.

So you are an elder in a congregation with a PO you obviously don't like or respect. What, aren't YOU getting enough attention? It is hard to be a humble elder so this site must serve as some boost for your ego. How can YOU stand to be among Jehovah's people,those lemmings? What distain you must feel for the rank and file you associate with. How sad for you GBL. How sad.