Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Watchtower, April 15, 2008

In the article , "Repudiate Ungodly Things" it immediately puts down having too much time spent on "fun" things at the expense of "activities connected with our worship," saying, "relaxation becomes a valueless thing, adversely affecting our spiritual well-being." Where do they come off telling people not to relax? No wonder witnesses are so uptight!

Then more stupid comments on money and education! About money, "Similarly, money has it's place. We need it to survive and we can use it well in Jehovah's service. But if we place the pursuit of money ahead of our christian service, money becomes, in effect a god to us." I see, so if we can't buy food or pay our rent, and we go to work instead of field service, money is our God. Incredible!

About education: "What though of higher education received in a college or a university? Many who pursue such education end up with their minds filled with harmful propaganda. Such education wastes valuable youthful years that could best be used in Jehovah's service. "Oh! Jesus Christ, give me a frigging break - as if going in service all the time as a youth and not going to college isn't a total waste of time! Everybody needs an education! It's absolutely disgusting that they tell people not to go to college.

The final kicker in this article making me want to "hurl" was warning the witnesses to dismiss any critical words against the organization! Notice this: "If any statements come to our ears that are critical of the truth or that cast aspersions on the congregation, the elders, or any of our brothers we do not accept them at face value. Rather we ask: "Is the one spreading this story acting in harmony with what the Bible says? Do these stories or allegations further Jehovah's purpose ? Do they promote the peace of the congregation? " Anything we hear that tears down the brotherhood, rather than builds it up, is a worthless thing. "Does this sound like damage control to you folks? They are really trying to insulate their rank and file members from bad media publicity involving child abuse scandals, blood transfusion scandals, etc.! Telling them that ANYTHING that is said against the Watchtower society, its members and leaders, even though it might betrue, is negative, and should be dismissed from thought! Stepford Wives Syndrome!

Note that they did not say that we should research these apostate sayings to see that they are true. No, we are just supposed to ignore them and go off pretending that everything is okay. This is how the Nazis, Jim Jones and other flaky organizations came into power, because the people refused to recognize anything bad about the leaders. Sadly, most Jehovah's Witnesses are right up there with the worst of them. They cover their ears and run away when they are confronted with the least negativity of the religion. It's just plain sick.


Danny Haszard said...

Who are Jehovah's Witnesses?

No tolerance.
They will extol and preach "God's Kingdom" and this sounds attractive,what they hide from you is their Watchtower cult version that Jesus has already had his second coming in 1914 and is working "invisibly" through them,and all other religions are of satan.

The 'religion' of Jehovah's Witnesses is a dangerous cult that controls every aspect of its members' lives.
Are they knocking on your door?


Mr. Galloza said...

those people are the worse! and anyone acting out of the norm is considered "controversial,' like i was 20 years ago. i can say that, after losing "family and friends," i am somewhat normal.