Tuesday, April 8, 2008

June 15, 2008 Watchtower

The latest “JW only” Watchtower (June 15th) supports what I perceive to be an increasing trend on obeying the FDS & stressing the publications, instead of the importance of Jehovah and the Bible:
Things From Which we Must Free
Par 11: “True Christians … have an obligation to warn members of Babylon the Great. One way they do this is by distributing bibles & related literature published by the FDS.” My comments: This phrase is being using all the more instead of “preaching the good news”. It strips down the activity to the essential task - that of placing more literature.
Qualities We Must Pursue
Par 10: After quoting Rom 10:17 - “To attain & maintain strong faith , a Christian must keep mediating on the precious truths found in God’s word. The FDS has provided many fine publications. Three exceptional books are The Greatest Man who ever lived , Learn from the Great Teacher & Come be my follower.” …The Slave class also arranges for meetings , assemblies & conventions.” WTS puts its own publications on a par with the bible.
Par 16: “We must retain God’s word, keeping it alive in our hearts & minds. The NWT - an accurate , easy-to-read translation, available in more & more languages has made it convenient & possible to do so.” Was this not possible before the NWT? Notice the emphasis on the WTS “house” bible.
Accept Jehovah’s Authority
Ironically the article describes congregation elders as imperfect and fallible but neglects to state the same about the FDS.

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