Thursday, January 1, 2009

Latest Jehovah's Witness Get Rich Quick Scheme

Thought you'd like to know about the latest fad rippling through the JW community. It is home-based get-rich-quick business offerings.
A WHOIS search at Network Solutions ( shows the owner of the following websites. It turns out this owner is a well known Congregation Coordinator (aka Presiding Overseer).
Of course, nowhere in the greed-stirring online spiel is Jehovah mentioned, or all the advantages of living a contented life free of materialistic lust for more money. I wonder how many of his millions or billions he donates to the poor and hungry? (Yes, he does imply he is either a millionaire or a billionaire.) I wonder if he includes his get-rich advice in public talks for the benefit of "the brothers"?
Following is another link where, near the bottom of the page, the same elder is the point of contact to "GET RICH IN 2008." By the way, take a look at the name of this web site: Is that irony, or what?
We should call the Watchtower Society and ask about this elder's "GET RICH IN 2008" plan and whether it is still good for 2009? Watchtower's phone number is: 1-845-306-1100. According to sources at Patterson, this elder was among early candidates for the new elder's school. Guess he's putting his new organizational and promotion training to good use. This is Witness marketing at a whole new level.


john said...

In November, a guy posted your WHOIS info and you removed it, claiming that posting personal information of that nature is inappropriate. Here's what you said on November 20:

I deleted the anonymous post because it contained personal information and numbers that should not be shared in a public forum. Thank you.

So why are you posting this guys WHOIS info. This is even worse because we can't even verify who this person is or the fact he is a brother. All we can go with is your word.


JohnP said...

BTW. Have you checked WHOIS on or rather
It is the Organisation Name.... MYNAMESERVER, LLC
Why not use their own company for safe communication or what are they trying to do?

W. Lockhart said...

Well at the most we have two sets of hypocrites. Either way, a Jehovah's Witness has no place accusing anyone of hypocrisy. It's mirroring behaviour at best.

It kinda reminds me of when a religious person accuses an atheist of basing their view on "faith". It's a bare-faced admission that going by faith is wrong. So it is here with the accusation of hypocrisy. Whether it is true or not, the accuser needs to look in the mirror, since he's almost certainly a JW hypocrite, or he wouldn't be getting so worked.

Side note: I continue to be mystified as to why JW's post here. A Jehovah's witness is absolutely forbidden to look at "apostate" material, never mind engage in debate. When I was a JW I wouldn't even type the word "Jehovah" into a search engine, or anything else religious. I knew that if the elders found out I'd be minced meat.

So, who are all these JW's? Are they the "weak" ones, or just the dull-minded ones who don't understand the command to stay away from apostate sites?

I've asked this question before; I am always ignored, and it's a shame because I'm really quite curious. How about "john". Are you a JW, and is that why you engaged in your hypocritical accusation of hypocrisy? If so, what are you doing here? What would the elders think? Remember that apostates are viewed as worse than fornicators, and by even reading this blog, you are an apostate. Hypocrite.

john said...

That is true, Lockhart, but it's dodging the question. Why did Theocratic Joker get mad at someone posting personal info, only to do it himself. As he himself said, that stuff is not for a public forum.

Rover said...

Here is my observation:
The nicest and happiest people I know (relatives, coworkers, neighbors, etc) are Jehovah's Witnesses.

The nastiest people I meet always seem to be born-again Christians.

I do not think that JW's are all that bad.

W. Lockhart said...

"That is true, Lockhart, but it's dodging the question. Why did Theocratic Joker get mad at someone posting personal info, only to do it himself. As he himself said, that stuff is not for a public forum."

No, I didn't dodge the question, or did you not read my post? He is a hypocrite too. But so are you. So why don't you stop dodging my questions. I asked several and I'm sick of being ignored when I ask genuine questions.

"The nicest and happiest people I know (relatives, coworkers, neighbors, etc) are Jehovah's Witnesses."

I have three things to say about this.

1/ This has not been my experience, and neither has it been the experience of many others. The attendees at my kingdom hall were, for the most part, the most miserable bunch I've ever encountered. I've also attended two additional kingdom halls over the years and they're all the same. I contend that you are mistaken (see point 2/), but it's not just this you are mistaken about (see point 3/).

Granted, there were in fact a certain proportion of JWs (not a lot, say 10%) who were beaming with smiles. See my next point.

2/ Happiness is not always genuine. I can't stand falseness, and it's even worse when you consider the other hypocrisies of the JWs, e.g. doctrine, real estate etc.

The fact is, I was often spoken to by this strangely enthusiastic breed who always had a smile on their face. How can I describe what it was like... Have you ever been spoken to by a person who talks through their teeth while they sport a great big grin? This is what it was like, except that they would combine this with talk about the kingdom.

I contend that it is this false breed of person you have encountered. Note: there is an even rarer breed of JW who have a measure of genuine contentment, and they achieve this by having one foot in the world, by having satisfying careers and annual holidays. You may have encountered these people also.

3/ Let's assume that points 1 and 2 are wrong (careful - they are not). This still has no bearing on the truth value of the JW belief system. Their doctrine is still wrong and their hypocrisy still disgusting even if they ALL go around with beaming smiles.

There's a saying that the fact that a religious person (appears) to be happy is no more insightful than the fact that a drunk person seems happier than a sober one. The JWs feed on a diet of literature designed to make them feel like a special selection of society, designed to, hopefully, numb the pain of the harsh reality which is real life.

Even so, this doesn't usually work, and everytime I bump into a JW I know in the street, I can feel the wave of misery hit me. "Oh isn't life awful, bring on the new system". Some of them can barely get the words out of their mouth, such is their despondency.

It is my suggestion that the people you've encountered are either the false ones or the "weak" ones who feel less of a weight on their shoulders because they do not judge their own worth based on the number of hours written of a report slip.

No, JWs are not all that bad, but they are not all that great either, and in the big picture they are not only unexceptional but they are less happy than normal, and this is the reason that some psychology practitioners dedicate their entire business to helping JWs. They remark on the sheer range of severe problems, and the (not so surprising) similarity to other information-controlling religious cults.

Snake Oil Sam said...

So what is your point? You are being critical of the Org. basing it on the actions of one individual?

So what, this guy has a way of making money. Is it questionable. I don't know. Maybe.

But I thought that you were here to be critical of the Org? Now you target individuals.

Get a life!

Theocratic Joker said...

You are mistaken. I never posted anyone's WHOIS information. In fact, I don't even know what you are talking about!

W. Lockhart said...

Well then, the hypocrisy of these JWs who are like to post on apostate forums becomes all the more evident.

Voice of Reason said...

Ah, get your facts straight.

You are wrong just like you were in the pioneer hours thing.

You have this person confused with his brother. This person here left the faith years ago, it is his brother who is the PO you refer.