Monday, January 31, 2011

Watchtower praises the donation and feeding of blood as heroic

Sunday October 19, 1924 was tragic for the Kelty family. While traveling in San Bernardino, California their automobile left the highway sending its passengers careening down a 900 foot canyon. Mr. Kelty was killed instantly. Mrs. Kelty and her 5-year-old niece, Meredith survived but by the time they were discovered 3 days later both were near death from injuries and exposure.

Mrs. Kelty and Meredith were left helpless and immobile at the bottom of the canyon. During the crash Mrs. Kelty had suffered wounds that were bleeding. For sake of the child she intentionally kept her wounds open and bleeding to provide sustenance by having Meredith suck blood from her wounds.

It is more than ironic that in 1924 Watchtower taught Witnesses the heroism of donating blood to save life. Contemporary Watchtower policy is a diametric opposite. Today Watchtower doctrine condemns Witnesses as unfaithful if they conscientiously donate whole blood for transfusion or for accepting the same from others. Watchtower enforces this doctrinal position under threat of organized communal shunning.


happytobeunhinged said...

If it was not for public libraries info like this would never be digital. Little wonder the WT has not put this on the library cd... of course my dad would say doesn't it show how the light gets brighter .. sigh

Anonymous said...

To the Owner of this Blog:

Is there some reason you plagiarize my work rather than giving credit and referencing your source? If so, I’d like to hear it.

Marvin Shilmer