Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peddling Watchtower Magazines More Important Than Education

12 THE WATCHTOWER ? MAY 15, 2011

5 What good results there can be when
children are trained to keep a simple eye!
Consider the example of a teenage girl in the
country of Ethiopia. She did so well in her
schoolwork that upon completing her basic
education, she was offered a scholarship for
further education. Having her eye focused
on serving Jehovah, however, she turned
down the scholarship. Soon thereafter, she
received a job offer that would pay her 3,000
euros a month-a high amount in comparison
with the average wages in her country.
But the girl's "eye" was set on pioneer service.
She did not need to consult her parents
to turn down the job. How did her parents
feel on learning what their daughter had
done? Why, they rejoiced with her and told
her howproud they were of her!

(So, to be a good Jehovah's Witnesses one must not only turn down a free education but also turn down a lucrative job as well. She will probably be dependent on her parents forever just so that she can go and peddle the Watchtower magazines. And remember, what is taught in the Watchtower today will surely change.)


Judah said...
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jworld said...

I found this commentary rather interesting. It's from a Non JW/Non Denominational bible website.

"True, the kingdom is available to us only by grace through faith; but genuine faith means genuinely embracing and yielding to God's reign, not simply acknowledging it and then passing it by as if it did not exist. The kingdom is a treasure, and those who really believe it will sacrifice everything else in their lives for its agendas (compare Ladd 1974b:99; Fenton 1977:227; Gundry 1982:276). Professed Christians who desire worldly wealth and status but are far less consumed with the furtherance of God's kingdom must reconsider the true state of their lives"