Friday, February 11, 2011

2002 Handout on Blood

This is a copy of a very rare handout[1] provided by Watchtower to Hospital Liaison Committee members for their own use and to distribute for others to use as needed.

The handout above also contains an admission that, so far as I know, is not found anywhere else in printed documents distributed by Watchtower. It presents the fact that the product known as cryoprecipitate contains plasma. This piece of information, small though it may seem, shows Watchtower’s blood doctrine is not true to itself in “a very small matter”. Watchtower tells everyone that Witnesses refuse transfusion of plasma.But this is a false claim as shown by admission of the 2002 handout document. It is also false for other, perhaps even greater reason.


dander8132 said...

VERY telling. A friend was just this week talking with a JW about the blood issue, and we were both shocked to find out that it's considered ok for a JW to be a nurse, and administer blood transfusions? Is that true? Seems kind of hypocritical. I guess with the discouraging of education, it doesn't become an issue that often anway.

blworden said...

Who determines what part of the blood can be used God or man?

Anonymous said...

To the Owner of this Blog:

Is there some reason you plagiarize my work rather than giving credit and referencing your source? If so, I’d like to hear it.

Marvin Shilmer