Monday, April 25, 2011

Society On The Warpath Against "Apostates"

(The Watchtower - July 15, 2011)

The men of the Governing Body are on their 'Apostate Warpath' again.

And as usual they brought with them their Motive-Judging, Name-Calling Watchtower propaganda weapon. They have even come up with a new hateful way of referring to former Witnesses who have had the nerve to disagree with them:
"Apostates are mentally 'diseased' and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings." And as usual, they dig up all the negative comments they can find in the Bible and apply them to those former Witnesses.
This time their propaganda asserts without presenting a shred of evidence that former Witnesses "seek to take Christ’s disciples with them and like ravenous wolves, false teachers are out to devour trusting members of the congregation, destroying their faith and leading them away from the truth."

Personally I am not aware of anyone who has left the Watchtower religion who sought to make their own disciples out of Jehovah's Witnesses. Raymond Franz for example. Anyone who has read his books knows full well that he had no interest in having anyone follow him or even a suggestion that anyone ought to agree with him.

On the other hand, what about the men of the Governing Body? Although they don't refer to the Witnesses as their own "disciples," they treat them as if they were. Their motive may not have been to intentionally have millions of Jehovah's Witnesses become their followers (or disciples) but that is what has happened.
They not only claim to be the only "true teachers" of the Bible, but unlike Raymond Franz, they require the Witnesses to follow them by accepting whatever they are currently teaching, even if what they are teaching is not true.

One of their ways of keeping their disciples under their control is to keep convincing them not to want to have anything to do with former Witnesses. In the above article they ask, "What is involved in avoiding false teachers?" They answer this way:
1) Do not receive them into your homes
2) Do not greet them
3) Do not read their literature
4) Do not watch TV programs that feature them
5) Do not examine their Web sites
6) Do not add your comments to their blogs

Why do millions of normal people put up with such control? Or as they ask it: "Why do we take such a firm stand?" They answer, "Because of love. We love 'the God of truth,' so we are not interested in twisted teachings that contradict his Word of truth. We also love Jehovah’s organization."

I think it is really telling that the organization never gives examples of the twisted teachings of apostates. Instead of calling names they should explain what the twisted teachings are. The reason they do not specifically address the the claims of apostates is that they cannot.


jworld said...

Great post. The article really is over the top with the mentally diseased comment. Its urgent we must not get entrapped by apostates. That why we wrote this article a year ago and awaited for it to be printed in the July 15 2011 magazine.

Nancy said...

The reason I do not go to the meetings anymore is because I do not believe the Governing Body is equal to Jesus, but that is what the doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses has become. It is SCARY. ALL religion is a snare and a racket! I believe the Bible. I believe Jesus. I can forever thank Jehovah's Witnesses for teaching it for free. I hope they come back to earth before it is too late.

AngieH said...

I guess I'm considered an "apostate" by now. I openly educate people about how incorrect and horrible this religion is. Mentally diseased? I'll take that versus being a Watchtower Society Disciple. lol

Nancy said...

I do not like being called "mentally diseased". I hate it actually. But I agree with AngieH, it is better to be hated by men than choosing to continue to do that which Jehovah hates. (lying tongue). Jesus was called crazy, by his family! I hope nobody is calling you mentally diseased AngieH! Never go back the way of Egypt. They're crazy!
"god on Earth" is what they have become, and we're mentally diseased? Please find out what the Bible really says! It's fabulous!

DonCameron said...

”You'll never get sick. You will never grow old. And you will never die."

Although the above words come from the movie "Cocoon," they could have come
from the Watchtower Society because this is the same thing they have been proclaiming for decades as part of "the Creator's promise of a peaceful and secure new world that is about to replace the present wicked, lawless system of things."*

This very appealing prospect attracts many people to begin to study the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses. It then sustains them as they eagerly wait for the fulfillment of this promise.

But during the course of their study they get drawn into an illusionary concept involving the Watchtower organization that gradually takes over their decision-making process and even their conscience without them realizing it. It happens because of a mistake that everyone makes before they decide to become a Jehovah's Witness.

“Captives of a Concept” identifies both the concept and the mistake that causes people to become captives of it. The book also offers a few suggestions about how to help Jehovah's Witnesses correct their mistake and teach themselves the truth about their religion.

The book is designed to help the reader understand the illusionary concept mentioned by former Governing Body member Raymond Franz in his “Crisis of Conscience” which holds Jehovah's Witnesses captive by dominating and controlling how they think and act.

It explains how the leadership has been able to keep themselves and millions of Jehovah's Witnesses convinced that "the Watchtower Society is God's organization" no matter what the Bible says or what went on in the organization's history.
Don Cameron

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