Monday, May 2, 2011

Watchtower Study, Sunday May 1, 2011

In today's Watchtower Study, towards the end, you had one of those typical comments by a former Df'ed Witness expressing appreciation for being shunned.

After this kind of nonsense is expressed, you will get a flurry of self righteous comments emphasizing how important it is to shun your disfellowshipped relatives, so that they can come back in the "truth".

Oh, Really? Do any of these people raising their hand realize that, if the "success" of disfellowshipping depends on your shunning, then the "repentant" person is "coming back in the truth" FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR RELATIVES -AND NOT BECAUSE OF FEARING JEHOVAH !!!???

Think about it. If disfellowshipping is openly motivated by getting back with your cultish relatives, then what, pray tell, does that have to do with repentance towards God?

And the second point!

Jehovah's Witnesses keep lying and lying and lying - as this article does - about how disfellowshipping 'keeps the organization clean'.

It does not! This is an endlessly repeated , bold face lie!

How so? The Jews of Jesus' day loved shunning! Did it make them 'clean'? ( see Luke 6: 22)

Does the Watchtower complain about many leading a 'double life'? Is that 'clean'?

Do internet sites, such as this one, manifest documents and confidential information in a steady stream, that comes from Witnesses pretending to be loyal?

Does the Society warm about "apostates" lurking in congregations currently?

Do disfellowshipping cases often manifest serious sins committed over years, sometimes decades, including homosexuality, child molestation, adultery and more?

Out of their own mouth, you can judge them, by their admissions about widespread problems in congregations. They are liars, seeking to deceive others, about a "cleanness" that their own evidence contradicts.


Nancy said...

Why do you still study the Watchtower?

Iris Photography Videography Artistry said...
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exposethefraud said...

I think the guy who wrote this has uncovered their true motives and if this was a main stream religion - CNN would be taking about it

exposethefraud said...

The guy who wrote this has figured out this organization - if this were a main stream religion this would be talked about on CNN

Monica Chadwell said...

This is so true. I was raised as a JW, and was disfellowshipped at 15. I endured a year of shunning to get back in for the sake of my parents. After finally being accepted, I had to leave again after only a few weeks. Then, they disfellowshipped me again. The Lord opened my eyes to His truth at a very young age, and I am thankful to have been walking with our true Savior, Jesus Christ, ever since.