Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is The Watchtower Society Still Living in the 19th Century?

have always sensed a disconnect about the society. Especially the way the rank and file is treated. Is it because they are still operating with a 19th century mentality?

The WT was started in an era when higher education usually meant the 8th grade. When medical practices were often dangerous and harmful or in the case of beneficial treatments, not well understood. When Science had barely penetrated daily life, when communication meant tracts and printing presses. When critical historic study of the Bible was virtually unknown and most people considered every word in the bible inspired from god. When women were in a continuing fight for basic rights. When William Miller and his Adventist movement could reach out from the grave and infuse his simplistic millennium end of the world beliefs into the thinking of the founders and future stewards of the Watchtower Society.

Reviewing the lives of it's Presidents and a sampling of the Governing Body, I noticed that almost every one of them was either born and educated in the 19th century or if not were in turn educated by those who were. And that continued all the way through to the succession of Fred Franz.

Does this extremely limited 19th century thought process still influence the 21st century Watchtower Society?

Is this time warp one of the reasons 67% of born-ins and thousands of converts are abandoning this religion/cult?

Do JW's have more in common with the Amish and Mennonites, less the quaint attire, then with the contemporary population?

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Anonymous said...

I am just wondering where the calculation of "born in" leaving the organization came from.