Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do witnesses servJehovah out of Love or Fear?

I think the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses has been an amazing but tragic social experiment proving that the mind is most vulnerable to brainwashing when it's in an unhealthy state. It seems to attract the bipolar, schizophrenic, depressive, and the paranoid. It preys on negative emotions like sorrow and fear. In my 25 years of being a witness, I've met as many people with mental disorders as a psychiatrist does in his whole career! Have you guys noticed this? Kingdom Halls are close to being asylums!

On service, the people who actually listen at the doors and accept a study are the ones going through some hardships at the moment. How many times have you heard a JW recalling an experience of knocking on the door of a man about to commit suicide? Gun in the mouth ready to pull the trigger when the doorbell rings. Followed by "That man is now a baptized pioneer"....another man with serious issues and mental disorders becoming a witness and everyone applauding.

So many people I've met are in this religion cause of a desire to see a dead loved one, fear of the current world events, fear of death at armaggedon, fear of being shunned, a desire to rid themselves of an illness, or sometimes they're there for the juicy gossip. My father is driven by the sorrow of his dead mother, my brother has had several medical near death experiences and is driven by the fear of death, and my mother's fear of aging keeps her going.

Wasn't it the love for Jehovah that was supposed to make us serve him? It's not love, it's fear and sorrow. Manipulate the weakened minds to make them do what we want them to...kinda like a sociopath (Which is a disorder in itself). Maybe that's why this religion doesn't seem to work well on people with healthy minds and/or above average IQ's. (That's why education is of the Devil) Has anyone here noticed the same?


Twitch said...

I can't agree with you more. My mom would tell me stories of how she tried to drown me in the tub as a baby, before she became a Witness. She was that messed up in the head. She still is.

At age four or five, she would ask me if I thought it was normal to want to stick my hand down a running garbage disposal. I didn't think much of it then, but looking back, it's like, "Wow. That's a really effed up thing to ask a four year old kid".

As she got older, and her mental illness got worse, it even effected her memory. We would be driving to the grocery store, and by the time we were a half mile away from the house, she would forget where we were going. She would be disciplining us kids, and would forget what we did to get in trouble. Or worse, would forget mid spanking how many whacks she was at.

All the while, her zeal for the church got stronger. Until just a few years ago, in her early 50s, she didn't seek any help for her condition. She still only takes medication. No therapy, as it's still "looked down upon" by the Society. She's afraid that the Jehovah's Witnesses will be blamed for all of her mental problems. She probably isn't too far off.

My brother is paranoid schizophrenic and heavily suicidal. My sister is bipolar, and my mother is bipolar and as major depression. I heard that she had another nervous breakdown earlier this year and was diagnosed with PTSD. Yet, they're all faithful to the church. They think it's the safest place to be in this "wicked system of things".

I don't get it. I honestly don't.

Cari said...

"Apostates are mentally 'diseased' and they seek to infect others with their disloyal teachings."

It's the Jdubs who are mentally diseased. They cannot think for themselves. Those of us who they would call apostates are the ones who have been able to think critically and realize that the GB is all about mind control.

Nancy said...

WOW. Googled Governing Body and found you all. I have many alternate interpretations of the Bible. One for instance is "do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together" OK, but that is exactly what they do. Someone said intelligence is what might be lacking at the congregation. I always knew "forsake" means leave entirely but they interpret it as don't miss a meeting. Can you imagine if someone who forsook their family for any outings together for strict service every Saturday and meeting every Sunday to finally find out that their preaching was not for righteousness but for vanity? I would sure call that feeling "beastly". I have a blog too, but it is revolutionary so I do not want to expose it (see Genesis 9:22). Thanks for being!

Nancy said...

I wrote to them. They did not answer my letter. Everyone thinks they know something, but things are not what they seem to be and it is dangerous (in a spiritual way) to believe that you know what it is. See, if you all think (I'm not talking about me) that you are right then you are not in the class looking for righteousness (Zephaniah 2:3). [What the hell is that?? It's a button!]. Is there anyone in the class looking for righteousness?

Nancy said...

Actually no, it is not the blog I don't want to expose, it is the Governing Body, silly. I love you. You make me laugh. I am glad you are there. Nobody talks to me. I feel like I'm in solitary confinement. But I get to move around freely and they do talk to me, but they DO NOT LIKE THE BIBLE. But the Bible is my best friend. I shall answer your question "Love or Fear?" Neither. It is habit that they serve Jehovah.

Dr. Cecil Scott said...

They have predicted the end of the world many times. I have lost count.

Question for them also:

"Do members of their governing body in Brooklyn go out in the field service?"

Dr. Cecil Scott said...

They have predicted the end of the world on so many occasions that I have lost count.

Ask them this: "Do members of the governing body go out in the field service?"