Friday, April 15, 2011

For those who follow the Watchtower's sick and twisted policy of shunning

For those who shun your own family members just because they no longer want to be Jehovah's Witnesses, please think about this:

When you placed your children into a daycare or with a babysitter – did you just hand your precious children over some stranger? Or did you interview them, do a background check, references, check out multiple people so that you can find the most loving, secure and trustworthy person? After you found the perfect person did you just leave it at that or did you continue checking up on them? Did you ask your children how they felt, did they feel secure, or if anything strange happened or something that could be dangerous? You kept making sure the person was loving and trustworthy!

How many of the governing body have you interviewed? How many of them did you reference check? How many have you met PERSONALLY? Can you even name all of them? Can you tell me about their personality, their likes, their dislikes, their tempers? How do they treat their family? Do they have kids? Can they show you their certificate of GOD APPROVAL? What do you truly know of these men?

Now for children who shun their parents: Go through the same process! You KNOW your parents! You see their hearts, you know THEM. They gave you life! They took care of you when you were small, sick, hurt yourself, needed love and attention. They were there for you. What did the GB do for you today? How do they replace the love of your parents?

Each and every day you shun your family you hurt the people who are closest to you and who truly love you. Read the stories here – see the damage that is being done! Ponder upon the family that you leave behind and are hurting. You are trading your family for people you don’t know! You are placing your life in the hands of people you have never met! People you have never had in your homes and you don’t personally know. WHY? Because they say so? Use your intellectual capacity here. See the hurt that this organization forces upon people. See the trail of broken families.

Next time you see your parents or children - look into their eyes – see the pain, the anger, the hurt – see them! You have shunned them when they needed you most. You traded what is right in front of your eyes for a lie.

Sit with your heart. Listen to it. Feel the truth. Get rid of the fear. Choose love and compassion.

Set yourself and your family free.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us why you copy/paste your information from other blogs/forums and never give the source?