Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are Jehovah's Witnesses Extremists?

From the May 1 Watchtower, complaining about those poor misunderstood Witnesses in Russia, who are (gasp!) actually accused of being extremists! Can you imagine!

So, the magazine presents a list of publications the Russians labeled as extremist - and I took a look.....

Mankind's Search for God - read pg 369 and beyond for classic Watchtowerism: if you are any other religion, you are part of Satan's system and God will kill you. Clear enough?

What Does The Bible Really Teach? - outright deception and fraud. This book urges you to get baptized but where does it explain the threat of disfellowshipping? - perhaps runing your family? Firmly asserts the deadly blood transfusion issue and more labeling of everybody else as 'false religion'. Not extremist? Really?

Questions Young People Ask - So, the biggest fear here is drugs? or pregnancy? or crime? No, it's masturbation, with TWO CHAPTERS DEVOTED TO THE SUBJECT! Ask yourself, isn't there something sick and twisted about a bunch of old men being obsessed with a private bathroom function by young pubescent people? Over and above other serious priorities? Disgusting...

So, Jehovah's Witnesses are not extremists. I guess they have to proclaim that rather loudly because ordinary people might not come to that conclusion without a lot of help.


jwman said...

Your just jealous your not a JW why would you
spend so much time into something if you were
not interested? Are they extremists probably.. just
as the apostle paul was 2 Cor 11:23 :-)

jworld said...

Lol I loved this post. Masturbation has been an obbsession for these people!