Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Watchtower Admits That It Was Deceived By Satan

C. T. Russell god’s “mouthpiece, faithful and discreet slave” was completely duped by Satan regarding the Jews and Israel. Even J. F. “Booze” Rutherford was duped for many years, in spite of his extremely close relationship with “Jehovah”. In all those years none of these Jehovah’s “chosen ones” was able to see through the obvious deception.
Only in 1932, after it had become a serious political problem in many countries to be backing “Zionism” and support for the return of Jews to Palestine, did Rutherford manage to discover the “true” source of this devious lie:
w55 5/15 296 -Restoration of genuine worship of the living God in 1919 did not mean gathering together throngs of native or natural "orthodox" Jews in a so-called "Holy Land" (Palestine) under the slogan of "Zionism." (John 4:21-23) Indeed, such a long-expected and popularly heralded event the earnest students of the Bible came to understand by 1932 as being not Jehovah's way but only the way of self-serving men subtly stirred into action for creatures' purposes and benefits. By the publication of Volume 2 of the book Vindication that year, Jehovah's witnesses came to see that such a "back to Palestine" movement was by the spirit of Jehovah's archfoe, Satan, who has deceived the entire inhabited earth.
There were of course a lot of things they didn’t “understand” in those days. Russell the poor dope suffered all his life under the illusion that the “time of the end” had started in 1799, that Jesus invisible return had happened in 1874, and that he had chosen the Watchtower Society or particularly C. T. Russell as his FDS in 1878.
As we all know, these dates didn’t survive after 1930, when 1799 and 1874 was moved to 1914, and 1878, had changed to 1918. All of this was no doubt also because of Satan’s enormous success in deceiving the Watchtower Society’s leaders.Strangely enough Rutherford didn’t seem to actually blame Satan for his absolute major blunder, the year 1925, where he was uncharacteristically honest and admitted that he had made and “ass” of himself.
But today we can all observe how the Watchtower Society staggers along in this most esteemed Rutherford tradition and make “asses” of themselves every day, by continue to publish complete drivel, that has to be constantly “adjusted”.

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