Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Newspaper Article That Exposed Watchtower Involvement With United Nations

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Anonymous said...

Again: cite the sources.

Governing Body Letters said...

There are many Jehovah's Witnesses who read this blog. I am not trying to hide the source of my information, but feel that some will not read here if the information comes from "apostate" sites.
I would appreciate your respecting my wishes.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good reason. I understand it.

But... is "the guardian" an apostate" site? That good reason you say may apply to some sites but not to others.

kimmy jo said...


This companionship with the UN has been common knowledge for awhile now to everyone "except" the general population of Jehovah witnesses. They are in the dark, right where the org. wants to keep them.

Hey, anonymous, WHY do you refuse to SEE and AKNOWLEDGE that these things are in fact TRUE, regardless of the source???? If you search you WILL find it to be a FACT, but you must look OUTside of the org.

Anonymous said...

Hi kimmy jo, I agree with the content of the posts. It is all true. I enjoy reading this site. Please read again my post, I am not against the content but against not citing the sources.

And, please, do not use terms such as "refuse to SEE". You don't know what I refuse and what I accept only by reading this comment: "again: cite the sources". But, if you know how to discover intentions with such a few hints, please tell me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy jo, I forgot to say that I am outside the org. I discovered all that things you say many years ago. So we are in the same side. Perhaps not with the same vision about author's rights, but that's not so important.

Governing Body Letters said...

I ask that you please let me determine how to run this blog. If the cite is not given, then people will be forced to do their own research to see if my postings are true or not. I have a reason for not posting sources. Kimmy jo is correct. The source does not matter is the facts are true.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I respect that. And thanks for letting me expose my own opinion.

Anonymous said...

When I became a JW in early 1980's, I was wanted to join the Y (YMCA) to use their exercise equipment – it was very affordable and that’s all I wanted to do. However, I was instructed that JW’s can’t join the YMCA even if they only plan on using the pool or exercise equipment.

I was pointed to this article: “Questions From Readers ● Is it true that for religious reasons Jehovah’s Witnesses may not become members of the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association)? Yes, that is so. We have long recognized that the YMCA, though not being a church as such, is definitely aligned with the religious organizations of Christendom in efforts to promote interfaith.”

I thought to myself, wow, JW’s are very serious about looking into the background of organizations in order to ensure they maintain their clean standing before Jehovah God, whether it is staying separate from Babylon the Great or the Wild Beast in Revelation.

When you first hear of the UN involvement, you don't want to believe it - I didn't. But then you educate yourself.

When you read on these web sites that the WTS became an NGO of the [wild beast] United Nations and then they explain it was for use of the United Nations library only {which turned out to be a half-truth}, that didn’t sound right to me. I now realized that this was a double standard at the highest levels of JW’s organization – the agreement signed by one of the governing body members, who is now dead. “God’s organization” was caught lying and deceiving its adherents, with no apology what-so-ever. Amazing and shocking!!!

Again the video

is so revealing because it shows that a JW’s will lie when they are caught doing something wrong – they call it Theocratic Warfare. (i.e. The elder under oath saying JW’s don’t SHUN members who have been disfellowshiped and then highlighting the Watchtower article which says JWs “SHUN” ex-members. Ah, that reflection in the mirror, again! What an incredible symbolism the creator of this video used – it is SO TRUE!

Kimmy jo, thanks for your comments – I know that you’ve observed what I have in this organization. So many good people who are being mis-lead.

It's a shame the leaders don't have the courage to come forward with these humongus errors (UN envolvement, pedophilia mishandling, never ending changes to the generation explanation, etc.). I honestly believe they hope that they die first before having to face the music - sort of speak. (So many of the GB have died already, without the end coming first.)

kimmy jo said...

Sorry to imply you don't "see",
but many on here who defend this organization refuse to recognize a fact or "see" the truth, and actually become offended.
Why don't you change your name so we can differentiate you from the other anonymous, like add a number to your name?
I think the authors vision is to expose the Watchtower with historical fact. I could be wrong, but this is my impression.

Anonymous said...

That's actually a good suggestion Kimmy Jo. I know I was intially confused until I figured out there was two Anonymous... but a name change would sure help... thanks everyone (pro and con) for you contributions.

passwordprotected said...

Whether the source is the Guardian newspaper or not, JWs will assign that source 'apostate' status if it criticizes their beloved Mother.

Tom Rook said...

I have been following, and researching the "United Nations" controversy for several years now, and have a file of stuff from everywhere I can google.

I am going to try something to get to the truth of the matter, and it will cost me $5.34.

In the United States, first class postage costs 34 cents.

I am going to write to the WTB&TS a "letter from readers" asking this question.


I am going to enclose a check for five dollars for the worldwide work of Jehovah's Witnesses, and ask for a personal reply.

I am going to see if the check clears the bank.


Anonymous said...

Please keep us posted (updated) on the reply from the WTS. If they do reply, then you can check "what" they say with your reference work. This should be very interesting to see what they say. Up til now, I believe the stock reply has been that we needed to become an NGO for library access and we never knew what the NGO required (despite the fact that WTS articles are referenced by the UN/NGO site as supporting its mission AND members from the WTS attended at least one meeting put forth for NGO members).

Thanks for coming up with this idea - like I said, it should be very interesting and I for one would like to see their response.

Thank you Tom!

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

This article is true. WTBS was a member of UN as an NGO for 9 years, claiming they only wanted access to their library facilities, which allegedly required membership, but plenty of refutation on John Cedars YouTube channel on this topic. Watchtower lied thru their teeth, as usual.