Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Changes to Theocratic Ministry School for 2009

INSTRUCTIONS: During 2009 the following will be the arrangements for conducting the Theocratic Ministry School
SOURCE MATERIAL: New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures [bi12], “All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial” (1990 Edition) [si], “Learn from the Great Teacher” [lrJ] and Reasoning From the Scriptures (1989 Edition) [rs].The school should begin ON TIME with a few words of welcome, and then proceed as outlined below. After each part, the school overseer will introduce the next part.
HIGHLIGHTS FROM BIBLE READING: 10 minutes. For the first four minutes, a qualified elder (or ministerial servant) will present highlights from the reading of the Bible for that week. However when dealing with the first chapters of a book of the Bible, information from the book “All Scripture” will be presented. For example, the first five chapters of Genesis are read FREE during the week of January 5th. So for this week the speaker will select a few key points from the opening paragraphs of the chapter of "All Scripture" which analyzes the book of Genesis. The speaker should make application of the information in such a way that is beneficial to the congregation. Whether taken from the weekly reading or the "All Scripture" book, the main purpose is to help the audience understand why it is valuable and helpful in that field. The speaker should not exceed the four minutes allotted to his opening part, since he should allow for the six minutes remaining for the audience to make brief comments (of up to thirty seconds) on aspects of the weekly biblical reading that they have found interesting. The school overseer will then dismiss the students who are assigned to other classrooms.
ASSIGNMENT NO. 1: 4 minutes or less. Reading delivered by a brother. The student will not make introductory comments or nor a conclusion. The overseer of the school is interested above all in helping students to understand what they read and to do so fluently, with modulation and naturalness, as well as with appropriate pauses and emphasis.
ASSIGNMENT NO. 2: 5 minutes. Should be assigned to a sister. The overseer of the school may assign a setting or the student may choose one from the list that appears on page 82 of the book “Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education.” The sister should concentrate on the assigned topic and present information in a realistic and practical manner, adapting it to some aspect of the ministry and the local territory. If no references are provided, the student will need to gather material by doing research in our publications. The school overseer will be particularly interested in the way the sister presents the information and help the other person to reason on the Scriptures and to understand the key points of the presentation. The school overseer will assign one assistant.
ASSIGNMENT NO. 3: 5 minutes. Should be assigned to a brother or a sister. Students prepare the assignment based on the title indicated. If no references are provided, the student will need to gather material by doing research in our publications. When assigned to a brother, this part may be given as a talk with the Kingdom Hall audience in mind. When a sister is given this part, it should always be presented as outlined for Assignment No. 2. Please note that themes with an asterisk next to them should always be assigned to brothers - whenever possible to elders or ministerial servants - to develop as talks.
COUNSEL: 1 to 2 minutes. The school overseer will not announce in advance the speech quality that a student is working on.
So there's no longer a speech qualities nor an instruction talk, not even a #4 talk, but the Bible Highlights remain with four minutes of commentary by a brother then six minutes of audience comments, plus the #1 talk is now a reading only, sisters do the #2 as if it were an old #3, and the #3 is now for both brothers and sisters.


frank said...

You are an hypocrite.
where did you find the schedule for the school?
so you are still getting the kingdom ministry.
tell me how hypocrite is that.

Kingdom ministry is only for witnesses and those sincere ones who are associate with them.

why will you stay in an organization you don't like?
if I don't like the rules of my company where I work I will look for another job.

so you stay or maybe you have someone on the inside, you get the information to yakee yak.

Tell me are you a retire man? don't you have anything else to do with your life?
why are you so obsess with the witnesses?
the other Religions are doing a lot of bad things, but I don't see you writing anything about the other religions. you are writing a lot craps, you keep twisting the informations to lie against the witnesses.
I guess you have a mental problem,
you need to see a doctor. how will you describe your attitude?
Hate, hate, hate,
why will you hate good people,why will you hate an organization that doing the most good for mankind today?
an organization based on the bible, an organization that Rejects Pagan teachings, like the trinity, hell fire, immortality of the soul, pagan holidays, an organization that Refused to participate in wars, an organization based on love.

your hatred is very deep, a lot of people who left the organization develop a deep hatred for the truth.
Let me guess soon you are going to say you was abuse by an elder when you was a kid?

The hatred against the witnesses is Real.
if it wasn't for Jehovah our organization will be no longer.

Anonymous said...

Now this is useful information.

kimmy jo said...

frank...thanks for the reduction in "yakee yaks". YOU sound disgruntled, not GBL, they probably got it from ronde, since she disassociates herself from the watchtower bible and tract society and is a practicing JW!!! (traitor)

The theocratic ministry school is all mind control and script memorization, it is their form of ritual.
The busier you are kept the less time you will have to think about that circle you keep running in.

Yes, it is useless information to me, but non the less, interesting.

I appreciate my freedom from this heavy load.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Waiting to hear about the CO. seems no body is aware about it.

Governing Body Letters said...

The Watchtower has decided to keep the Circuit Overseer arrangement for at least another year. After that they will begin to phase it out.

Governing Body Letters said...

Hello Frank. You asked where I got the Kingdom Ministry from before anyone else had it. Well, for the answer lets turn to the scriptures:

2 Thus, God gives his humble servants special knowledge that others do not have. As the apostle Paul said: “This wisdom not one of the rulers of this system of things came to know . . . For it is to us God has revealed them through his spirit.” (1 Cor. 2:8-10)

Anonymous said...

GBL, admit it that you got the information from a forum. Shall I reveal the url? At least you can be honest that you even copy and paste people's comment at that forum.

Governing Body Letters said...

How do you that I did not post the information on that forum also? I allow anyone to make comments here, but I ask that you please respect what I am trying to do. If I wanted to, I could easily not allow comments from anyone, thus restricting this blog to simply my thoughts. But I don't want to do. Unlike the Watchtower organization, I like the free exchange of ideas that and ask that you please allow me to conduct the blog as I see fit.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Anonymous said...

oh please, do not brag about turning on blog's comment and exchanging ideas when you delete them comments you don't like.

Your postings were gathered mostly from many forums and you do that simply by copy-and-pasting text.

At least admit it as a gentleman.

kimmy jo said...

What is your point and problem. If you are unhappy here leave and make your own blog site.

Governing Body Letters said...

I have NEVER, EVER deleted a single post. NEVER! However, you are tempting me to delete yours.

Ronde said...


GBLetters is what one would call a traitor. He betrays the Lord and Savior by going against his brothers.

But as to this information... Who cares. We will get the schedule in October KM.

Ronde said...

"Watchtower organization"

Why have you never explained what the "Watchtower organization" is?

Did Jessee get to you first?

Anonymous said...

I do not talk about the content of your posts, but how you get your information and the fact that you cite a bible verse as if God revealed them to you

I am active in many ex-jw boards and when I read your posts I feel like deja vu. (Of course it will be otherwise if you told your visitor that you do copy-and-paste from certain boards)

feel free to delete my comment if you can't handle critics or even truth

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it good to find someone doing the research and putting them in one place.

I know he researches other forums/blogs but some stuff seem to be not found anywhere else.

Ronde said...

"I know he researches other forums/blogs but some stuff seem to be not found anywhere else."

And none of it helps anyone or causes them to serve Jehovah better, so what good is it?

kimmy jo said...

I said
"they probably got it from ronde, since she disassociates herself from the watchtower bible and tract society and is a practicing JW!!! (traitor)"

ronde, you have inappropriatly used the word "traitor" in this statement...

"GBLetters is what one would call a traitor. He betrays the Lord and Savior by going against his brothers."

Wouldn't that make him an apostate? And anyway, what the hell is wrong with haveing this info and sharing it???? Really, what????