Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Bible, Without The Watchtower, Is A Hopeless Book

We all know that people are stupid, helpless and unable to understand the Bible on their own. Only by getting your hands on some Watchtower literature will you be able to “understand” the Bible. For all intent and purpose this of course makes the Bible redundant. Today it isn’t politically correct for any Jehovah's Witness to actually say such a thing but if the Bible is worthless without the aid of the Brooklyn produced tripe this is of course the case. In the earlier days of the Watchtower Society's history, they didn’t hesitate to spell out their real attitude towards this to their readers. Of course the same attitudes are alive and well among the Witness population today as well, but as with so many other things, you just don’t say it. As we can read below, C. T. Russell must have been a very humble man. Anyway feast your eyes on these very candid words:
“If the six volumes of SCRIPTURE STUDIES are practically the Bible topically arranged, with Bible proof texts given we might not improperly name the volumes - the Bible in an arranged form. That is to say, they are not merely comments on the Bible, but they are practically the Bible itself, since there is no desire to build any doctrine or thought on any individual preference or on any individual wisdom, but to present the entire matter on the lines of the Word of God. We therefore think it safe to follow this kind of reading, this kind of instruction this kind of Bible study .. .We would conclude, practically, that we could not understand anything about the Bible except as it was revealed. We would, therefore, not waste a great deal of time doing what we know some people do, reading chapter after chapter, to no profit. We would not think of doing it. We would not think we were studying the Scriptures at all. We would think we were following the course that had been anything but profitable to ourselves and many others in the past - merely reading over the Scriptures. We would say that the same Heavenly Father who had guided us to this Truth, to this understanding of the Scriptures as his children, if he had some further information for us he would bring it to our attention in some manner; and therefore we would not, see the necessity of reading the New Testament every day or every year; we would not consider that necessary. We were not put here primarily to read the Bible, but primarily to, serve the Lord and his Truth . . . God favors us in this time with an understanding of Present Truth, he has given us a knowledge of more truth than we could have gained in a thousand years if we had read and studied unaided. . . we might remark that quite a number of the friends in the Truth are making it a rule to read twelve pages of the SCRIPTURE STUDIES a day . . . whoever reads two pages of SCRIPTURE STUDIES each day with the suggested passage connected with those two pages, would do more Scripture studying in that, time than he could do by any other method.” WATCHTOWER, September 15, 1910, pp. 298 299.
J.F. Rutherford, was of course no less confident that his own insane ranting was far superior to the Bible. Merely 15 minutes with one of his booklets was worth a whole year of Bible reading. Imagine that! All the faithful Bible thumpers could put a whole year of Bible study under their west in half an hour!! Wonder why the Society doesn’t reprint and distribute Rutherford’s booklets. Would save valuable time for all Witnesses, time they could spend peddling Watchtower literature to the public:
“Each treatise can be read in just fifteen minutes, and more genuine satisfaction and profitable pleasure derived there from in that length of time than can be gotten from studying the Bible by yourself in a whole year.” VINDICATION 111, 1932, p. 383. See also GOLDEN AGE, August 17, 1932, p. 736.
The Watchtower continues to print book after book after book, all in an attempt to explain not the Bible, but their ever changing interpretation of what the Bible message is.


Anonymous said...

As an atheist, I wonder why that is...

Anonymous said...

Oh Jehovah's Witnesses print all those books and magazines and tracts so they can collect all that money and retire to a life of luxury. Why everyone out there at the doors knows how much money you are pouring into the coffers of Jehovah's Witnesses. And any ex-JW will have special knowledge as to how rich our ministry makes the evil Governing Body. Ex-Bethelites can testify to the golden faucets the hedonists demand in their wonderful, amazing suites. It would put Dubai to shame, the riches they enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are simply showing your ignorance with this statement. How do you know where the money is? How do you know how the Governing Body spends the money. You just assume they don't have nice things because they say so. Recently, Ted Jaresz was ill with heart trouble. He did not like any of the doctors in New York so he took his PRIVATE PLANE and flew to California for treatment. When I get sick I have no recourse but to go to the clinic. But the Governing Body gets to fly anywhere in their private jet.
Have you ever heard that people love making money just for the power it gives them, the way it makes them feel. The Watchtower is swimming in money. You may not see it, but they are. There are some rich men who own only one suit and one pair of shoes. Not all of the rich are ostentatious. They simply love making lots of money for its own sake. And yes, because of dupes like you, there is money pouring into their coffers.

Anonymous said...

Because people like yourself hate Jehovah's Witnesses and the Organization so much, I expect you would leave no stone unturned to expose any misuse of funds. The media would have a field day! It would be splashed across the Internet in a few seconds. Someone with so much inside information like yourself should be able to sniff out these abuses.

We cannot speak to the Jarez trip since we do not have all the details. Sounds like sour grape because you are....What?, too good to go to the "clinic" at Bethel.

Do you know where the money is?? No. So you lack proof for your assertions. Show me where the money is being misused.

Isn't it amazing that so many old men, who like to hoard money, own one suit and a pair of shoes have gathered together in one spot for nothing more than the power to ....what?....maybe they have that money all stored in a room and they sit in the middle of all that money laughing.

Please keep looking, and when you find the culprets, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Please do not put words in my mouth. I did not say there was a misuse of funds. I said that the Governing Body has loads of money donated to them by dupes like you and they use those funds to have a worry free life. They get to fly all over the world, they don't have to worry about paying bills or mortgages like the rest of us. Thier rooms are cleaned by volunteer maids, their meals are cooked and served by volunteer chefs and servers. While most people do not have dental insurance, their teeth are repaired by volunteer dentists. They enjoy the best health care. While what they do is not illegal they are certainly not the poor organization that they would like you believe.
Sorry, defender, making silly observations will not take away the fact these these men are sitting on hordes of money and they use that money to enjoy a good life.