Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Watchtower's Luxurious Aircraft Was Damaged (So Sad)

"On June 12, 1995, at 1530 Alaska daylight time, a wheel equipped Cessna 402B airplane, N710WS, registered to and operated by the Watchtower Bible Organization and Tract Society, collapsed its nose gear while taxiing back after landing. The business flight, operating under 14 CFR Part 91, departed Good News, Alaska, and the destination was Tuntutuliak, Alaska. No flight plan was filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The airline transport certificated pilot and the three passengers were not injured and the airplane was substantially damaged.According to the Director of the Watchtower Bible Organization, who was also a passenger on the airplane, they were taxiing back to the ramp after landing. The runway had just been graded and a small depression in the runway's surface was filled with soft material. The airplane's nose gear rolled into the depression and the nose gear collapsed.The Director of the Watchtower Bible Organization stated that the soft area on the runway had been marked with yellow cones. He stated that the runway maintenance person told them the cones were removed so the runway surface could be graded. The cones had not been replaced.There were no NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) issued. The Alaska Supplement, however, states that runway conditions are not monitored and that a visual inspection is recommended. The supplement states that there are dips and ruts to 4 inches deep."
The destination of the Watchtower's President was Tuntutuliak, Alaska, a well know salmon-fishing Inuit village.
It is supposed to be that all vehicles belonging to the WT are registered under the name: "Kingdom Support Services. "
But It must have been embarrasing to the GB having the news of their secret, private plane published because they filed an aplication on 11/16/2003 to change the airplane's ownership registry to: Betz Tim.
The aircraft's matricule (N710WS) will not change. You can track it on the FAA aircraft registry at: But cannot do a FAA search under "Kingdom Support services" anymore. The Watchtower is trying to hide its compromising ownership of the aircraft.
Please note: I am not saying that there is anything wrong with a corporation owning its own private airplance. This is only to demonstrate how very wealthy the Watchtower corporation is. Some Jehovah's Witnesses seem to believe that the organization is poor and if told that the corporation is wealthy, they ask where all the money is. Poor, poor Governing Body. We should all be so poor.
Have any of you seen the retirement home they built for themselves in upstate New York? It is fit for an oil prince. Who paid for the fancy retirement home? Who paid for their private plane? Yes, you guessed it. You did!
Do you believe that the only place that the Governing Body has to live is at Bethel? Do they own other homes? Did you realize that people donate new cars and other expensive items to the Governing Body because they believe that they live in poverty? If they only knew.


Ronde said...

And we are supposed to care - Why?

Anonymous said...

This is so funny, all you have to do is read the Yearbooks about the preaching work of Jehovah's witnesses in Alaska and you will realize due to the nature of the terrain much of the preaching work is done by getting to remote areas in planes. Nice try.

If the Organization was embarressed by owning this plane logic dictates they would have changed ownership in 1995, after the accident, when any news was made public relating to this airplane. They did not change, if you are correct, until November2003. Almost NINE years after this incident. I don't think you have a clue why they transfered ownership.

The previous posts did not say the organization of Jehovah's Witness is poor. It did no say they cry poverty. It stated the monies donated, primarily by Jehovah's Witness I might add, are not being misused and abused by greedy old men with one suit and a pair of shoes. You still offer no proof in that regard.

I highly doubt anyone from that plane was going fishing in Tuntutu, Alaska. We all know they were probably heading up there to witness and encourage the brothers.

What retirement home? Are you talking about Patterson? Wallkill? What "homes"? Again such unsubstanciated statements insult your so called open-minded, intelligent readers.

One plane, in Alaska, where that is a common mode of transportation, NINE YEARS AGO does not constitute proof of financial misuse by the "poor Governing Body". You'll have to try harder, but I am sure to no avail.

Anonymous said...


@ronde: your comments are so provocative.

So I believe you have to wait until the "real truth" about the truth hits you on the head.


Anonymous said...


Raye said...

I live in the third-world country, and yes we are poor, but witnesses here never been told that the society is poor. In fact we know that the society has been filling the gap in term of money for the operational costs here.

And as we can see every year in the yearly report (in watchtower magazine), we know how much money has been spent for the work around the world, and it is a huge amount of money.

So yes the organization is not poor. So having an airplane to do preaching job, is OK. And I have the right to say OK, because I took part of the donation.

Anonymous said...

i like your blog, but this posting is senseless. noone can expect a worldwide organization without a plane. in fact owning an own plane saves money and time.

Ronde said...

berty "your comments are so provocative."

Thank you.

Someone has to get these idiots to think.

"So I believe you have to wait until the real truth about the truth hits you on the head."

As in what?

Well, FYI, JWs have the truth. As I explained, we follow the Bible. That is the only true religion. It is not about Watchtowers or airplanes or anything else. We have the Bible's truth about Jesus.
Why do you want to make it more complicated.

Ronde said...

"i like your blog, but this posting is senseless. "

All of the postings are senseless.

All he does is write about people and what they have said and done as if that makes a religion bad.

A religion is a means of worshipping God. Humans can not nullify that.

frank said...

Finally you start to realize this blog is senseless.

This is what he's been doing all along twisting the informations.

kimmy jo said...

the Watchtower is not an organization that practices what it preaches. HYPOCRATES. it is no different that any other "worldly" organization. "worldly" meaning not of God, it is born of GREED, not God.

Ronde said...

Kimmy Jo said :"the Watchtower is not an organization that practices what it preaches."

So what of it?

First the Watchtower is not an organization other than of the workers there.

Their sins condemn no one and their virtues saves no one. They are just doing the preaching work. The saving belongs to Jesus.

But how would people know about Jesus without Bibles and literature and publishers?

It is us good for nothing slaves that do the saving by bring the message of salvation to the people.

" it is no different that any other "worldly" organization. "worldly" meaning not of God, it is born of GREED, not God. "

You are not speaking of JWs.

kimmy jo said...

ok their not an organization they are a corporation. and the JW's need all their printed supplys so they know what to do, say and think.

Fiona said...

At the time the plane was sold it was at least 18 years old.
cn 402B was build from 1972 to 1985

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that there is clergy class among Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower teaches that all the brothers are equal, but clearly they are not. Some of them get to ride in private planes to the destinations of their choice, to seek medical care in all parts of the world and to enjoy the luxury that their status of international mogul gives them. Yes, just like all the other religions, the Watchtower organization is uses their members to enrich themselves. So while their private planes may be used in the preaching work, the real reason for the planes is so that these men will not have to fly commercial like the rest of the small people in the organization. If you believe the Watchtower's published financial reports, I have some swamp land to show you that I am glad you will like. Jim Jones, David Koresh, The Watchtower,etc., they all speak to God and they all have the same goals.

Suzi Drums said...

My cousin spent 5 years in the GB's offices at Bethel. He told me they would pass around boxes of expensive watches and jewelry after the GB had chosen what they wanted.