Thursday, August 28, 2008

Joseph Franklin Rutherford and The FBI


Anonymous said...


And we are suppose to care about this.....why?

frank said...

Rutherford's exoneration allowed him to remain a member of the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court which he joined in 1909. From 1939-1942, he served as an attorney in 14 cases before that court, presenting oral arguments in two of those cases, Schneider v. State of New Jersey (1939), and Minersville School District v. Gobitis (1940).

Governing Body Letters said...

You are not obliged to "care" about anything on this blog. I posted the letter because I thought it was interesting. I thought others might too.

Anonymous said...

ooh come on where is the dossier?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was an EX-File..
(not taking WTS so seriously)

Tom Rook said...

One thing I like about being old is that I can put this silly stuff in a more reality based perspective.

J. Edgar Hoover kept files on almost EVERYBODY, with a view of vacuuming them up.

THE reason he was allowed to be director of the FBI LONG after mandatory retirement age is everybody was afraid to upset his balance of power.

He had files on JFK, RFK, Marylin Monroe, Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.,.....anybody that could possibly be imagined to be a communist.

Which meant not having his world view of how things should be.

In the seventh grade, I read his book, "A Nation of Sheep", which outlined his incredible obsession with communism.

Because I was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war, I am sure I had quite a file, as every time, I changed addresses, I sent my draft board a registered letter to that effect, during the war years.

There is NO ONE more innocent of political intrigue than Jehovah's Witnesses, but in the world of J.Edgar Hoover, everything we did as innocent neutrals in the affairs of men was considered subversive, evil and unpatriotic.

Hmmmmm...somehow that theme seems strangely familier.......


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info....don't let this wear you out.

Anonymous said...

"There is NO ONE more innocent of political intrigue than Jehovah's Witnesses"


Malawi, Belgian Congo, France, Italy, Nazi Germany, Israel, Mexico, United Nations Special commissions, Building permits for Patterson, Bulgaria, Purchasing of premises, Ongoing dialogue with other religions and governmental agencies via UN affiliates...

Apart from these few examples, you could be very right.