Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is The United Nations The Prophetic "Wild Beast"?

Anyone who has been associated with the Watchtower for some time is aware of how they view the United Nations as being the prophetic “wild beast” of Rev. 13:17 that stands opposed to God’s Kingdom under the “anointed remnant,” empowered directly by Satan himself (Gog of Magog of Rev. 20:8).
The United Nations was due sometime soon to be empowered by the United States and Great Britain, and to turn on “Jehovah’s people” to annihilate them.
The Watchtower secretly joined up with the United Nations as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with the purpose of helping spread the doctrine and agenda of the United Nations (with benefits to themselves, of course). When this was discovered and exposed in the newspapers and on the internet, the Watchtower Public Relations Department was quick to disassociate themselves the United Nations, and issue a special message to any branch members or elders who needed to provide a response to the news media. The blatantly dishonest answer was that they joined to obtain a “library card” in order to do research. A similar letter was sent out to certain inquiries on the subject.
Shortly thereafter it was widely publicized and documented that not only did the Watchtower not have to join the United Nations just to get a library card, but that the Watchtower magazine had already been writing articles that subtly supported the United Nations and its agenda! This is required of any NGO associated with the UN.
While at first it seemed that perhaps it was not an actual change of direction, but only an embarrassing affair with the “wild beast” itself, it now appears quite plainly that the Watchtower no longer states that the United Nations is the “wild beast” and even further, that it would only be speculation to say who it would be to launch a future attack on the Watchtower organization! This, coupled with an odd suggestion by Bethel leader Ciro Aulicino in October 2001 that the Muslims may very well be part of the “king of the North” that will turn and attack Jehovah’s people! (The "King of the North" is generally identified as the United Nations; more specifically as a totalitarian element of it.) Yet Ciro was one of the directors who actually signed on with the United Nations as an NGO representative! Talk about duplicity and confusion at Bethel!


Apostate said...

....the Watchtower no longer states that the United Nations is the “wild beast”

Oh, my Godness, these GB members have lost it!hahaha. How OBVIOUSLY A JOKE this cult is!

Anonymous said...

the governing body don`t know what they`re talking about, they haven`t got a clue. They state nonsense in the wt as absolute truth from god and then change it. They just make it up as they go along, how can anyone ever believe anything these men say?

frank said...

Keep talking yak yak

and by the way Jehovah Witnesses never say the UN is the only hope for mankind for peace and security so I don't know what you are talking about. take a watchtower and read the purpose of it.

keep talking crap if that make you feel better, and those who love to read your crap.

I already told you, your crap will not stop those loving God to become witnesses, but your badness keeps driving you crazy.

Remember Psaumes 119:165
Abundant peace belongs to those loving your law,
And for them there is no stumbling block.

so keep yak, yak, yak,
and feel better

Governing Body Letters said...

"and by the way Jehovah Witnesses never say the UN is the only hope for mankind for peace and security so I don't know what you are talking about. take a watchtower and read the purpose of it."
The Watchtower has always claimed that the only hope for peace and security is God's Kingdom. if you read somewhere that I said that the Watchtower said that the only hope for mankind is the UN, then I was wrong and I apologize. The Watchtower has always referred to the UN as the Wild Beast in Revelation and that all Witnesses should stay away from it. So imagine the shock of the brothers when we leared that the Watchtower had actually joined forces with the Wild Beast.
"Abundant peace belongs to those loving your law,And for them there is no stumbling block."
Frank, I love this scripture and I love Jehovah and his law. It is just the laws of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses that I have a problem with!

Anonymous said...

Awesome reply Frank.

Crap. Thats the best you can come up with?

No answer as to WHY the WT would go anywhere near an Organization it has consistently trumpeted as being one of Satans chief tools?

How about a little more eloquent answer to that question, rather than just 'crap.'

Sounds like you are a little frustrated because you never knew about this and its rocked your faith to find out that your beloved Governing Body are capable of deceit and sleeping with the enemy.

Tom Rook said...

I have been following, and researching the "United Nations" controversy for several years now, and have a file of stuff from everywhere I can google.

I am going to try something to get to the truth of the matter, and it will cost me $5.34.

In the United States, first class postage costs 34 cents.

I am going to write to the WTB&TS a "letter from readers" asking this question.


I am going to enclose a check for five dollars for the worldwide work of Jehovah's Witnesses, and ask for a personal reply.

I am going to see if the check clears the bank.


kimmy jo said...

Sounds good tom rook.

Share the response with us!

steve said...

Tom, I wrote to the Society in 2005 to ask about the UN situation.

At the time I was going through a breakdown and I told them this in my letter. (I had recently stepped down from being an elder because of it)

They sent me a brief official letter telling me about access to the UN library. I had seen the wording before. It was obviously a standard letter they sent to anyone who enquired about the UN.

You will probably get the same letter. The letter contains two lies. 1. Their affiliation with the UN was not to gain access to the library, but to lobby for human rights in countries they were having difficulty being recognized in. And they were trying to use POLITICAL clout to do it, which goes against everything they have ever said about the political system.

2. The criteria for becoming an NGO did NOT change as they said it had.
I have a letter from the UN stating that fact.

They lied.

Perhaps the worst thing though was the fact that there was not one word of comfort, help, advice, or empathy toward me in that letter. It was a cold, hard. impersonal letter.

Even if I had made up the fact that I was in a bad way and my faith had been knocked sideways, it would not have hurt them to offer some words of encouragement. But...nothing.

I felt hurt and betrayed by their dishonesty.

When I told a couple of brothers about it, I started to get some heat from the elders about putting doubts in others minds, disrupting the peace of the congregation etc.

It would be interesting to know what response you get Tom. Maybe you could post it here.

Best Wishes Steve

JoePublish said...

Goodness gracious Steve... thank you for that entry. I'm very sorry to hear of your plight. I'm so disturbed by the manner in which this organization works. I see no accountability with the leaders and high-level representatives of the WTS. I think the power has gone to their head because they don't even act human. Let's see if Tom gets the same response. What he doesn't know is that his local elders will get a copy of the question and answer for this highly controversial matter.

steve said...

Thanks Joe. I am over that phase in my life now and have moved on. Someone finally helped me to see that it wasnt me but the Organization that was wrong.

I tried hard for 40 years to serve Jehovah in the right way. Although in no way perfect, I did it for the right motives and I was sincere. The Organization always made you feel that you were not good enough and never doing enough to make it through Armageddon. That was partly what led to my breakdown.

I even used to pray to Jehovah to bring Armageddon even though I would die, because I wanted an end to all the suffering I saw on earth.

I now doubt His existence because each year millions more are born to suffer and die than ever become JWs. WHAT IS HE WAITING FOR? I dont believe it any more.

I now feel more at peace than I ever did before in my life and I at last feel good about myself, I am a good person.

I was never disfellowshipped because I faded, having a daughter still in. I have seen the other side of disfellowshipping though, from the side of some who have been disfellowshipped and I may post about that at some time.

I joined a very caring exJW forum from where I have made some wonderful friends, really genuine, good souls. I met my 2nd wife on there.

thanks again


Todd said...

The WT has never ever taught that the wild beast of Revelation 13.
Anyway I'm not posting to debate this stuff. I'm writing a book about my life as a JW. I wish to include in the appendix some articles the WT wrote about the UN and their registering as an NGO. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a hard copy of the Awake articles that spoke favorable of the UN as well as any and all articles where the the WT critisizes religions for registering as an NGO
Thank You,
My e-mail address is

michelle said...

I was raised a JW, and am blown away by hearing that the organization has joined the UN. How could this be? I always lived in a world that thought the witnesses actually lived what we were taught,,,,,,I had always felt something was wrong with me and I as so afraid of doing something wrong, for fear of being looked upon unfavorably. I am now searching trying to find out if this is actually true. I believe the teaching, but don't agree with the hypocricy within the congregation, hence the reason I am inactive at present. Please, someone explain this to me

michelle said...

I was raised a JW, and had always felt out of place, even though I believed the teaching. I was so scared to make a mistake, because I knew I would be looked upon unfavorably. Now I hear of people getting df'd for asking questions about joining the UN. Please, someone explain to me how you can teach one thing, and tell people to shut up and look the other way when they do something that contradicts what they are teaching. I am a person who is just looking to find what to even believe anymore.

Ringwielder said...

This may help Michelle. I was blown away by it too. JWs jump through hoops trying to prove they werent 'members', but the fact still remains, they were associated with an organization they have always said is one of Satan's chief organizations.

You would have thought that they would have kept as far away as possible from having ANYTHING to do with the UN, let alone keeping it quiet from the rank and file JWs for 10 years. That is just hypocrisy as you said.

Elijah said...

Christendom evangelicism picked up on WT belief that the king of north was Russia, and so all communism, as part of the UN. When Soviet Union fell in 1990, the turn by the world was toward Muslims. But the WT turned toward Daniel's north king always being Jehovah from the north. Geographically Russia is northj of U.S. and dominates the Arctic north because U.S. requires allies with Canada to enter the north, while the south pole antartica is U.S. dominated. But now, the Muslims all lie south of the U.S. posing a geographic issue, as Muslims also were south of Catholicism as they invaded Spain and Greece. As Elijah I am here to say GBJW is the Lamb who will be slaughtered to save the world. When Jesus was attacked he was killed & yet never killed, he still lives. So too attack on his bride does not mean save their flesh, it means they rise to finish & complete the 144,000 and do so before Armageddon or we all die. Life must survive Armageddon, or there will be no power to raise dead up as flesh because that power is given by king husband Jesus to queen wife 144,000 who together they give that power to humans on earth. With no survivors then there is no resurrection on earth... Jesus has power, but he is granted only the 144,000 to raise from death. He must gather and marry (via death) his wife chosen by his father Jehovah for the pair to give that power to survivors. In this way the Christ, the son of Man, grows on earth indebted all the way back in time by all those who properly participated in the plan. This is how every knee bends and owes the debt.

Elijah said...

I do not support any evil slave like J.R.Brown or Ciro Aulicino or Leon Edmark who fabricate things like pyramids built by angels before the Flood, or miraculaous evolution of lizards dropping off legs to become snakes when they sin against Eve, or created design of mouths changed by miraculous evolution so they eat grass and hay after Armageddon, or claiming publicly claiming WT stand is that Pangaea was split by the Flood and will return as one land after Armageddon. This is the evil slave that when the GBJW ejects as Judas will bite them to death as Jesus did. That hour is here.

Carl said...

just checking other posts on the internet, going to the site & this link in particular; I find that this Blog is not factual, therefore misleading. I want to look further into what the JW's Believe. Have found them to be factual consistently. Taking the word of a Non-Witness is what has been confusing me & my family.

Elijah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elijah said...

Factually consistent? If a lie exists then it will not be consistent with truth. It is better to find a lie and weed it out of the rest of your truth, than to make pretense that it is not a lie, and that it is not inconsistant at all nor ever has been. It makes no sense that any person or organization church or government think that no lies exist among them. And to pretend it is ALL consistent and has been. The video of Ciro is at an assembly and the WT does not back his anti-matter claim, nor are they consistent to their other truths shall they defend that lie claiming it consistent with all other truths. I know JWs who are nt non-Witness who are never consistent in their bold proclamations pretending they know new sciences. So you refer to anyone who is not a JW as not being a source, and yet this imples all who are JWs are true sources and not bags of crap. You are wrong because Judas had the chair next to Jesus, and Judah sold his brother Joseph. The crap goes on, and yes in the Bible too, it is irrelevent to truth. Having love among yourselves means truth prevents you from hating people. It does not mean truth moves all people to behave with love. To seek love between people as proving who has truth is like watching Noah build an ark and deciding if the truth is based on love of family. Dude, Noah's grandson land of Canaan is still being fought over because of words between Noah and Ham.

Elijah said...

To be the only hope for mankind all nations as one would have to cooperate with what it takes to save 7 billion people thru a disaster. So the question is would they do this, and the answer is they blind themselves to think thats what they can do and will do. Thus the only hope becomes the real christ or church or gov who saves those it can like Noah did. It is one thing to be the only salvation, and another to think you are when you fail to prove it. As for joining it, Joseph joined Egypt as ruler, Zerubabel was appointed governor by Persia as Persian governor of Jerusalem, Nehemiah was governor. This doesnt mean you feel the gov you work for is God's kingdom, it just means you know there is a time to get out of it.

Charles Robertson said...

Wow is everyone okay out there? Obviously not! God will sort it all out in the end... the only authority.

Charles Robertson said...

Wow is everyone okay out there? Obviously not! God will sort it all out in the end... the only authority.

Elijah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elijah said...

Ciro does not represent Jehovah. His YouTube talk implies that Jehovah will use anti-matter to eliminate dead. Where as Jehovah has never used anti-matter in the global flood, not with Sodom, nor with Jerusalem, nor its 185,000 dead of Assyria who died from the amonia or cyanide of the comet that pulled the earth back 10 degrees looking like the bright sun. In 1979 the hostages of Iran brought attention to me that the Moslem world was equal in size to the Catholic world. And in revelation to me of God's kingdom in the flesh on earth, and christ in the flesh on earth as the bride (inidetails of calendar, math, astronomy, and numbers of Daniel & Revelation too big to post here) made me realize that from 622ad thru 654ad, 685ad, the half-week 689ad etc was all Moslem as the king of the north in those days, BUT NOT NOW. Now it is the U.N. because all the north kings exist within it. The birde of Jesus is like Esther the queen. She must know the correct way to survive an astroid impact, because the U.N. & science & astronomers all have the wrong way. They can see, and predict, and no the day & hour of the asteroid impact, but they are all wrong how to survive it. Bring the bride to trial like Jesus executed to death and she will be given the power for 40 days to tell her children where to go to survive.

20571point428571 said...

Jehovah's witnesses have the truth! But are not living the truth 100% because the Governing Body joined us to the United Nations organizations to distribute "public information" (UN NGO DPI), which inadvertently or purposely also fulfilled Daniel 11:31b in 1990, and 1991 at Bethel where the Governing Body set up the "disgusting thing" as part of "they" in "they will certainly place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation";

(Daniel 11:31) “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.

That actually happened in 1990, because when the USSR went down, that changed the entire context of Daniel 11:27-45, because Fred Franz and other anointed who interpreted that prophecy did so when the USSR was successful in operating:

(Daniel 11:36) And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish; because the thing decided upon must be done.

But as we know the USSR failed; And so the USSR cannot be "successful until the denunciation will have come to a finish" at Daniel 11:45, at Armageddon; The real King of the North MUST prove successful from Daniel 11:36 all the way to Daniel 11:45; The actual King of the North cannot be "on hold" at Daniel 11:43 as Jehovah's Witnesses are currently teaching;

Instead of updating this truth to reveal the 3rd placement of the UN system as King of the North in 1990, the Governing Body instead joined the UN as a non-governmental organization and instead co-promoted the 3rd placement speeches of the UN by quoting those speeches of George Bush Sr. before the UN General Assembly in the Awake! 9/8/1991 UN New World Order issue;

Thus the Governing Body is also "throwing truth to the earth" as UN allied operations to fulfill Daniel 8:12b as the foretold "man of lawlessness" who must be revealed prior to the final temple judgment and cleansing of Jehovah's Witnesses which leads from Revelation 8 to 11 when the "denunciation will have come to a finish";

The temple judgment is a timed desolation of the JW organization, which the Governing Body is aiding at Daniel 8:11-14;

Find "templelijah" wordpress on-line for more information from the anointed prior to temple judgment and reformation of Jehovah's Witnesses which will lead over years, to Armageddon as Revelation 8-11, parallels Revelation 16 replicating for Kingdom maturity proclamation and temple completion, and completion of prophecy by repeating the 1914-1918 cycle to climax in the near future - beginning with judgment of JWs (Rev8:2-5 is Zech 3 is Dan8:13-14;

Dolly Musser said...

Not one of you know what you are talking about as usual. You are Pretending to be Elders getting letters from the GB. Satan will out anything into your minds when it comes to Jehovah's Org. And you will stop at NOTHING. I am a Witness and I know what is true and what is not. The official UN/DPI Web page explains about associated Organization. This is quoted there " Please note that as of NGO with DPI does not constitute their incorporation into the UN System nor does it entitle associate organization or their staff to any kind of privilege immunities or special status".

Elijah said...

Truth is unveiled and then grows to unveil more truth. I see no one supporting current truth with Babel 404 years ago they left Ur before they left Babylon, and they didnt get to China until 1437bc, and didnt get to Copan America until 1313bc where they honored both Shem and Nimrod as if records of just one person (just as Ninus in Assyria did that same year) 1269bc. It is only facts like these that make you realize that when all communion partakers are killed in a one-day trial (those who flee, be it 4000 of 14,000 with 10,000 killed or be it 7000 of 14,000 then Jehovah will prove for 40 days that the whole number is complete because they will appear as dead jesus also appeared to say the asteroid date is TRUE, so heed it. The question is WHAT asteroid date? If its the "extinction DRILL" that NASA is currently pretending for Yom Kippur and if those who say they are hiding this TRUE FACT by pretending it's just a drill, then the holy ones must go on trial and die 40 days before THIS Sept 24 Yom Kippur which means Aug 15, and as jesus turned tables on Nisan 10 in 30AD and again in 33AD, seven days before 40-day rapture, as Noah packed ark 7 days before it raptured, then gathering of the 144,000 to NYC must occur August 8 which is two weeks away.

Elijah said...

ok who cut out the middle of what i said. Tired of Bill Gates jumping cursor. Wish he would jump into Steve Jobs coffin with him.

Azazel said...

What's with the Jehovah witnesses and their obsession to know the end of times,haven't they mistakenly given false dates already, how can they say Jehovah guides them when things like this happen

Elijah said...
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Elijah said...

Demons (people) speak of others and anyone with tactics of mass labeling. To say all JWs have this obsession, or that obsession, is to act like a demon. The WTJWs never said UN is wild beast, but it is the image or copy of the wild beast, it is the 8th king (8th head) of 10 kings. Revelation says the beast builds a copy of itself. The attack by the UN has its example in Jesus. Jesus was attacked many times, but the Romans bringing his death was the ultimate attack, and he directed it to happen by using all previous attacks and making them return and occur at an hour he wanted. It is totally possible for the WT to cause this same directing of their own death by beast. Why would they do it? for the same reason, it puts them in heaven to save the world.

People fail to see that the death of Jesus prepared the Jews to face and stand against Romans causing the death of religion in Jerusalem by literal deaths of government killing them all. Nothing has changed in any process way to do this. It can be repeated because people make things repeat. In 1981 the hostage situation made me realize Moslems were omitted by churches and by the WT. I could see they were the king of the north not Russia. My prophecy of Jehovah has now come true while JWs kepts saying Russia can always pop right back up as it was. Maybe so, but its still a Moslem situation.

What people fail to see with the day and hour that i have seen since 1984 is that 10 kings ruled from heaven before the Flood as the answer of salvation for man, while Enoch and Noah come along and say the angels are wrong. Same with the UN, it merely has to be wrong about how to survive Armageddon. Not wrong about predicting its day and hour. or which asteroid, or how destruction occurs or start. The UN does not have to be wrong about any of that. They can be totally right, but they are a false god if wrong about how to survive it. Like Moses versus priests of Egypt and their schools. It is the only thing that decides who was the salvation and who was the devil. Stand against just one truth, the truth of how to survive, and you have ended the world by trying to kill the survivors. Martial law the command to stay home kills 8 billion people who could live, but decide to obey the beast in the wrong way to survive asteroid impact. Election campaign? the circus has started.

Ethan Reid said...

Why look so hard and do all this research to find the inconsistencies of other religions and then very ademately criticize them, but fail to use this same disgression to you own religion? Sounds like something weird is up with that ? At then end of the day you and everyone else knows that's a weird thing to do, but the use of fear is far greater to make people to conform to a small group of peoples ideal (governing body) than an individuals conscience

Elijah said...

I no longer look to wicked angels or wicked spirits as demons. The demons have a good case against Jehovah if we look at ALL people (humans) including 7 million pretending to be witnesses of Jehovah the same way millions of Israel had done. The reason is because the case fact is very clear that worldly or JW, the demons are people far worse than angels or spirits. When i found that 7 weeks to build a city, as jubilees 7 weeks of 7 jubilees is 537bc to 1914, and 455bc to 1996, and 443bc to 2008, it was 1983 and most JW men said Adam was perfect and so could not be without sex for more than 2 years. And so since 1996 is a wall between city and world, between watchtower and temple, i refused at 26 to give more than those 13 years to Jehovah from 1983-1996. Immediately the demons jumped into elders and CO's to claim i was using Ussher and a 4004bc Adam, and a 586bc Jerusalem. and saying 1996 was year 6000. ALL LIES with intent to kill me. The final line then was, Whatever the (new) "friends" do not like, you must stop doing. It is a command. So bombarded by lies against me didn't matter, nor did it make them demons to behave this way. For example, i took a vacation to Houston, and a reproved minister who quit wearing a tie, and mourned his sackcloth ashes by not putting his sons in ties either (in a Hall that made it law for all men to wear ties (so even a 2-month old infant had a suit and tie on), this man was offended that insulted his wife by saying i will cut my hair when he and his sons wear ties. In vengence, he tells an elder to ask me into a back room to ask masturbating questions and imply they think i do and that means i want to be a homo. (Sound familiar? Like Tony Morris?) Then when i went home back to Wisconsin, i wrote the WatchTower, so they sent a warning letter to all elders to handle this matter. (Hey Miss Conti, I could have sued for pennies too, because winning against abused mattered more; when you see they do this to anyone they wish.) So these elders in Houston, make it their business, (when i am not a member of their church, nor baptized to be with such scum), and they then pester a non-baptized 13 year old girl whose brother i had rented with. The brother would talk about eating out his GF in a truck, and the girl would tell me dildo jokes her step-father would tell her, and chuckle that i didn't know what a dildo was. Mind you, only mom was a JW. So they intrude in her house with 3 elders to make her send a get well card as a Dear John letter saying i was leading her on. I called her, and this girl was in trauma crying for this crap they did. I had a legal 3rd witness listening in on my phone, while i recorded it. Someday soon you will download it and listen to the digital copy. SO THE TOPIC you think is U.N. or wold beast. BUT it is really tactics of Judas against John the baptizer for John not following Jesus so that Judas can claim he converted all Johns followers to Jesus, and the Peter that Jesus said is Satan trying to make decisions for Jesus, as Judas had done. You say its Ciro, and you post up Tony's tight pants issues with penis that he doesnt have with puss, but in reality this is why 137,000 in heaven, and 7000 on earth are saying YOU HAVE NOT BEGIN RULING WITHOUT US HAVE YOU. No matter if they pretend the 137,000 in heaven are indeed ruling thru the 7 men on earth, the 7000 are being left out, and controlled, by the 7, and by a vast great crowd torturing the least of his brothers. Jehovah took the 1914 license and gave it to Rutherford, despite he wasn't in the will, and so too he can take it away from these 7 making it clear that 1 or 3 or 6 of them are the Judas of the whole 144,000. Both Jesus and Judas died the same day, so whether 1 or all 7, they can easily die, and not be part of the 40-day rapture that Jesus had showing himself to the 3000, or the 7 million he baptized.

Elijah said...

Mail a $5 CHECK? asking a question? They'll send the check back to you.

AND by the way to answer your why and i so deeply researched. I am not. As both wicked hearts of Christendom does to ME, and as JWs do to ME, i do nothing deeply. Jehovah has given me the ability to read and see to the first time. I understand when I read that certain kings in Sumer are labeled as MESH because i see it means they are anointed to be an ELDER over real elders despite being young. And i also see that Peleg's son Reu was the first king, and even then actually he was the first human SAR (shar, Shah, czar) because his son Serug is the first one named Kiang, the Mesh-Kiang of Nana, the year that Erech's first king was named Mesh-Kiang of Cush. What that means is Mesh-Yah (Messiah) actually means more than anointed. It means anointed of Yah, or by Yah, or as Yah. This sight comes to me everyday flooding in understanding anything i read, and it drives me nuts to know, no one else cares, nor listens, nor wants to know. I ask, how is being appointed by Jesus, more important, and a reason to pound one's chest saying YOU must obey me, or obey us, instead of properly using the appointment to feed at the proper time. This means that if your children are sucked into being FWB at school, you publish it 15 years ago in 2002, not last year in 2016. Now for three years the media pushes for 3-way sex as if it isn't an orgy, nor fornication, and year read nothing in a WT, because they are not feeding at the proper time as they were appointed to do, but rather like King Saul they are saying obey us, we were appointed. They fail to see David was disfellowshipped by all of Israel, and that NEVER in 2 years of prison, nor in 7 years of FEEDING at the proper time by Joseph did he send word back to his brothers of please reinstate me. I promise i wont have dreams. I promise i wont talk about my dreams. I promise i will let you claim that giving your money back was an attempt to jail you. And that when you thought so, that indeed it was a good idea to be Satan and accuse you of stealing my gold cup. Lots of luck on the $5 check because when i was abused, i begged Jehovah for my job back (i was on 2-year layoff) and they called back that week after i prayed. I swore my first check would be sent to the WT, and i did send it. But i begged that even the president Franz come save me from deliberate physical abuse being done to me, and in reply they sent the check back.

Elijah said...

And they will also presume which is the hall closest to you. A set of elders in a triple HALL were all grinning at me when i went to the Hall after my WT letter. The WT sent it to the wrong elders, and they were all grinning and happy and amused that all that crap was the other hall. So now they had all the crap the elders do in the other hall. Nothing was private. IN fact that could be why the brother came back to town to give a Sunday talk and they tried to force me to resolve on a Saturday so he could give the talk the next day. Like kill Jesus so we can have Sabbath. The brothe literally said as an apology, because they said he didn't have to pay all he took from me. He said I AM SORRY I EVER DID ANYTHING FOR YOU. and the whole crowd applauded as if these words were an apology and the matter closed. Then they turned to me, and said they don't think i qualify for baptism. So i am proud to say i have never been baptized by that hall.

Leanne Esparza said...

How right you are...

Leanne Vanella-

Leanne Esparza said...

Please find me on Facebook.
Leanne Vanella.

Jehovah has given me abilities too. And your insight is important to me.
I left this organization after I accepted it was literally a cult.
Later, I received five at a time.
This year brother. It will happen this year.

Leanne Esparza said...

If anything follow me. Because nobody wants to hear me either.
But soon we will all be collected.
I know I will be. I don't know WHAT to do with these abilities.
Still waiting patiently to find out.


Elijah said...

ULTIMATUMS IN HANDWRITING as i sit here dying from complications of intestinal internal mesh mom insisted i get and she pay for, and it is now killing me, and i have lost her as my NO-Blood representative by an evil elder making a decision of not excommunicating my 68 year old older brother with 45 year LTR with homo sugar-daddy, reinstating my 69 yr old excommunicated brother DFd since age 19 army, playing the nondisclosure card to avoid anti-USA closing of the WT when they could have played the no-smoking card or the have a baby before marriage to pagan woman card. They can continue after 30 years to approach me with vile harrassing remarks and tell me i must be silent not speak back to them, and if go to a memorial it is i that must tell all other people not to talk to me, even to the non members. MOM has just dropped off a letter via her son-in-law with the 666 tattoo, and her great grand-daughter who is learning the lying game of both world & WT.

Now as my NO_BLOOD rep they have taken her as that away from me. A JW can make no-blood decisions, BUT we nonJWs have no right to love Jehovah by respecting ALL BLOOD IN ALL WAYS as Jesus blood will resolve all things.

LETTER delivered: Rick, If you expect me to keep my word about paying for your doctor bills then you had better remember it was my money that payed off your old car, & I expect that to be returned, also any profit from the sale of it. If this is not honored then I'll take it, & more, from what ever you stand to get from me. Trust me you will not get both.

Also, because you the brothers were here to encourage me to do right does not mean you can never come here. There's alot to do here & your help is needed, if you're to get.

Steve was here & made out a plan from April to Aug with work complete by Sept. He will contact you when he will be here. You made yourself too comfortable here. You were always here when brothers rode by & so would not come in. You did it to yourself. Long ago you stood in the living room & told me You ruined your life (what you had in mind I do not know). But if you know, why don't you know how to straighten it out??? or aren't you up to the challenge?

Explanations are deeper than just this letter including mom & dad when i was 18 allowed no one over for us two younger JW kids, not world nor JW. And you could not have a wife if youre not baptized, and obeying mom was stated as parents have bible-right to kill kids who do not obey. So i was always drafted to baby sit others kids, and wish i had left home to have my own kids. That is the ONLY blame i put on myself as ruined my life. Babysitting gets you tagged as homo and maybe pedophile.

Elijah said...

Note that the extent of contact is WORK or business in the direction of them USING you. I had a trade-in and loan to get a car, and it was mom who said trade-in was a tight squeaky rip-off, she wanted to pay it off to sell for value. It was also her who wanted to get me a car upgrade away from the fastly decaying current car. I warned her of becoming power control attempting to own both cars, which were there for her to sell one in my name, and teh other one because the JWs do not come to do laundry, to get the things in the basement, to get grocery list and go buy and bring, or to take out of her trunk when she gets back grocery. I was there everyday of 3-month heart bypass, even wheel-chairing my dad daily to her. AND no sibling did this. All three disowned and hated for evil done to them. No JW did this either. They do one day a week visits to count preaching time. Or say that's enough to support the brotherhood. The post-op room blood typed her, i warned them of breaking RIGHTS, and next day she was in another room, and nurse told me she was on plasma. THUS JWs do not aid Jehovah, they are MENE TEKEL PARSIN which means insufficient negligent and now destroyed (Magi priest word in Babylon). In short, the good Assyrian Samaritan of Jesus is an excommunicated person helping a JW Jew. Israel Samaria was destroyed and so that Israelites do not get back there, Assyria put Assyrians in Samaria. Thus Jews saw them as pagans with a Bible using it their own way. Jesus talked to this excommunicated Assyrian stating Jews come before Samaria, but stated good news, the day neither their temple or Jew temple would be worshipped. Thus in his story he says the Jews do nothing for Jews, JW does nothing for JW, but excommunicated Samaritan did for the Jew beaten up near death by other criminal Jews. Thus good Samaritan means more than go beyond; it means those hated find love for those enemies who are also hated by their own kind. It cannot be compared to all factions sects minorities in the same agreement-boat to kill Jesus. The excommunicated humble good person is doing here good for someone abused by their own people. Heals them, which does not mean lets now go back and kill the people who did this to you, yes, come join us instead.

Elijah said...

BY the way before you think me spoiled, my unbaptized sister attempt to get my mom excommunicated and even said they are behind her and with her to commit her. Gad she didnt shut up for 1 hour 15 min and 22 sec. She - - when my mom found (JW gay bro says he was told $550,000 but later said $800,000 then a million) in $20 cash under sister-aunts bed in 1999, she got to go on a$10,000 cruise to Hawaii, get a $10,000 kitchen, and a truck. Yet she tells everyone mom is a demon and Satan, worships Satan and claims Hall is behind her. It is she who so empathically motivated the elders to let Dad have his Kingdom Hall funeral, and happily it wasn't like last year where two unbelievers got their JW brother a JW Kingdom Hall funeral and when they opened the casket the family had put a banner inside reading HE IS IN HEAVEN NOW, though not a JW communion partaker. That was last month Feb 2017, my facebook has other stories from this week in April where i rather sell my car for more from a peace loving reasonable negotiating world-friend, than the JW who came to me and every word uttered is about me jerking him, mom jerking him, lower offer every 4 minutes, untrue accusations of pitted paint, and your talking about same year seniority of 60 years baptism as mom, they KNOW each other and mom has changed her opinion of him thru this conniving game. Yet elders come and they change everything. As Paul says of great crowd elders and the governing body and those in heaven, YOU HAVE not already been ruling as kings (daring to be over us too) without the rest of us 144,000 have you? YES they have. Please trust Jehovah, HE changes things this year as Pharaoh Necho took Jehovahs king off Jehovahs throne and put a better king on it. No crime, the new king was still the anointed of Judah and then named him after Jehovah. So too we have at least 7000 true anointed communion partakers whom Trump can allocate the new 7 of the governing body and then allow the rest of them to come to new york as refugees, where they can be complete to "rule" as 144,000 their own JWs.

Elijah said...

All this using of people reminds me of the Har Krishna once at the airport begging for dollars, lying they'll give you change, and not give you change. They do not treat you the world this way, but once being one of them they use each other this way. Leta Houlette in a home-care by nonJW son who hates JWs, boasts his Catholic monk son, had her husband die and you can mention God, and mention Jehovah, mention Jesus, mention new world, armageddon, problems solved, paradise, soon PUZZLES solved. But you cannot say the word Kingdom Hall or she frenzies and walks away from that guest now telling everyone at the kingdom hall. Can you blame her 60 years of baptism there? Her husband died and Leon came to her and said $1000 for all things in your garage. Dad died last month and now he came to mom. His relatives control the Kingdom Hall power. In fact that includes self-millionaire who sued vaccination retarding his daughter (on NBC) despite his mom always cursing in name of Jehovah any JW who gets a vaccination. I was beaten by the buckle end of a belt by mom with Bible in her hand because this elderette-queen (deceased mindless Yvonne Yankovich) declared animal blood-lecithin in Tootsie Rolls, and i bought one after i heard a LESSER sister say it was eggs. These stories are not division; Moses of Egypt writes a Bible Genesis all about sick sins of his past JW family. Why dont these companies sue these people, like when Tony Morris said Spanx instead of spandex on global internet. (What i heard in his words was not about spandex, but more about his looking at packed penis, justifying it by asking sisters if they like it. What would they answer if they did? You would get excommunicated. PAGE 155 of WT -Nations Shall Know book, 1971, crosses under God's nose means "pleasure to smell penis".) No wonder why my mom of the assembly bus passed every steeple and said look another penis. Reminds me of UAW union in Kenosha thanking spear-chucker (spear-header) Jesse Jackson and nothing too big made of it by Democrats. People laughed. You would think it would have become CLASSIC.

Zen Shawn Dean said...

Could you cite your references? Like, which WT articles specifically subtly promoted the UN. I hear that but never see the actual references.

Elijah said...

References? You actually misquote because the wild beats is all nations while the United Nations is a statue or image or idol of the wild beast and is called an 8th king. (Actually 10 kings on 7 heads, thus it means 8th head). So the wild beast builds an image of itself, an 8th head, or 8th king. The words was then is not and then is again was a reference to being dead during world war 2. During the 1981 hostage God Jehovah made me realize the Moslem king of the north was being IGNORED by the WT because they wanted to avoid reference to the mosque stopping sacrifice in Jerusalem since Jesus dying is what stops it. So i am well ahead of Ciro's anti-matter claims by 20 years, just as i know anyone old who grows young after Armageddon MUST not eat carbon-14 for 30 years before Armageddon. Discovered this Feb 1985 though my date for Armageddon was 1997 March 24. But point is no one has obeyed the finding about Peleg's carbon-14 curve (2269-2239bc causing 2030bc death).

Elijah said...

IMPORTANT Please seeking a photo i can embed comment upon. Perhaps this months WT mag. It is a photo of two men in suits at the Hall (one could be my homo brother of 68 years because he is safe in a Hall by wearing a suit). The other is tight pants to show Jehovah is improperly represented by these brothers. NOW. Two issues of questions are raised. The one issue is who was not with Jehovah the way Jesus was dressed or the way cousin John was dressed? Was cousin John an example of what not to be since he is the sinner of the two? What was keeping John from being baptized by Jesus? Then what about the scripture saying the christ will come and not judge by outward appearance nor clothing; does this mean not judge them BEFORE conversion where then they must comply or die? So if you wear a suit youre not the homo (excuse me for avoiding the word gay because we HAPPY when we dance, we are HAPPY when we are productive such as sew, cook, decorate home, all things that does not mean you bend over). I was raised labeled a homo for these things, so when the word gay came along i did not accept this lie that gay is homo, and homo is gay. (I made my mistake letting them win when i was 41, but definitely no pun when saying it is behind me. It has always been and still is, kill any man who comes up behind me. However, this is due to the WT changing Deuteronomy 22:28 is to their desire re-defined as fornication and stoned to death because they have no love of Jehovah for how many of their own children they stone to death by millions.) NOW issue number two raised is Tony Morris III confessing on global video that he looks at packed penis package in spandex and even feels no qualms of negligently labeling it as the brand underclothing product SPANX instead of spandex. A letter to customer service SPANX assures that the product is underclothing.

Elijah said...

NOW he does nothing to question men if they like this tight on women, yet he did a survey asking if women like it on men. What will these women say to a man who will have them excommunicated? And why is it Tony and his experiences in Korea war looks at the men instead of the women? So we cannot be positive that bloodshed is what disturbed him most so as to get God's spirit! And showing him with wife kids grand kids is not proof because all homo men in Sodom had wives and daughters who died because ten men did not evacuate them. The world & the Hall likes to say bisexuals are not homo as if having wife still proves not gay. So the second issue is actually that of molding a look. The analogy drawn is true, suit people hang with suit people, and tight pants with tight pants (same haircuts too), muscle with muscle, gym with gym, swimmers with swimmers, getting fat at restaurants with those who do, all birds of a feather who feel Jehovah is stifling if he forces people to mix. Having all these mixes as members of one church or one nation is not really variety because they are only mixed as a membership-whole yet do not cross-associate. Even bussing people cannot force that. The variety is futile because it still separates into who likes who and into being only birds of a feather. Thus the GB is trying to force their image of themselves. Everything is an IMAGE BEAST be it the Sears corporate or Trump corporate or Catholic church or WT corporate. The beast speaks, eats, devours, and the names are always confidential. Even when names are punished in court it is frequently not the real person responsible but a scapegoat to slaughter. The beast wins because it is its own identity though not a person at all. It is like a body that is not human but made up of every living human cell who each say Please dont kill me, kill one of the other cells in the body of this beast. And so the pictures not only show that the homo or pedophile can be protected by a suit a tie an hour-preaching record, an appointed position, claiming Jehovah's name on him, but that also any pre-judging such as (kinky sex does not make you a homo) spandex pants make you a homo is displayed in this picture where they do not show a suit man talking to a spandex man, nor spandex man talking to a suit man. The division is show to show that both pairs gravitate to each other as good JWs versus bad JWs. Well then why is the proper time to feed then always 10 or 20 years after school children are taught adjectives describing things as SUCKING. Why are baptized 13 year olds at school taught to say and tell other school-world children that brother-sister JWs who are 13 are NOT JWs unless baptized. In early years they are taught that all are JWs, at 8, at 10, at 12 though not baptized. And now at 13 they kill half of them by teaching the baptized ones to bring torture on the other JW kids at school by saying they are baptized JWs and the others are no longer JWs, and never were since not baptized. Before youre ever grown up, you are now being coerced into baptism or be killed. Of which the baptism itself leads to your death if you do not understand the sex issues that elders have in their own minds. Elders who publicly expose their kinky sex with wife so as to clear their homo ideas at the expense of the deaths of all shocked angered JWs who must shut up or be punished. This is the real slaughter of children. A JW who recently kept bidding downward on my car eager to get it but his eagerness didnt bid upward because he used the intimidation that no one would buy it, only he would.

Elijah said...

This man replied that an elder patting my butt constantly is probably i deserved it. Is this how the Christ rules? The elder would stand behind the last row many times massaging shoulders of men and women before going up to give his talk. He fingered his lemon drops into peoples mouths and i feared what was on his fingers. He dressed as women at JW costume parties such as Jezebel with water balloons. He bought a fake plastic chest with a pony tail chest hair. He said in the Navy before JW he and his sailor buddies had to throw oranges at a man in the alley to get the man off. These are stories he told with no shame while being Judicial Elder power to excommunicate. His name is no secret. And his image was not too far away from that of Tony Morris III.

Elijah said...

Many articles about UN is that of explaining UN knowledge (efforts of salvation for animals, salvation from disease, salvation from global warning), many orgs are UN for solving with charity global problems. They publish their science and findings and the WT mags will publish these things without saying IT is good that the UN org does. Nothing wrong here. The wicked angels before the Flood did good for man, they taught man how to make bronze at the city Badtibira (Badgaguru). But doing good does not mean you do not also do evil. Kichunna married the wife of a man he killed and then gave her a Nephilim son. Alulim made Kichunna as the king of the world from Larsa, and when Enoch defied it, they dematerialized him with anti-matter standing in the crowd. Anti-matter does not destroy the whole universe nor world; angels use it to become flesh, and then vanish. The ability (formula) had been taken away since the Flood and is why when the water canopy goes back up by astral impact, then the same formula is restored and so the angels must be bound so they do not materialize as before. Thus the same as angels helping the world and telling them Noah is wrong, the same true today, the WT only has to be right about one thing, Armageddon on the day the UN is wrong about it. That alone will do as Moses, wipe them the world out, and save those with Moses. So yes all the great facts about animals at risk, weather at risk, disease cures comes from UN not from WT who copies it. BUT the WT must listen to the one who knows Armageddon or they will not be Noah, not be Moses.

Elijah said...

My name is Enmity and Moses spoke of me in Genesis Eden when he says i will be placed between the seed of the good mother good wife and the seed of the bad mother bad wife Satan's wife. It weighs EVERYONE. Is the Catholic church and Pope our mother the wife of Christ? Is America? Is it WT? is it 144,000? All are either good wife or bad wife, our good mother or bad mother? so that i am the Samson stuck in the middle hated by both. I am the hate or enmity between the two halves. I create the trouble that John the Baptizer created like Samson, like Elijah. Pick your side when the hour proves which way you should go. Do not throw your fit all insulted like Judas did when Jesus made the decision for the perfume on his feet. Do not let Jesus insult you so you run off to have him killed because killing him will put him in heaven though you though they would just throw him in prison. The day and hour of rapture by government trial death will come 40 days before the asteroid. Just as Jesus came 40 days before he saved his church. His 40-day presence in post-death flesh saved more people of his church than his presence in flesh preaching 3 1/2 years. So it is with the FEET bitten by Satan, the 144,000 seen for 40 days will save more people than the WT could with their 103-year errors.

Elijah said...

When you stop and think of it, Enoch was at the angel Kichunna's coronation in order to defy him in 3040bc and be struck and vanish. That is why like Jesus his death was disputed as punished or rewarded. Was Jesus punished by God with death by Jehovah-appointed priests, or rewarded and raised up for sitting with the enemy who killed him. Was Enoch punished by God thru angels who ruled for God and struck him for God, or did God allow Enoch to be foresaken to show that wicked angels kill for God when they ought not to? The same is with the two as WT and as UN. Like Judas and Jesus they were joined and dared to associate not excommunicate until death. Even the movie ten commandments implies Pharaoh and Moses were raised as brothers

Elijah said...

If you know historic facts, Nimrod was the Narmer-Menes of Egypt who everwhere in the world (Kish to Babel 2240bc to Giza 2170bc to Ereck 2127bc to Nineveh 2060bc) took action to make things built. But Salem's 2030bc Shem Melkizedek became the oldest man on earth and from before the Flood until his death at 600, and he was passive setting an example but like Jesus he was king of good behavior never telling others what to do, not giving anyone orders nor commands. Nimrod ruled by power of threat over people while Shem ruled by the power of education (he didnt force people to apply what he taught them). Thus Nimrod-Melkizedek is the UN, and WT should be behaving as Shem-Melkizedek because if not then Jehovah will make sure that queen Esther is the 144,000 partakers and not their WT mother. Judas will be expelled, brother Peter will be labeled as Satan to get behind them, great crowd will selfishly again scatter so as not to die with the 144,000 and deny connection again as roosters crow in the morn following Trump's slaughter of them. BUT like Noah they will prove to be the ark raptured up the 40 days of Jesus. The Bible does not say believe crap without seeing. It says Thomas the other ten have seen so why do you not believe them, why do you have to see too. Do you not see me raised up by the fact all ten of them have seen me? THUS believe others who in great mass have seen, though you have not seen. That doesn't mean believe the crap you haven't seen. In that day you will be told leave your homes, and the beast will say if you leave it, we will take your home. YES lose all things if you follow a false prophet... false prophet says stay home, you die from Armageddon, false prophet says leave home like Lot of Sodom and you lose all things either in Sodom destroyed, or by beast who says SEE BEHOLD no armageddon. Obama once said this on TV. He said with Obamacare behold no armageddon no asteroids no falling stars