Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Bitter Fruitage Of Ignorance

Depression and mental illness is widespread in the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses.
I can't tell you how many Witnesses I know that are on anti-depressants. Spme of them are even receiving shock treatments. It is little wonder if you are programmed to believe that 99.9% of the human race (non-Witnesses) are doomed to be slaughtered at Armageddon. Your wife, husband. children and other relatives, whom you love, are all doomed unless they become Witnesses.
At meetings, you will be frequently told by circuit overseers and others that you must do more - that what you offer is not enough. You are told that the world is an evil, demonic place soon to be horribly destroyed. You are warned about persecution coming. You are told to cut off contact with disfellowshipped relatives as fully as possible. You are told that other people are "worldly" and bad associations.
In order to preserve the shallow and childlike existence of the witnesses, certain reactions are predictable. Witnesses are instructed not to read certain material, or think 'independently' or even to cite scholarly works in talks (elders were warned about doing this at Elders School a few years ago. Now, of course, the talk is all written out for you so you only have to repeat what is written.)
Does any of this sound like it would create depression or mental illness in a person who believes it?
The state of today's witnesses came about through the conditioning of several generations of Witnesses that passed ignorance onto their children as the world quickly grew more complex around them.
I find it ironic that they put forth so much effort these days to be accepted and appear normal. And yet, the rate of progress the world moves at has left them so far behind they continue to appear more and more fanatical.

What is the result of keeping the witnesses in a cage, unable to associate with people outside of their religion, unable to read a range of literature, grieving over the son, daughter, wife and husband that you can no longer show your love for because they are disfellowshipped or disassociated:
Bad marriages - based on utterly unrealistic hopes.

Ever hear of 'green card' marriages in the 'truth'? Grab a nice Eastern European sister, marry her and find out she won't live with you or have sex. (sorry sucker)
Murder and suicide - Witnesses who can't take it anymore, aren't good enough, aren't zealous enough. Murder of kids because otherwise they'll die forever at Armageddon.
Bizarre ailments - Witnesses who were born into "the truth" are allergic to everything. There are self mutilationproblems, multiple personalities, anorexia, bulimia. Perhaps the'truth' doesn't directly but this is happening to people who have been witnesses all their life.

Pedophiles, Sexual Perverts - Of course, these have always been a part of the Watchtower, we are only just now hearing about them because the information was kept under wraps.
Frauds and scams - being victimized by con artists with get rich quick schemes
Look at some of the comments on this very blog. Witnesses who follow the Watchtower no matter what happens. People who let the organization do their thinking for them. People who let the organization interpret their Bible for them, in spite of the fact that they change that interpretation all the time.
Now I will make a prediction:
Keep checking the internet and news sources about the Watchtower Society. I predict you're going to hear more and more horror stories of confused, deranged Witnesses doing unthinkable things.
They have to because in their insular, deceived world there's NO WAY OUT and, no matter how many predictions they make that fail or how many times their doctrines change, or how the brothers are treated, it does not matter, because the ORGANIZATION can never be wrong!


Anonymous said...

Could you please consider making your posts with a simple one (1) color format? Say something simple like, oh, I don’t know BLACK maybe. Every time I read this stuff I think that I am lost in a rainbow.

Anonymous said...

I have to point out that the abuse of my wife by her JW's parents still haunts her since she is allergic to almost everything, along with digestive problems since she would never be let out because of the fear that Satan is everywhere and was out to get all the young people. She lost her childhood (it actually never began) and I have cried along her side many times. We just don't understand what kind of parent would do that to their own child. Many of our young are leaving or living double lives in our congregation in order to be able to enjoy a bit of their youth. It breaks our heart to see many JW parents oppress the youth only to cause physiological harm to them later.

true example: I have a teen brother(not babtised, preacher). Young boys of coarse like girls....so he gave a gift to a teen girl in our congregation just because, or maybe he liked her, or he just wanted to be friends (no sin commited). Well her parents raised hell, went directly with the elders and now our familly is the 'weak in faith' familly all due to rummors and phobia that what a simple gesture of friendship was made a forbidden act as if it was a sin. My poor brother now feels he is unworthy and dirty! and the elders blame my parents. We have planned on moving to other congregation, will it be any different? Will it really be any better? God help us.

I know there are many good JW out there that are honest and truthful, we try to be and always turn the other cheek, but it hurts, because the special people (the elders, pioneers,etc.) have special privileges and treat us as we are not worthy so we are treated differently as if they cannot learn anything from us yet they boss us around and tell us to obey and to show submission because thats what God wants. Please, let us just be aware to not take it too far and be able to discern what is right and wrong, even if we need to question our elders. They might mean well but we will continue to reason with them.

kimmy jo said...

Your wifes parents thought they were doing the right thing according to the Watchtower. Acceptance and forgiveness are good healers as well as all you have done for her. I am sorry for her expierence. Their are many childern in the "truth" who suffer like this.
Moving to another cong. does not change anything because the gossip follows and then you get labled a cong. hopper/shopper on top of "being weak".
I saved my family by getting OUT.
When it smells bad, feels bad and your finding it contradicts REAL Christian teachings and the organization is a fraud and a scam, them RUN FOR YOUR LIFE(sorta speak). Get out of her, my friend.

Bud said...

It took us a long time to figure it out -if it walks like a duck....
I've noticed this same thing, lots of depression. I think it is partly due to all of the guilt that comes through in the WT message. Whatever you are doing is never enough. Couldn't you do a little more? Guilt is not a healthy motivator but love is.
I've noticed lots of anger in the comments but maybe that is a process we have to go through to get to a healthier, more loving spot. When there is injustice, the natural response is intense anger.

kimmy jo said...

Depression comes from having to DUMP(because they oppose you) your God given family for your NEW family...the congregation of JW's!!!

You get all new brothers and sisters and moms, dads grandpas and mas! Oh, and friends, too! Fun stuff.

Sorry to make sarcassim out of this but it it just to emphasize the ridiculousness of the rules of their game.

The issue of depression is however very real within the organization.

Anonymous said...

The issue of depression is one generic to the entire world of mankind.

We are in the last of the Last Days! Satan and his demons are working overtime to keep up a frenzied pace in our lives. Nothing is simple any more, for anyone. Witnesses are the same as everyone else, they are imperfect and have troubles just like you.

What hasn't changed is Jehovah's deep love for all mankind. He has already offered his Son as a sacrifice and has promised to put an end to this Madness. Jehovah has never failed, and He will not fail this time.

Now is not the time to give up because of "the people". Don't focus on indivisuals, keep your eyes on Jehovah and Jesus. They are the perfect examples, not the brothers.

It's no better out in the world, they are just as screwed up as these so called friends on the Internet. Hang in there brother!

Governing Body Letters said...

"Now is not the time to give up because of "the people". Don't focus on indivisuals, keep your eyes on Jehovah and Jesus. They are the perfect examples, not the brothers."
Just another Jehovah's Witness mouthing the company policy. "Don't give up." Don't give up what? Listening to the Governing Body? Being one of Jehovah's Witnesses?
However, this witness did give some good advise. Our perfect examples are Jehovah and Jesus. They are the ones we should be listening to. NOT the imperfect men who claim they are speaking for Jehovah. We need to go right to the source and bypass this imperfect, man made corporation.

frank said...

You are still yakee yak
keep yakee yak
no need to answer no more it is not worth it
now I understand why the watchtower don't pay attention to all the lies against them. it is not worth it.
the brothers are really good examples on that matter.

keep yakee yak while you keep yakee yak the good news is being preached in all the earth and all those who really love true God are finding the truth, there is nothing you can do about it. like the expression said. keep kicking against the goats, go figure.

Governing Body Letters said...

"Could you please consider making your posts with a simple one (1) color format? Say something simple like, oh, I don’t know BLACK maybe. Every time I read this stuff I think that I am lost in a rainbow."
-----------------------------------What, you don't like rainbows? All those pretty colors? Are you really sure you don't want me to use the colors? Well, I will try to use color more judiciously but I can't promise that I will give it up altogether. I appreciate your suggestion.

Tom Rook said...

You guys should get out more....

I work, in a year, perhaps in three cities widely separated, and everywhere I go the people have problems just as serious, and in my experience, MORE serious than those of the "world".

When a mentally fragile person comes to know the TRUTH through Jehovah's witnesses, is he cured? Mo. He or she is still fragile.

The United States Military is handing out anti-depressants to regular combat troops for the first time in history (recent TIME magazine article, and suicides are off the scale compared to previous war experiences.

It is HARD to try to adhere to a truth and a discipline of expectations....in the Army, or among Jehovah's Witnesses.

Any group of people you want to single out has mental problems, social problems, physical problems, and problems with criminals, deadbeats, perverts, bullies, the clueless, etc.

Julie Andrews started her singing career in the bomb shelters of London,when the "Christians" of Germany were raining death and destruction on London. Some people can handle reality, some cannot.

The LGB has made quite a long string of accusations, and unsubstantiated statements that without backup from a credible source I will have to assume are the rantings of a bile filled, angry man whose personal experiences of being "on the Dark Side of the Force" have made him bitter, cynical, and evil.

I am willing to change my opinion if I see data from a credible, unbiased source that do not contain spit and saliva, and rainbow colors.

Otherwise, I am going to have to go with my personal experiences with hundreds of thousands of witnesses in America, Europe, Africa and South America that prove we have the same weaknesses as everybody else does ... just less of them.

And that is ONLY because as a general rule, we follow the Bible more than most, less than others.

The rainbow treatise reminded me of the rantings of Adolph Hitler against the Jews. Very persuasive...if that is already what you want to believe.


Tom Rook said...

Correction to my previous post.

You guys should get out more....

I work, in a year, perhaps in three cities widely separated, and everywhere I go the people have problems just as serious, and in my experience, MORE serious than those of Jehovah's Witnesses.

When I stop making stupid mistakes...I will expect it of my brethren.


Ronde said...

Nobody cares because this has nothing to do with the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses.

And we are the least ignorant people because we are constantly evaluating our faith to improve it.

And to the anon who said "the abuse of my wife by her JW's parents"

Well, is such a thing in harmony with anything taught at any assembly or meeting? I have never heard of that. So I don't think that such examples are relevant to the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Anonymous said...

Apparently anything taught in the Watctower isn't relevant either.

Anonymous said...

Untill you find your self in that same situation you might understand it then.

But untill then I encourage you to set your goal to become an elder in your congregation or reach a respected position of authority and then see for yourself on how bad it and how at times how we muffle those who oppose the 'law' without much regard to victims. Maybe you can make a difference.

It has everything to do with religion because we are supposed to be better than this (the government, the army, counseling centers, shelters....we have God in our side.) Im glad ronde that you have not seen it in your congregation, and that if you see it done or happening with others (especially children) that you stand up and say something.

Anonymous said...

Tom with all due respect you say we "should get out more". Although I understand you are an engineer and never really planned it, it just happened, Im glad your that you are most likely in an comftrable financial position, but seem to spend LOTS of time on the net, commenting on websites that may make the elders of your congregation question your actions or recommendations. Hours in wikipedia/watching history channel ( I like the channel but i have no cable) seems like you yourself dont get out much.
If you want to make it a personal goal to make a difference then set forth upon you to become an elder to help your local congregation by setting an example.

chocolatepuddingeyes said...

A word about bizarre ailments........

I think there is a combination of circumstances that make JW's more susceptible to bizarre ailments.

1. Kingdom Halls with no windows, with wall-to-wall carpeting, and built by cutting corners.

2. Heavy load from the Society to always do more, increase your hours in the ministry, have perfect meeting attendance, prepare for all the meetings, in addition to all your family responsibilities.

3. The emotional trauma from being in a religion that enforces shunning when a person decides they no longer want to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

How many brothers and sisters do you know of who get headaches when they go to the meetings, or cough through the whole meeting? It's often caused by sick building syndrome. No windows means no sunlight gets inside to naturally kill microbes and whatever else wants to grow where it's damp and dark.

In one hall over two dozen people developed respiratory ailments, including asthma. When the ailing ones complained they were told it's all in their head. When the hall was remodeled black mold was found behind the wall paper. Do some Googling to find out what kind of long-term health problems these publishers are facing due to years of exposure to the black mold.

I've observed so many families who are stressed out. Kids come home with piles of homework. One sister used to let her two kids do their homework at the meeting, otherwise they would never be able to keep up. Fortunately she was in a loving congregation that didn't give her a hard time about it.

Other families are struggling every week to get to the meetings on time. They don't want to be labeled as spiritually weak. What happened to one family? The youngest member of the family became so stressed out with the constant pressure to get out the door on time that she inevitably vomited all over herself before they left the house. Of course, this cause the parents to be more stressed out, and the cycle continued for years.

This young sister has outgrown her vomiting problem. But along the way something very strange happened. At a young age she wanted to dress like a boy, and as she got older this trend continued. She's now a teenager and a lesbian. From observation of what happened with this family, I would say she was very sensitive to how women are treated in the congregation, and developed a strong disliking for being a girl. By rejecting her femininity, she was protecting her psyche.

One of the biggest tragedies going on inside the congregation is the baptizing of minors and the disfellowshipping of them a few years later. We know the Society keeps good records of who is getting baptized and who is getting disfellowshipped. So you have to wonder WHY does the Society not only allow minors to get baptized, but actively encourages it? This is destroying families! Which is exactly Satan's goal, by the way.

chocolatepuddingeyes said...

P.S. I love the rainbow of colors!

kimmy jo said...

chocolatepuddingeyes, thank you for your good comment.

I happen to like the rainbow colors too.

Anonymous said...

Good comments chocolatepuddingeyes and even better observations...

Yes, why they allow (and encourage) young people to get baptized is ridiculous. Of course, they don't encourage marriage at a young age, but why would you encourage baptism which is suppose to be even more serious than marriage?

Governing Body Letters said...

chocolatepuddingeyes, thanks for your comments. Very, very interesting indeed. At our last there was a seven year old girl who was baptized. How could a child that age know or understand what she is doing. Witnesses denounce the Catholics for infant baptizing, but I don't think seven years old is much better.

Governing Body Letters said...

at our last assembly. Sorry.

Governing Body Letters said...

"When I stop making stupid mistakes...I will expect it of my brethren."
Tom, that is very magnanimous of you. I feel the same way. I expect my brothers to make stupid mistakes and I forgive them for it.
However, when my brothers claim that they are guided by holy spirit and that they are the channel for God here on earth, well I expect a much higher standard from these representatives of my God. When they refuse to let me question their authority from God and demand that I must just believe everything they say because they say it, well that is the speech of cult leaders like Jim Jones and David Koresh and that is something I cannot abide.

Governing Body Letters said...

"The LGB has made quite a long string of accusations, and unsubstantiated statements that without backup from a credible source I will have to assume are the rantings of a bile filled, angry man whose personal experiences of being "on the Dark Side of the Force" have made him bitter, cynical, and evil."
Wow, Tom, you are just as good in calling names as the Watchtower is. I guess that is where you learned it from. Adolph Hitler? Ah, come on,. Now you are just exaggerating for effect.
I am really a nice guy, Tom. Really I am. I have lots of friends and people really seem love me. It's not my fault that the Governing Body is full of baloney and you should not blame me for pointing out the obvious.
I have tried to substantiate all of my claims with literature actually printed by the Watchtower. Is that credible enough a source for you?
In any event, your point is well taken and I will now endeavor to substantiate everything I say with evidences you can respect. Okay? If I fail to do this, you just let me know, okay? Thanks.
Now, it is really not nice to call names. Weren't you taught that as a child? It's not nice and it can hurt people's feelings. Luckily for you I know that you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses and as such are prone to misguided fits of anger.
I promised to cut down on the pretty colors. Okay? Is there anything else I can do for you?