Thursday, September 18, 2008

2008/2009 Special Assembly Day Program

“Keep Watching The Ministry…………that You Fulfill It” Col. 4:17
Program 2008 - 2009
Morning Session
9:40 Music
9:50 Song No. 148 and Prayer
10:00 Keep Your Ministry to the Fore
10:15 Overcoming Challenges to Our Ministry
10:40 Cultivate What You Have Planted
10:55 Song No. 43 and Announcements
11:05 How We Recommend Ourselves as
11:35 Dedication and Baptism
12:05 Song No. 202
Afternoon Session
1:20 Music
1:30 Song No. 48
1:35 Experiences
1:45 Watchtower Summary
2:15 Young and Old Enjoy the Ministry
2:30 Youths Who Fulfill the Ministry
2:45 Song No. 47 and Announcements
2:55 Highly Esteem Your Ministry
3:55 Song No. 181 and Prayer

Does this program help the youth? Does it help single parents? Does it help families? Does it address economic hardship? Does it offer advice in getting a job? NO! The whole emphasis of this program is field service and how witnesses should be doing more of it. Everything is about recruiting new members for the Watchtower. Nothing else is deemed important. Not your children, not your job, not your health. All of this is secondary to getting out in field service and rounding up some new members for the Watchtower.


jwproclaimers said...

Have you listened to the program?

I don't think so.
They just started.

I have the assembly programs online.

People should listen to them all to know what Jehovah's Witnesses teach and believe rather than focusing on the Watchtower.

Oh, and the theme is "
“Keep Watching The Ministry…………that You Fulfill It”

Just curious as to why anyone would expect it to be about jobs or health or anything not related to the theme?

tohsibor said...

jwproclaimers said...
"People should listen to them all to know what Jehovah's Witnesses teach and believe rather than focusing on the Watchtower."

The Watchtower is what the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses utilizes to instruct Jehovah’s Witnesses weekly. The Watchtower primarily amongst other publications is what the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses informs its member should be used to place with people they meet in their ministry. The Watchtower is where the faithful and discrete slave class of Jehovah’s Witnesses supposedly provides new light to Jehovah’s Witness doctrine and understanding.

Therefore, why shouldn’t people focus on the Watchtower when examining the teachings and doctrines of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Leifi said...

This ain't real. The poster on this blog just made this up. Everyone who has once been an JW could make up their own "special assembly day program".

GBL was wrong about the pioneer hour change. Nothing has changed.

GBL was wrong about us having five meetings a week. We have three now and next year only two.

GBL was wrong when he said that there was an article in Watchtower May 22 1969. There is no watchtower with that date.

Do you see the pattern here? GBL is wrong, wrong and wrong about everything. Don't thrust anything here on this site.

The Pastor said...

Leifi, my friend. It's all too real. It's not actually 'Letters from the Governing Body'. That's just a catchy title. The information, however, is accurate.

tohsibor said...

Leifi said...
"This ain't real. The poster on this blog just made this up. Everyone who has once been an JW could make up their own "special assembly day program".
GBL was wrong about the pioneer hour change. Nothing has changed.
GBL was wrong about us having five meetings a week. We have three now and next year only two.
GBL was wrong when he said that there was an article in Watchtower May 22 1969. There is no watchtower with that date."

The Special Assembly Day program is accurately posted here.

If the pioneer hour change has yet to be announced at your Kingdom Hall it will be soon.

You still have five meetings. Two are held on Sunday back-to-back. Three will be held one day during the week back-to-back-to-back starting January 1.

Watchtower May 22 1969 was a typo. It was suppose to be Awake, GBL has already stated that. BTW, the page number is 15.

The things wrong though are many of the teachings and beliefs of the Organization behind Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Anonymous said...

'Don't thrust anything here on this site.'

Hey, go to a porn site if you want t do any thrusting. See how easy it is to make a typo!

Anonymous said...

't do'


jwproclaimers said...

Tohsibor said that the Watchtower is what the Governing Body uses??

But this blog criticizes the assembly. So which is it? If they don't use the assemblies then why are you criticizing them?

Make up your minds?

What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid to examine the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses beyond the magazines? I mean the teachings that matter, the teachings of the people.

The Paster said...

I've never met an ex-JW who is afraid to examine anything. To the contrary, it is JWs that literally believe anything written by a JW is a lie and demon-possessed.

Does Jehovah hate Chinese people? I ask, because if Armageddon is just around the corner, Jehovah will have to slaughter more than one billion Chinese people.

The Pastor said...

Sorry, I meant to say: "To the contrary, it is JWs that literally believe anything written by an ex-JW is a lie and demon-possessed."

Anonymous said...

True, JW has 5 kinds of meeting. But all are held in 3 separate times (days).

The mistake in GBL post is by saying children are forced to sit quietly 5 times a week. And either GBL simply didn't care to read before he copy-paste the article, or GBL really know nothing about JW

Anonymous said...

GBL was wrong about the pioneer hour change. Nothing has changed.

You are WRONG: Pioneers used to have to put in 100 hours per month--or be dropped from the pioneer roles.

GBL was wrong about us having five meetings a week. We have three now and next year only two.

Semantics--you still have to attend five meetings--day/nights and time spent may have changed but (1) Public Address; (2) WT study, (3) Service Meeting, (4) TM School and (5) book (pardon me, bible) study are ongoing.

As for the error that Watchtower May 22 1969 was suppose to be Awake, not only has GBL has admitted that typo, but added the e page number (15). Why not look it up and see if GBL was telling the truth. (If you dare to do that copy what you find here so we can see for ourselves who's telling the "truth" about what the WTBTS wrote.)

Anonymous said...

jwproclaimer says:

"Why are you afraid to examine the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses beyond the magazines? I mean the teachings that matter, the teachings of the people."

Are you saying that you personally don't believe that the "Faithful and discreet slave" is "Jehovah's only channel of communication"? Or that their written "food in due season" produced by the WTBTS don't "matter as much" as what Ronde; liefi, and you have to say?

Q: When are you planning to tell the elders of your unbelief in their teachings?

Anonymous said...

Awake! May 22 1969 p15

'If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things. Why not? Because all the evidence in fulfillment of Bible prophecy indicates that this corrupt system is due to end in a few years. Of the generation that observed the beginning of the 'last days' in 1914, Jesus foretold:'This generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur.' Therefore, as a young person, you will never fulfill any career that this system offers.'

kimmy jo said...

This organization is wicked, bloodguilty and misleading, and misrepresents the true God and Christ. All parts of it, the watchtower, the gov body and all it's followers the JW's who fully support their lies and dysfunction are part of 'babylon the great'. Do not be mislead, get out of her.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA even GBL can't answer about his copy-paste act.

Anonymous said...

Here's one family's personal history as Jehovah's Witnesses:

Two of my great grandparents, born in the 1890's, were of the 'anointed class'. They became JW's based on the Watchtower book "Millions Now Living Will Never Die".

For nearly 70 years they partook of the annual Memorial awaiting The End of "this old system of things".

As JW's they expected the end to come in (1) 1924-25; (2) 1950 before which point they had sold everything and became Special Pioneers), and (3) 1974.

These dear people lived a full decade after longer than their contemporaries - long enough after the failure of 1975 to recognize this as a false prophecy. Although they'd never say that, the enormous price they paid for the false hopes they had dedicated their lives to was crushing.

Their daughter, a faithful pioneer for 50+ years, never married because when she left high school (in the 1930's!), the Watchtower was warning that the "time was short" and young people should be pioneers. At 88 Auntie died. With no family - and because she'd never had a full-time job with benefits - indigent, in a Catholic Charity Home. (The Watchtower wouldn't waste its resources on its own sick and dying, but thank God the Catholic Church does what Jesus told his followers to do even for their 'enemies'.)

These precious Witnesses were alienated from their only son; his children, and the rest of their families because they refused to believe the Watchtower's claim to be God's only "channel of communication".

Thanks to the WTBTS, this is my family's tragic history.

kimmy jo said...

I am sorry for your expierence anoynmous, this has been repeated many times over and is unfortunatly still occuring with many families in the org.. It is the sad frutiage of this religion...broken families, lost hope. Sad indeed.

steve said...

Anonymous, thats tragic. I am so sorry for the wasted lives and especially the alienation from their son, just because of belief.

My wife lives in the same town as her parents, grandparents and great grandparents, all of whom shun her. She has bad dreams about it.

She was wrongly disfellowshipped by elders with an agenda.

Of course, be prepared for the hardhearted, cold, unfeeling, ignorant JWs on here to start saying they deserved it and its just tough. Get back to the meetings and all will be OK.

What they just cannot understand is that people cannot go back because they honestly dont believe anymore, having found out the the JWs do not have the truth.

JWS pay lip service to free will, because the reality is if you are baptized and you find yourself at odds with the ever changing JW beliefs, the cost of keeping your integrity and being honest with yourself is immense, loss of family, friends and social structure.

That is why there are so many unhappy JWS, wanting to leave but afraid of the consequences.

james said...

Whenever possible i try to 'witness' to others about the JW religion. When i tell people about their shunning of those that leave they are horrified. Most people are not aware that they do this, but as i say to them, they don't advertize the fact because it is not exactly a good selling point for their religion. Behind the facade of smiles and panda tracts are the tragic results of Watchtower laws such as disfellowshipping and shunning.

Bud said...

You explained it well. Same situation in our family. Other family members know she was disfellowshipped wrongly but will stick with the shunning. They all want her to repent for being a victim. I hope eventually love will triumph.
Sure is hard to leave, isn't it!

frank said...

can true Christians eat animal?
read Genesis 9 after the flood God's instruction to Noah included that human can eat animal flesh but not the blood. NOah could eat animal flesh.
was Jesus God?
Jesus himself said in John 17:3 talking to his father, he called him the only true God. he was praying according to verse 1, was Jesus lying?
what about Thomas why did he say MY LORD AND MY GOD.
is it that true sometimes when something amazing happens we say talking to someone else OH MY GOD?
do we believe that the person in front of us is the true God?
Thomas was control by emotions when he said these words. still don't believe, did John or any apostles believed that Jesus was the true God.
John 20:31 31 But these have been written down that YOU may believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, and that, because of believing, YOU may have life by means of his name.
did you get it, these things have been written so that we believe that jesus is the son of God not God Himself.
keep dreaming.

are Jehovah witnesses blodguilt?
the only Religion on earth today that does not go to war is Jehovah witnesses. is that a fact?

from one encyclopedia

World War II and more persecution
Hitler's Nazi Germany persecuted Jehovah's Witnesses and many were imprisoned in concentration camps. Their identifying badge was a purple triangle.[30] In the book, Persecution and Resistance of Jehovah's Witnesses During the Nazi Regime, author Hans Hesse commented, "Some five thousand Jehovah's Witnesses were sent to concentration camps where they alone were 'voluntary prisoners', so termed because the moment they recanted their views, they could be freed. Some lost their lives in the camps, but few renounced their faith."[31] During this time period, Witnesses also experienced mob violence in America and were temporarily banned in Canada and Australia because they were perceived as being against the war effort.[32]

if you want to know more just visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington you will get the real Story.

keep yakee yak you also pastor whatever your name is

The Pastor said...

JWs are certainly not the only religion that does not go to war.

Moreover, just as one would defend himself, his family, his home or his neighbor, the Bible does not give a blanket condemnation of all war. There is no command against self-defense.

These criteria are given by WT.

I do not doubt your sincerity. I doubt your ability to think for yourself.

Voice of Reason said...

The youth in the organization are doing stupid things with the world.

There is a newspaper report of a family being shot by the daughters boyfriend.

"Yesterday friends of the family said the couple were strict Jehovah's Witnesses who had ordered their daughter, Danielle, to end a relationship with a man from outside the religion.

The friends said her boyfriend, Jonathan Cock, was 'devastated' by the break-up."

Strict? Ordered? Outside the religion?
How about that he was a killer??
Isn't that enough reason?

Or maybe that having the name Jon Cock would drive anyone insane.

Anonymous said...

Jesus taught us that if you hate your brother, you're a murderer.

I've been on the recieving end of many hateful remarks by JWs.

Remember the spirit of the law.

In many ways, the JW shunning policies, some of them as new as teh 1980's, are completely unscriptural.

Their favorite Scripture to apply towards ex-members specifically refers to the anti-Christ. Most JWs don't know this.

Whatever the Watchtower magazine tells them to do, they do it. Regardless of their conscience or the Bible.

In fact, the Watchtower magazines tells JWs that is or is not a conscience matter.

Thank about that for a minute. These people are TOLD what is or is not a conscience matter.


pastor who said...

The witnesses believe not man. And just a few comparisons: preacher can sleep with it's members and get away with it. JW' s disfellowship FORNICATORS and give them a chance to repent. I hear chuch members complaining about what goes on I there church, but still u continue to be part of the foolishness. The churches take up money what 3 times. JW give what ur able to give when u can give it, not certain times to take it up. Preachers appreciation day, people paying preachers to preach at there church. JW elders does this for free. God word is not for profit all u greedy preachers, TD Jakes and so forth. JW teach children to Respect there parents, wait till there married and have sex ALL form the bible. Jesus Said Go door to door and make diciples I Dont See Any Other Churches doing this. Oh they are to busy LIEING to there child about Santa Clause and the Easter bunny. Neither have a place for such important times. Oh and a preacher just buried his church for insurance money again greed. And y'all say JW are insane. The bible say many are on the broad road and few on the narrow. There are roughly say 9 million Jw compared to the rest of the worldly religion. U do the math, JW may stick to what they belive but I know for a fact the worldly religion today is full of lies. I U look at all the religions JW are strictly by the bible where as every where they make it to fit the lifestyle they want to live not the oh God. And pastor u will be held accountable for misleading all these people. People open ur bibles and God to give u understanding the time is short. U will be destroyed if found to be wicked. And one more thing I see on the news every week where some preacher has molested A child come on but u only notice it when a jw is accused of it. Believe me if found to be they will be disfellowshiped, unlike the churches who try and cover it up.