Monday, July 28, 2008

More Information about Rutherford

Rutherford in San Diego at the mansion, SAN SARIM, he purchased for the Princes, Abraham, Moses, etc. so that when they were resurrected they would have some place to stay.
While doing research on Joseph Franklin Rutherford, I discovered that what the Society says about Rutherford, and what apparently the reality was were two different things.
The first thing that amazed me was finding out that while he was president of the Society, and probably even before, he never went out in service. His often quoted words, Advertise! Advertise! Advertise, seemed rather hollow.
The other blow was finding out more about his prophecies concerning 1925 and how he reacted after they failed to materialize.
His overbearing demeanor and dictator-like attitude jumps at you from every picture I have seen.

He lived in the most affluent surroundings possible, compared to the poor pioneers that distributed his books. He had two luxury automobiles, furnished quarters in London, Germany, Canada and other places. Due to his liquor problem (constantly getting drunk) and wanting him out of Bethel, they built him a house in San Diego using the poor publishers donated moneys.

He took absolute control of the Society in direct opposition to Russell’s will. Although, back then, they considered Russell as THE faithful and discreet slave and that the Lord had entrusted him in all things. So why did Rutherford go against the Lord’s appointed slave?
He was the one that adopted the name Jehovah’s Witnesses in contradiction to Russell’s wish that the “brethren” should not strive to get a name other than being “Christians”.
He is the one that formulated the concept of “Jehovah’s Organization”. Again, this was opposite to Russell’s wishes.

But more importantly, one must ask where Jehovah’s Organization during Russell’s time was. Which Organization did he go to? Why did Jehovah decide to have an Organization then? What about the preceding 2000 years, was there an Organization and which one was it? Why didn't Russell just become a member of that organization. Why did he have to start a new religion?
He initiated the monthly time and publication placements requirements for publishers and pioneers, saying that these were directives from Jesus Christ himself. (Jesus Christ spoke to him personally and told him to do these things.)

Of course, these requirements helped the Society sell more books. In effect, they were a burden, an opportunity for competition and show-off, and worst of all, a litmus test of a person’s spirituality from the organization and the friends’ points of view. (It still is.) These requirements were instituted without a single scriptural backing. How many hours did Paul put in the service and how many magazines did Peter place?
Worst of all, all these hours spent and publications placed were promoting false prophecies, predictions, assumptions, man-made guesses, and other embarrassing material that Society would not even dare reproduce. All the efforts, resources, legal skirmishes, broken families, and ultimately entire lives had been for naught. How can one justify Jehovah’s or Jesus’ hands in this?
Please don't believe anything I say. You know that all "apostates" do is lie. You hear it at the conventions and read about it in the publications and magazines. However, this information is all documented and one of the best places to start your own research is the book by A.H. MacMillan, called FAITH ON THE MARCH. MacMillan worked with both Russell and Rutherford as Secretary of the organization and he tells his story near the end of his life and his book was advertised in the Watchtower magazine. He died a faithful witness. His book can be purchased here:


kimmy jo said...

Thank you, good work!
The TRUTH stands alone and can't be erased from your history, why argue the TRUTH about your worldly organization?

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I think it's really sweet of you to continue to encourage the entrapped minds to think for themselves. Keep up the good work.