Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Be Careful When You Write A Letter To The Watchtower Society

A brother, who had been serving as an elder for many years, wrote the Watchtower asking for clarification as to encouraging young people to pioneer full time. His letter was heartfelt and he was simply seeking information to better serve the brothers in his congregation. Well, our brothers in Brooklyn apparently do not being questioned about their decisions and so they went behind the back of this brother and wrote a letter to his body of elders, causing them to become suspicious of his motives. Jesus said that LOVE would be the identifying mark of the true religion, not field service, not pioneering.
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Warren Lawless said...

Again, misrepresentation and deception by the author of this blog.

"A brother, who had been serving as an elder for many years"

No where in the letter does it say he had been serving for many years. It does sound good when falsely added though.

"wrote the Watchtower asking for clarification as to encouraging young people to pioneer full time."

First, we have NO IDEA what he was asking for because we conveniently don’t have copies of the 2 letters that the elder sent.
And as indicated by the response given it seems the brother was actually DISCOURAGING young people to pioneer not encouraging them.

"His letter was heartfelt and he was simply seeking information to better serve the brothers in his congregation."

Again we don't have his letter so we don't know how heartfelt it was. But once again it makes the story sound better if that comment is just tossed in there. And by the response given it doesn't sound like the elder was "seeking to better serve the brothers in his congregation."

The brothers in this letter were showing concern for the comments made by this elder. And seems they were quite justified in doing so. But the brothers where not malicious in doing so. Notice the comments made:

"It is very easy to be misunderstood when writing, therefore, we would appreciate your frank observations on Bro._____ and the statements that he makes"

"Are there perhaps any health limitations or other factors that may have caused such a negative reaction, that should be taken into consideration?"

When reading the letter, one notices that the tone of the response shows no malicious or ill-will. It was simply a request for more information so a proper response to his letters could be made.

It is of interest that the first letter sent by this elder was dated April 15, 1978. Brooklyn did not respond till almost a full year later (March 29, 1979) and not until this elder sent a second letter to the brothers in Brooklyn.
If he hadn't sent the second letter, Brooklyn probably would have never responded. But the elder sent a second letter, obviously indicating that the matter was important to him and that he wanted a response.

Before a response could be given, the brothers in Brooklyn wanted a clear understanding what was occurring in the congregation. That was only wise and prudent.

I apologize for the length of this response but I wanted to clarify some matters regarding this blog entry. And I wanted to clearly once again present evidence that the author of this blog presents misrepresentations and deceptions and masks them as truth.


Boyd Atkins said...

warren lawless, your comment is that of a typical witness. Just because you don't know the whole story do you really think that qualifies as deception? Whenever something negative is said of the Watchtower you people get into attack mode like dogs. It is quite remarkable and I am sure that an analyst would find it amazing. Maybe the writer of the blog knew the brother and this was simply an experience. Don't get your panties all in a bunch. Calm down. Most people understand that those who worship a false religion can become defensive and angry when faults are pointed out to them. Think David Koresh. Think Jim Jones. But the reaction of you Witnesses is simply incredible. Misrepresentations and deceptions masked as Truth is what the Watchtower offers it members.

Anonymous said...

"misrepresentations and deceptions and masks them as truth."
warren, you're kidding right? You described the Watchtower perfectly. That is why they have to keep changing their "Truth". That is why they use the term "Present Truth." Their truth changes at their whim and you all have to believe it no matter how looney it sounds. What about blood transfusions. You believe that Jehovah does not want you to take blood transfusion and that is a truth right? But he allows you to take factions all of a sudden. Now that is truth right? Get a grip warren and wake up from your watchtower induced coma.

"misrepresentations and deceptions and masks them as truth."

Warren Lawless said...

Thank you for your comments to my response.

You are correct in stating I do not know the whole story. But don't forget neither does the author of this blog.


Information is presented on this blog and slanted in such a way to influence people's thinking. And quite often ALL the facts are not presented or for that matter probably not even known.

Remember, this is not my blog and I bear no responsibility to make sure the information presented is factual. That is the author's responsibility. And one that is not being carried out too well.

question: why am I attacked as defensive and angry but yet no comment is made about the clear points that are made regarding the misrepresentations in this blog entry?

And Anon: why do you feel the need to try and totally change the discussion on to something else but yet shy away from the questions and concerns that were raised in my previous post?