Monday, July 7, 2008

Are You Afraid Of Demons?

I am always amazed at the Jehovah's Witnesses fear and fascination with demons. Occasionally at gatherings, they would exchange "demon" stories, which were just a Jehovah's Witness way of telling ghost stories, and you would usually hear a few "uhhs" and "oh my's" as the story was told. Although I had heard folks of other denominations mention demons, it was never with the "shock and awe" the Witnesses put into it. If Jehovah's Witnesses really have the truth and by extension, the full backing of Jesus and the protection of Jehovah God, why would they be so paranoid about demons? I find it ironic that an organization that claims to have Jehovah protecting it would have this thread of demonic fear weaving through it. According to Jehovah's Witnesses the demons are everywhere and they are out to get you. They are in television, the movies, the internet, thrift shops, garage sales, books, disfellowshipped people well.....everywhere.
It's a joke to the brothers who govern the witnesses. The leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses no more believes in the existence of demons than they can fly. It's simply a control mechanism for Jehovah's Witnesses. They realized early on that they can control their followers by introducing them to something they can be afraid of, The Big Bad Demons!
Knorr and the rest used to tour countries all over, going into the Catholic cathedrals during mass and bragging about it to the Bethel Family. They laugh at such things, but they know that it helps keeps the masses in line. The Watchtower organization holds out the carrot of everlasting life to its followers, but with that promise comes a ridiculous psychological bondage to stupidity, such as demons being constantly after you.


Anonymous said...

Man, man this blog started as some kind of insider job. A little coward was writing this out of (or at least at some in some nearby internet coffee shop) the bethel, giving the readers news about what the society plans. And where did he and up? Posting crap the whole day long. Congratulation within a few weeks you presented your simplemindedness to all of us. Now you can give yourself a cookie!

Have you run out of stones that fast? Your accusations really are a pity. The whole demons post is a showcase of your weak arguments man. Just a few remarks: a) If you really think that the "shock and awe" is bigger within the Witnesses, then you didn't listen well. Just open books about god and bad spirits. The bookstores are full of them. See what people write about demons. b) If we can trust the Bible, well then demons are everywhere out there! You didn’t know? Go and try with reading it. But that does not mean that demons are in every movie, every website, garage sale etc. It just means that we should be aware of them. And that if we want to it is very easy to get into contact with them. c) Uhhh brother Knorr and othesr visited a cathedral? Oh my God I am scattered to my bones! I’ve visited several myself and did you know what happened? Surprise surprise, no demon attack. Nobody says that it is dangerous to visit a cathedral!

Just my two coins. But one more advice for you man. Whatever pills you take, it’s ok, keep taking them, but take less of them.

Defender said...

You really don't know the scriptures.
1 peter 5:8 show that Satan is constantly after the true servants of God.
and Revelation 12:9,10 said that Satan accused The true servants of God day and night before him.
day and night he has something to say against God true worshipers, why day and night?
think about it.
you yourself have satan spirit day and night you are looking for lies to post against God's true organization, and again good luck to you.

Defender said...

Nathan or any witness in here who wants to post an answer.
I need you to know this is my last time in this website, we are loosing our time to come here
this apostate already made his choice, there is nothing we can do about it.
I will not come to this site no more and I am going to delete my blog, defendertruth
it is not necessary my friends to come here, this apostate will keep posting lies about us he will not change, as we know he is going to destruction, but he will not be able to bring with him those who are really looking for the truth. only those who love lies and who are not really looking to serve the true God will believe him.

Keep Isaiah 54:17 in mind my friends, and don't worry about what this apostate he's saying, he will not succeed and like Satan he knows it, he just have a wicked heart, and he is persisting in his madness.
don't come to this site no more, let's apply Roman 16:17, 18 aVOIDING APOSTATE ALSO MEAN NOT TO READ ABOUT THEIR LIES.

Troy said...

Nathan, of course the book stores are filled with books about demons and evil spirits. But those books are worldly books and we would expect worldly people to be concerned about demons. After all, they don't have the truth. I think the point that he is making is that if Jehovah's Witnesses have God's protection why are they concerned about demons. Even if the demons are after them night and day, Jehovah's Witnesses have the protection of their God, so why do they worry about it? So you guys really believe in demons, don't you? That's what they want you to believe and if it makes you feel better, why not? By the way, a cathedral is a building where they practice "false religion". Doesn't the Watchtower teach that the demons are there?
Both Nathan and Defender are full of anger. Yet they are constantly at this site. They say that they won't come anymore but they will, yes they will.
So will all others who want to find out the Truth regarding the Watchtower organization and who are not too proud or too ignorant to recognize real truth.
Defender, I am glad you are deleting your blog. It was a terrible blog and didn't really make any sense.

grissom6471 said...

I agree totally with Nathan's post.

All he is doing is posting crap.

This 'Watchtower this and Watchtower that' stuff gets old after a while.

Anonymous said...

Hello Troy. It seems to me that you are a not only the chief justice of all psychiatrists but also a clairvoyant. I think we never met and I think you don’t know the colour of my voice and I think you don’t know the sound of my voice, but you know that I am full of anger? That is amazing! Man I can tell you, that I feel pretty sober. I don’t feel offended because of crap like in this blog. It’s just a good laughter. Lay back man, don’t take it all so serious! (And please: don’t tell me that you know from the words of my last posting that I must be full of anger. That would make me yawning.) By the way, where did you read that I would not come back to this website? I’ve never said anything like that. It was defender’s choice. Please try to read more careful!

About your argument about demons: Well thanks, I understood the point he wanted to make. But obviously you didn’t get my point. He was saying that he never saw the “shock and awe” effect anywhere else, except among Jehovah’s Witnesses. And I told him to open his eyes, because that argument is simply wrong. But it was not too difficult to get this from my last posting (the part about bookstores). So again: please try to read more careful!

Your point about God’s protection is also completely wrong. First of all, the Bible does not tell us that God is protecting his servants from everything. But even more important is, that the reason of warnings is, that as soon as one starts to deal with stuff about demons, spiritualism etc, one leaves the way of God. And by leaving the way of God one automatically loses his protection. So your argument is a flaw. And it does not matter if you believe that or not. It only matters that this is what the Bible says. So if one tries to live according to the Bible, one will believe that. So we can discuss whether the Bible is a true book or not, but not if the argumentation is good.

Concerning cathedrals everything is already said. Visiting a cathedral maybe because of architecture or other reasons doesn’t mean anything.

Again I want to remind you: If you want to answer on my post, please try to read careful, then think about it, and THEN try to write some meaningful comment. Thanks.