Monday, July 21, 2008

Does the Watchtower Control It's Members?

Experience From Greece:
The Neutrality issue was one of the major issues that young brothers in many places in the world are facing. Some of them died for that issue, some spend many years in prisons, and as a result they have a criminal record that is marked for being in prison.
In my country many brothers went to prison from 2-4 years, but the most outrageous thing that the Watchtower did, it was to hide behind 18 year old kids. Yeah the cowards running Watchtower, they didn't have the balls to stand next to us, and I will explain why:
When it was time for joining the Army, and since Army service is done by all males, the Watchtower was telling us the exact words to say to the officials:
"I'm a Jehovahs Witness, and my conscious does not allow me to join any military forces and this is my PERSONAL decision."
I recall in a meeting we had for this matter the Circuit Overseer told us clearly:"Never say that the Watchtower tells you not to join the Army. No matter what, YOU SHOULD NEVER mention Watchtower to the officials, or that you will get disfellowshiped if you join Army Forces, or the Watchtower is telling you NOT to join the Army. You will say it is your PERSONAL DECISION and keep the Organization out from any discussion."
So the question that arrises here is:"If it is a matter of conscious why would we get disfellowshiped if we did join the Army? And since when, in a matter of conscious. would a Christian would face judical commitee and gets disfellowshiped?
But as usual Watchtower has a different agenda for the outside world and other for the rank and file. Then the Goverment came with a new proposal:
Since you don't join the Army then you can join other services like Hospital, Fire Department, Forest Department, Resque, and you will do your service, your obligation to your country there. Some of us were happy with this new arrangement, since the Watchtower did accepted that arrangement in other European Countries. But the Watchtower had a different oppinion in our case. The answer was NO....and they said that we go to the other services IF the court send us there as a penalty. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ALTERNATIVE SERVICE...
So 15 years went by, and the Watchtower finally accepted the Alternative Service. So again the "Holy Spirit" was late to act, and change its mind. No need to say that many of us suffered from this, since we couldn't go on with our lifes and jobs, since it was a pending issue. But again the Watchtower was using us in the most horrible way. Plus we had to pay the lawyer that the Org chose for us, everytime we appeared in Court. And the guy really charged a lot!!!
But there was another issue regarding Neutrality. The Goverment has a special tax for defence. It is only a small rate but still it is a tax for buying Arms. When we asked the Society if we should pay that tax, the answer was yes. We must give to the Ceasar what belongs to the Ceasar. But we ask again, is it correct to pay that tax since it is going for military purposes. The answer was that Ceasar desides what to do with the money, therefore there is nothing wrong to pay that tax.
What was the real reason behind this? Since the Branch of the Watchtower had to pay taxes (for buying and selling land) it would have created a problem with the Goverment, plus it would have a nagative effect to all of the Witnesses since in my country defense is a very sensitive issue.So it would have cost them a lot, so they chose to pay the tax.
But what would have happened if we were not in Europe by in an African country? Good question, and I really don't feel to think about it. In my mind comes the tragic events that took place for our Brothers in Malawi....
The Governing Body are a banch of cowards, and all they care about is how to use poor people in order to have control over human life. They have no conscious at all, and they have sacrificed hunderds of thousands of people in the Altar of their Organization. Many times I wonder about the punishment that Jesus holds for them. But I guess the only panishment we can give to the Watchtower it is to show to future victims, and even those are inside how EVIL organization the Watchtower really is.
There is no "neutrality" issue, there's a "rebellion" issue. It's laughable to say the Watch Tower Corporation, doing business as Jehovah's Witnesses, is politically indifferent. They are a political organization by nature. Saying they are "neutral" are weasel words. They're sure as heck not neutral in the Supreme Courts. Add up the Watch Tower lies: We are neutral, we are not dogmatic, we are not controlling. The Witness political group is called "The Theocracy". Theocracy describes a political concept. There's Democracy, Communism, and Theocracy. Their name defines them as a political action group. Why do they deny that which they fought to establish?


Ronde said...

Which Watchtower?

The Pennsylvania corporation or the New York one?

The Pennsylvania corporation has only 500 members while the NY one has, I think, 50.

So when you ask "Does the Watchtower control it's members" you have to specific which one. But since the members vote for directors at the annual meetings, the members control who operates the Watchtower.

I would think you would know that.

kimmy jo said...

Do you ever really get the point???
There is only ONE Watchtower Society, the only legal organization used by JW's. The Authoritative source about beliefs, teachings and activities. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York/Pennsylvania.
There is only one Watchtower that controls the thinking and actions of JW's.
ronde, are you really a JW??? You sure do have things all wrong in your own mind. You continually contradict yourself and SHUN the very "source" that controls the life of every JW. Here are some of your other comments in quotation taken from your prior comments on other topics:
"the Watchtower Society as a corporation is not related to Jehovah's Witnesses other than those who work there." (what!)
"And we do not read and follow it without question. Since it is published for the worldwide congregation, it is published for the congregation as a whole, not for each individual." (oh my!)
"As for what you said about"the material written on this site, stuff the Watchtower calls "apostate"', well I don't go by what the Watchtower says because it was written for 7 million plus people and not for each person individually. So what they wrote does not apply to me as it would to someone else." (OMG!!!)
I would like to see what happens when you share those comments with the body of elders at your congregation!!!

Defender said...

This guy is an apostate he will never get the point once again we are wasting our time.

he probably doesn't know what control mean.

anybody can leave Jehovah witnesses when they want to.
we have free will, anybody who doesn't want to apply what the organization is saying based on the bible is free to leave.

the organization don't force anyone to believe, apostates are an example.
you, apostate did they force you to stay a witness, did they force not to join the army?

no Wonder the bible said you choose destructioon good luck

Anonymous said...

You are disobeying Jehovah by having discourse with an 'Apostate'. Dont you know he will destroy you too for going against his organization.

And I feel sorry for the hate that has consumed you and the mind control the Organization exercises over you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the defenders of this disgusting religion insist on visiting apostate sites, such as this, AGAINST the wishes of the said religion, making long and pointless posts - they're only fooling themselves.

I hope the owner of this blog never stops exposing this religion for the mindless cult that it is. You're doing a fantastic job, and there must be lots more people like myself who appreciate your efforts.