Friday, July 11, 2008

Amazing Shakedown of Brothers at Columbia, South Carolina

There was a big elders meeting in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday June 9.
Around 240 congregations, 2000+ elders were in attendance.
The Society wants to build a brand new Assembly Hall in Columbia, South Carolina, to handle the huge influx of Jehovah's Witnesses moving to the US Southeast from up North.
They expect to have it done in 34 months (finished by April 2010). Total cost estimated to be approximately $8 - 9 million.
They want to have the whole thing paid for by the time the building is done - no long term loans.
They "strongly suggested" that each of the 240 congregations commit to supporting "their share" of the expense. $8.5 million divided by 240 congregations divided by 34 months works out to over $1000 per month per congregation. Congregations are to pass out "financial surveys" to members, to see how much each congregation can come up with.
That's right. The super rich Watchtower Society, sitting on $Billions of real estate and other investments, expects Sister Frail and Brother Window Washer to finance their own building project.
Lots of folderol about "Jehovah's blessing" etc. etc. to wrap it up.


enigmatic said...


Dan B said...

The same thing, more or less, happened in Windsor Ont. In the early 90's. They were passing pledge sheets around the halls to get people to commit to donating funds for a big KH in the city.

grissom6471 said...

What's the problem?

The Conyers GA assembly hall was paid for by donations before it was even begun to be built. It was done once in the area and can be done again. They are just laying out some guidelines to show how it can be done.

Nothing wrong with that. It is rather smart of them.

Matthew said...

Just what the JW pedophiles need is a larger arena to pick out victims.