Wednesday, December 15, 2010

With the latest Australian Special Talk, we now have a complete picture of the Organizational Plan

There was a special talk on Sunday relayed to all the Aussie congs from Sydney. Apparently the speaker had an American accent, but was stationed in a latin American country. He was really pushing field service and pulled out the old one that: If you do not witness you are not one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Then he said: "Just as tithing was compulsory for the Jews, field service is now for JW's."
Ah yes........The Governing Body is now starting to show their hand, to begin to show their future plans for this false-religion-cult of fear and oppression.
It has been said on here for the last few years now, that with the elimination/combination of the Book Study at the Kingdom Halls instead of at homes, the introduction of new rule books (Keep Yourself in God's Love) and the new Elder Manual that a "tightening of the reigns" was beginning.
And so, just as the "Apostates" have predicted, so it shall be done by the Governing Body OverLords. Anyone not out actively preaching in the field ministry is now officially out of the congregation, INACTIVE. This also goes along quite nicely with the assembly talks, etc that we've been hearing about this past summer condemning active ones from associating with inactive ones. Basically, if you are not going door-to-door in the field ministry, you are disassociating yourself and will be considered bad association, and subject to shunning. Welcome to the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses in the 21st century!! Can you just feel the loooooooove, Brother Poor and Sister Depressed?
While they are at it, they are actively selling off oodles of their NYC real estate at a huge prophet....errr.....PROFIT, so that they can move all operations up to Canada and upper New York state, out in the wilderness somewhere, basically going to create their own little "Jonestown" if you will. I can see it Brooklyn Bethel, except 1,000 times worse and even more isolated. The dinner bells (Povlov's dogs, anyone?) will ring over the loudspeakers, Big Brother Governing Body OverLord will appear on a nearby LCD screen in your barren room, corridor, or work station, and you will receive your Spiritual Food. After all, Big Brother.....errr......The Governing Body OverLords know what is best for YOU!!! Unbelievable!!!
We are now starting to see the direction of the new and improved smaller Governing Body, and it ain't pretty!!! Any hopes or dreams of a softer, more loveable or merciful Governing Body have now been crushed into oblivion, for their plans for the minions are of even more tight-fisted pharasitical oppression all in the name of serving Jehovah God, with Jesus supposedly have given THEM the keys to the Kingdom (possessions) to do what they want.
Truly, the beatings will continue until morale improves. There will be no more fence-sitters, lurkers, faders. The groundwork has been laid; you are either a "die-hard" Witness for Jehovah, putting forth all time and effort to do His....errr....the Governing Body's will of mindless, repetitive, un-effective door-knocking, or you will be out on your ass!!! To hell with your college-educated children or their futures, they are merely Satan-influenced independant thinkers, the Witnesses are your REAL family, so starting shunning any "worldly acting" children now, or else loose your priviledges, Brother Elder SoftOnRules!
Any active JW's reading this better take note; tough times are ahead, better polish up the G.E.D. pull up the Carhartt janitorial uniform, and start putting in longer hours at the window washing/janitorial job, because the New Order isn't anywhere in sight just yet, no matter how many times they claim it is "imminent, just around the corner!"


jworld said...

Well nothing like some hysterics to start the day. Some of the posts on this blog are so well thought out and intellectually enlightening. This one would not be of that variety.

One thing I have learned from Ray Franz book “Crisis of Conscious” and various recorded talks by Bethel personnel that are out on youtube is that these speakers are not immune from injecting their own opinions, that are often contrary to the official stance of the WT. They seem to do this with regular frequency. How can you fault the WT for taking everything so literally and then turn around and do it yourself? Haha not many people see the irony in that I guess!

Tom Rook said...

I have to agree with jworld ... the presumption that started this thread sounds like a rant of someone off their meds.

Let's make this crystal clear ... and REALLY simple.

If a person was a United States Marine, and decided he would NOT FIGHT ... how would, or should he be treated by his fellow United States Marines?

... as a pariah, a coward, and a person playing false to the oath he made as a willing weapons platform, a tool to be used by the United States ... a dedication he freely and willingly entered into.

Jehovah's Witnesses have made the SAME oath to their God and his Christ, and it crystal clear that a Witness that does not "preach" is the exact same thing as a Marine that does not fight.


zaarin888 said...
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zaarin888 said...
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zaarin888 said...
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jworld said...

Tom, that is an interesting analogy.

If you look thoughtfully at what is spoken from the platform and what happens in reality they are slightly different. Guess what, most JW's are not pioneers and most don't put in more than 10 hours a month talking to their neighbors about the bible. Of course the instruction from the platform is always going to try to incite people to do more. But at the end of the day most can't or just won't do more and guess what that's matter what some crazy hardliner say's in his talk.

Luckily Jehovah God is not a marine and thus will accept our offering of service no matter how small it is.

Theocratic Joker said...

Well, time will tell if the post is just a rant or if not going into field service will be a disfellowhipping offense. Is the speaker really injecting his own opinion or is he relaying the points given to him by the Govrning Body. Jworld, you are so intelligent that only you see the irony in the "rant", but can you really? You have absolutely no idea what goes on behind the scenes but you are confident that the speaker is simply a "hard liner" and has no authority to speak as he did. Well, we'll see if that's true. I have a feeling that "New Light" will be coming our way real soon.

Theocratic Joker said...

Tom, the fact that all witnesses have to preach is doctrine invented by the witnesses. In no passage of the Bible does Jesus say that in order to be saved we have to preach from door to door.

How can you equate Jehovah's true organization with the United States Marines? Are the Marines guided by Holy Spirit? Is Jehovah's favor with the United States Marines. Your analogy makes no sense.

In the early christian congregation some were given as preachers, some as teachers.....etc. it does not say that all would have to preach or that all should preach. Even Matt. 24:14 does not designate that everyone would preach.

But then the Watchtower organization is like a big club. They make the rules and their members must obey the rules or they are out. The whole out the carrot of everlasting life to get their members to comply.

zaarin888 said...

Without a source it's hard to take this whole thing seriously. So you too have absolutely no idea what's going on either.

jworld said...

He did not say to be saved you needed to preach. BUT!

Jesus did say in Matthew 28:19-20 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."

And when Jesus sent out the 70 to preach he talked about them entering houses. Thus, if you want to be a purist then house to house ministry was exactly what Jesus had in mind.

But we must turn our attention here primarily to what Jesus did not say because that is of utmost importance! He did not mention Television or the Internet when suggesting how his new disciples carry out their new commission. Actually he was so vague here that really anything outside of entering homes must be forbidden lest you are not following the first model.

We could focus exclusively on what Jesus did not say and just throw the rest of the bible out. I'm just not sure we'd get anywhere.

I'm not even going to discuss the hour thing because I think that is bogus. But I've learned to strip off that stuff and look at what really counts.

Theocratic Joker said...

jworld, you said: "He did not mention Television or the Internet when suggesting how his new disciples carry out their new commission."

No he did not. He also did not say that we should conduct Bible studies, do return visits and that our message should be that in order to be saved we should join the Jehovah's Witnesses.

His message was short and to the point. You either believed or you did not believe. If you believed you became a follower of his. Period. You were not coerced or indoctrinated into being a follower of Jesus. Before baptism you did not have to answer a myriad of questions and pledge loyalty to a Governing body of men.

Jesus came to abolish the law. To be saved one no longer had to follow the many laws handed down by the religious leaders that were a buden to the people.

What did christianity do in response? Make more laws, more rules and use his name as a money making proposition.

Charles Russell said that if he ever had to ask his parishioners for money that would be evidence the God's blessing was not with his group.

You have learned to strip off the extraneous and to see what really counts? Good for you. However, you will have precious little left.

J said...

for the OP. You know if you want to be taken seriously you should learn how to spell correctly. It's Pavlov.

Secondly, the defining mark of a true Christian is Love (John 13:34,35) How did Jesus love? By preaching and teaching, helping ones become reconciled to God. The manifestation of love, is the preaching work. So in a way he's right. If you're not preaching, you're not "loving your neighbor as yourself" now are you? This merits serious consideration.