Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1985 New Bethelities Are Treated To This Rare Video

New Bethel Entrants Introduction to the Governing Body circa 1985. Two new Bethel boys at Watchtower headquarters somehow managed to videotape this introduction to the Brooklyn Bethel headquarters of the Governing Body off of the Bethel TV screen. It shows all the main players in the scandal and dismissal of Raymond Franz and several others that were disfellowshipped from the Watchtower headquarters in 1979-1980. Notice their REAL qualifications for leadership as God's only true organization out of their own mouths! At about the 4:30 minute point, Karl Klein says, "I've done a better job cleaning toilets than I did presiding at the Governing Body." I wholeheartedly agree. None of these men had any trained qualifications for leadership in a worldwide organization of millions.


J said...
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J said...

I thank Jehovah for this video. It's just what I needed to hear, at the right time, like a big bear hug of comfort.

Most people who are JW's may feel uncomfortable or on edge about postings like this and subsequent commentary but somehow, I'm really at peace. In fact I am thoroughly enjoying the posts I've made here. It's just amazing that you guys can't get under my skin. Normally these types of sites would infuriate me at the ignorance of the posters and the absolute venom, really the anger, with which people try to attack not only my beliefs but also the organization I know and love and trust, the organization that really makes me feel as stated here: John 6:68,69.

And really, this is how I see all of you: John 6:60,66.

The scriptures provide guidelines for how to live life in a way that is beneficial, in a way that helps one achieve peace. I am hearing a lot of bickering, arguing, and a lot of accusations are flying. And I realize now, that the reason I am not upset is because I see that you guys have nothing better to do than to trash an organization that, while imperfect, is certainly better than any other religion out there. You guys are not happy. Seriously what goes on in your brains as you type your comments? Do you not feel more alert, angry, upset? I used to be all anxious to defend my faith, but now I realize I don't have to be anxious, I don't need to word-wrestle. I quote the scriptures and if any of you refute it, I may patiently explain yet again, clarify yet again. I realize now that I've spoken with many similar people, I've come to understand that miscommunication is where most people that get upset with God's organization, and that fracture is what causes them problems. If you're really serious about asking questions, rather than taking the attitude stance of "questioning" as in "testing" and "doubting", then I am here.

I know, that many who are opposed to God's organization, do so because of not being able to come to terms with their own faults. If you are one of these people, the invitation to ask me questions is not for you.

Have a wonderful day.

Theocratic Joker said...

J said: "Normally these types of sites would infuriate me at the ignorance of the posters and the absolute venom, really the anger, with which people try to attack not only my beliefs but also the organization I know and love and trust..."

I am glad you enjoyed the video, but did you ever think that perhaps your love and trust in a organization run by mere humans has to do with faults and shortcomings of your own?

Not everyone who opposes this organization is angry. Not everyone who opposes this organization does so because they cannot adhere to its rules and regulations. Not everyone who opposes this organization does so because they want to engage in immoral behavior.

Some people have good, sound, scriptural reasons for their opposition. You admit that this organization is not perfect. But you believe that it is the best religion out there? Why do you believe this? Have you personally investigated every religion out there? Or are you just repeating the material you've read in the magazines and heard from the stage?

Is it even necessary to join an organized religion to be a worshipper? You are correct that the Bible teaches christians how to live a good and productive life. Why do you need more than that? Is there something lacking in you?

Why are you associating with "apostates" when you know that it is frowned upon by the organization?

People who live in glass houses......

J said...

Doesn't sound like you've investigated the scriptures I cited. Maybe you should look them up, and re-read my post about communication issues. If you cannot see the comparison that has present-day implications, then it's futile to discuss this further with you until you do understand that point.

Secondly, every "scriptural" gripe someone's had, that I've come across, has been found to have a reasonable believable explanation. I am not an unreasonable person. I am an intelligent, free-thinking individual. Do you now doubt my words too? Careful that you don't fall into the ideology that nothing can be found to be truthful.

As for religions, you know it's really sad that even the religious people have no clue what they really believe. You ask one of Jehovah's witnesses what they believe, and 99% will be able to tell you (1st Peter 3:13-15).

Is it necessary to come into an organized religion to be a worshipper? Well take the Israelites as a guideline. Wherever they happened to be, they still made time for regular attendance in synagogues wherever they were located to be instructed, and still went to regularly assemble together, "the men and women and the children" as was commanded by God. If you don't believe that that was necessary back then, then obviously your issue is not with my religion, your issue is the Bible itself.

I think that sufficiently answers your questions.

Los Testigos Cristianos de Jehová said...

Pretty senile!