Thursday, December 16, 2010

Number of Partakers at the 2010 Memorial Service

2009 - 10857
2010 - 11202

As you can see, the numbers of partakers is increasing.

For information purposes only:

1935 52465
1936 24850
1938 39225
1939 29385
1940 27711
1941 23989
1942 24035
1943 23577
1944 22648
1945 22328
1946 27587
1947 26449
1948 25395
1949 24312
1950 22723
1951 21619
1952 20221
1953 19183
1954 17884
1955 16815
1956 16302
1957 15628
1958 15037
1959 14511
1960 13911
1961 13284
1962 12714
1963 12292
1964 11953
1965 11550
1966 11266
1967 1098
11968 10619
1969 10368
1970 10500
1971 10384
1972 10350
1973 10523
1974 10723
1975 10550
1976 10187
1977 10080
1978 9762
1979 9727
1980 9564
1981 9601
1982 9529
1983 9292
1984 9081
1985 9051
1986 8927
1987 8808
1988 8685
1989 8734
1990 8869
1991 8850
1992 8683
1993 8693
1994 8617
1995 8645
1996 8757
1997 8795
1998 8756
1999 8755
2000 8661
2001 8730
2002 8760
2003 8565
2004 8570
2005 8524
2006 8758
2007 9105
2008 9986
2009 10857
2010 11202

Remember years ago when we were only suppose to invite bible studies and interested ones to the memorial? Then it changed. More New Light, I guess. I never understood why though. Jesus only had his very close followers---the apostles. Now we're supposed to get as many people to attend as we can. The organization likes big numbers they can brag about.

I chuckle every time someone tells me how closely the witnesses adhere to first century christianity. Because in reality they don't follow first century christianity at all.


jworld said...

Well that is a valid argument. Do you have anyone in mind that is following the first century model?

Tom Rook said...

I have been a JW for over 42 years, because the diamonds are worth putting up with the crap.

jworld had a good idea ... "Do you have anyone in mind that is following the first century model?"

If you have something that is better, I will change in an instant, after all... it is my responsibility to do that.

I will check back later for your response ... I am really excited, as apparently this first century model has been invisible to me.

Theocratic Joker said...

Tom Rook, the sad thing is that you believe that the witnesses are following the first century model. If you truly read your Bible you will see that they are so far from first century christianity it is ridiculous.

Is it an organization you are looking for? Well, you won't find one. Jesus never meant for his followers to form corporations in order to sell books under the guise of a preaching work.

Jehovah's Witnesses love to ask "where will you go?" Well how about going directly to Christ. He is our mediator not the presumptuous Governing Body who have set themselves up in Jesus' position.

All you or anyone needs to be a followers of Christ is to do the things Christ himself told us to do. If we truly love our neighbors as ourselves the way we live our lives will be evidence to the rest of the world that we are true christians.

jworld said...

This all got me thinking about the very core issue to which is always debatable and that is regarding who really is this faithful slave Jesus talked about in Matthew 24:45-47? It’s always possible that Jesus has yet to arrive to appoint this slave over his belongings.

However, as it’s written this seems to indicate the slave would have some sort of organization. The New American Standard Bible reads:
"Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper time? 46"Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes. 47"Truly I say to you that (E)he will put him in charge of all his possessions. “

A household would seem to indicate more than your stated position that Christians would be autonomous. The slave in fact was in charge of this household.

If you could leave the WT out of this for a moment, what are your general biblical thoughts about the faithful slave?

Theocratic Joker said...

(Matthew 24:45-47) 45 "Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? 46 Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. 47 Truly I say to YOU, He will appoint him over all his belongings.


Jesus Christ included a parable, or illustration, dealing with a "faithful and discreet slave" and an "evil slave." (NOT a phophecy)

*** it-1 p. 273 Beating

Jesus foretold that at the time of his presence he would appoint "the faithful and discreet slave . . . over all his belongings." (If Jesus "fortold" this then it would be a prophecy. He did not say he would do this...because it seems to hinge on "IF his master" finds him doing so, but if the Faithful Slave has been dispensing food at the proper time since 33ce, then the appointment by the master would be totally unnecessary, since they had been doing their job for centuries and were already appointed in 33ce)


SpiritualFood. Jesus delighted to do the will of his Father and spoke of it as food to him. (John 4:32, 34) He foretold that he would appoint "the faithful and discreet slave" to give (spiritual) food at the proper time to his disciples. (Mt 24:44-47; see FAITHFUL AND DISCREET SLAVE.)(Again, this is a parable, not a prophecy as is indicated above under FDS p. 805. So why would we say he "fortold" this?)


Hence, adequate provision has been made for the Christian congregation to have needed spiritual food, Christ himself mentioning the "slave" through whom such food is dispensed to Christian "domestics." Jesus, as part of his prophecy concerning his own presence and "the conclusion of the system of things," showed that, on arriving, the "master" would appoint this "faithful and discreet slave" "over all his belongings."—Mt 24:3, 45-47. (Now here the insight book calls it a PROPHECY, AND it says the "master WOULD appoint", but I think it says this would happen IF he found the slave doing certain things)


The responsibilities and administrative duties of a steward suitably describe the ministry entrusted by Jehovah God to the Christian. Jesus describes his body of faithful anointed ones on earth as "the faithful and discreet slave," but as a slave they also serve as a steward for him, having had committed to them in these last days "all his belongings"—including the preaching of "this good news of the kingdom" throughout the earth, teaching those who wish to hear, and serving as God’s instrument to gather into association with the congregation the international "great crowd" that would survive the great tribulation.

( Nowhere in this parable does "Jesus describe his body of faithful anointed ones on earth as "the faithful and discreet slave" does it? Nor is there any indication in this parable that this slave would be "Gods Instrument" for anything. How can we make these huge claims based on a one sentence question in parable, that goes TOTALLY unanswered by Jesus?).

jworld said...

What TJ, a self appointed member of the Blogger Class, leaves out is his personal belief that it is in fact the Blogger Class itself that is leading the first century model.

I guess this model includes posting negative essay's anonymously on internet forums and blogs and only against the WT. We don't know what the credentials are of this new Blogger Class, and have no way to verify if they even were declared. That's the beauty of the internet!

Could the blogger class be the faithful slave in Jesus parable? Most likely not. Their teachings borrow to much from Catholicism (who everyone agrees is definitely not faithful).