Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Highlights from The Elder's School

Besides the usual drivel there were a couple interesting things.
1. An entire 1 hour discourse on helping our children become little innocent martyrs for the Watchtower via their flawed and unreasonable blood doctrine. They really hit this hard, emphasizing that we should prepare your children to respect the sanctity of blood by coaching them on the scriptures that "prove" we shouldn't have transfusions. Crossing out verbage on hospital admission forms before signing them. The speaker went on and on. I mean really, are they serious with this??

2. Bashing college (higher education) every chance they got. Even to the point of listing for a series of questions that the other elders would ask if a child of an appointed man were to have children go to college. They did a total 180 on their "policy" and are 100% against higher education in any form.

The Watchtower is really pushing it with that blood doctrine. A tutorial on how to allow your children to die.... lol. come on!
I think In Search of Christian Freedom said it the best(paraphrasing): The Watchtower teaches that God wants us to santify the representation of life ( blood) more than life itself. In other words your child's picture is more important than your actual child and you are to honor it above the child. Now that's logical isnt it??

This religion is becoming more and more dangerous.

Also, The the school's second to last talk on Saturday is..."trust in the faithful and discreet slave" The speaker really emphasized how there is a problem with some elders who do not trust or obey the Governing Body as the representative of God on earth (I wonder why). It was 1/2 hr of "following the the GB and their direction is the only way we will get from here to paradise." True quote.


Leonor said...

I just wonder how do you get this info, it sounds like you were there or an elder that was there passed it on to you. To have access to this stuff they would have to trust you and let you in amongst them.
Now that I have learnt I whole lot than I ever knew about how things work and their origin within the WTS I would have to be a rather big deal (and a bit of a drag) to keep on going to meetings and acting like nothing has happened. So do (ex) JWs bloggers bother going to meetings and assemblies just to have the latest hot gossip and literature to denounce the WTS on the net ? I wonder. How do you keep up to date?

Bud said...

Was there discussion about disfellowshipping a person for uncleanness, literally not keeping their body or property clean and tidy? It's mentioned on p. 68 of the elders manual.

jworld said...

This blog is entertaining and enlightening. However, I'd love to see hard proof the WT actually showed a video on "how to let your child die". Even a cell phone capture of the audio would be helpful.

J said...

Preciousness of Blood in the Bible, significant, and a source of salvation, just a few examples.
Genesis 4:10, 9:4-6 37:22
Exodus 12:13
Blood was foreshadowing of sacrifice in behalf of mankind. If one is truly saved by means of Christ's shed blood, would not the use of other blood be seen as a lack of faith of God's promises for the future? Secondly, the idea of normal human blood being used to save people is highly overrated, and many doctors experienced in the field are now transitioning to bloodless medicine, recognizing that the risks associated with foreign blood are far too great in comparison to any perceived benefit. I am sorry you feel so vehemently opposed but I think you should make sure you think with your head and not with your heart (Jeremiah 17:9) because it can be wrong.

Zechariah 7:11-14
Matthew 13:37-50
1st Corinthians 15:9,10,33

You can all change. Paul did. If you, original poster, actually went to the elders school, then these scriptures aptly apply to you: Matthew 7:15-23, Acts 20:26-30. The latter also applies to me, I am now free of bloodguilt. (1st John 3:13-16).

BlueSkunk12 said...

I'm worried about many of the posters on this blog. Rather than deal with the message, you often shoot the messenger.

Others of you state beliefs you assume are true, then use the Bible to back your beliefs.

What if your assumptions are wrong?