Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Watchtower Circular Reasoning


J said...

I think the disconnect is found where you say "no, Jehovah's witnesses are the ONLY ones that teach the truth". Do you realize why people say that? Because from experience they have never found another religion that has the belief structure as Jehovah's witnesses. Any who have decided to deviate have generally gone into oblivion, showing God's disapproval (Acts 5:34-39). Must one learn every religion before one recognizes the true religion? No, all one must do is come to understand which religion has correct teachings, and then compare what one knows to be true, to any other religion out there. For example, if you believe strongly that christmas is wrong, obviously you wouldn't join a church that believes in christmas. Or if you strongly believe that God is not a trinity, well then that idea, based on knowledge of the scriptures, helps narrow down your list of available religions, now doesn't it?

The picture betrays the OP's own feelings that JW's are closed-minded, but the very fact that it's put in a circle without other options (like YES it could be possible that other religions have the truth, but the facts show that that is untrue, which then leads to the answer "no, only Jehovah's witnesses have the truth"). Leaving out the consideration and thought processes makes one appear closed-minded and I wish in the future you'd be more fair and balanced in your analysis.

Theocratic Joker said...

" Do you realize why people say that? "

Yes, they say it because they are taught to say it. Just as witnesses are taught that "they are the happiest people on earth". It is repeated to them again and again and so they begin to believe it.

If you are looking for a religion with correct teachings it is not Jehovah's Witnesses. The witnesses are a high controlled group ruled by a Governing Body and Watchtower lawyers.

Some people like to be controlled as you obviously do.

Peter Mosier said...

J said " Do you realize why people say that? Because from experience they have never found another religion that has the belief structure as Jehovah's witnesses. "

I agree with you completely! You are saying that JWs practice with JW practices and believe JW beliefs more than any other group.

Of course, that in itself is a circular argument, one I've seen before, from different religionists:

"Look around the world and show me a group that believes more JW/Mormon/7thDay/Catholic beliefs than to do we JWs/Mormons/7thDay'ers/Catholics. If you can show me a group that has a better practice of being a JW/Mormon/7thDay'er/Catholic, then of course I will join them. BUt I think you will find that only JWs/Mormons/7thDay'ers/Catholics believe and practice "THE TRUTH" (as defined by JWs/Mormons/7ThDay/Catholicism."

So yes, I agree with you: only JWs, today, practice Wathtowerism, as it is understood and preached by Wathctower today. Today's JWs are better JWs, and are more strongly JW, than any other non-JW group/sect/religion out there in the world today. Only JWs believe exactly what, and exactly how, JWs are supposed to believe, today.

(Note: the "today" qualifier is crucially important, since today's JWs are very different from yesterday's and/or tomorrow's JWs.)