Monday, December 13, 2010

Blood Information For Elders Only

For a clearer image please go here:


jworld said...

well it is a bit interesting the infamous chart is not included with this letter. Can't young people use fractions too? lol oh well.

jworld said...

BTW, what ever happened to the book with all the letters from the 80's - 2001? There is a link to it on the first page of this blog but its broken. I think it would make for some interesting reading.

J said...

Blood fractions are a personal matter. As caretakers (which parents are) they have the right, or should have the right, to dictate medical care for their child up until the point they can make decisions for themselves, which means up until that point, their parents make the decisions. It's like the parent's right to allow or deny their child I don't know, any decision, if they feel it is in their best interest. The problem people are having is that nobody here seems to believe it's in the child's best interest. I urge you all to do more homework on the matter of bloodless medicine.