Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Happens If There Is A Murderer In Your Congregation?


Defender said...
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Defender said...

you are getting mad are you?
what happen are you having problems to succeed with your attacks.
Jehovah witnesses are 7 millions now, and their number keeps going up. at my convention yesterday 54 people got baptism.
you are wasting your time twisting the informations about the witnesses.
this is my last words to you apostates.
Read Isaiah 54:17 it is a good reminder for you

Anonymous said...

Hi Defender, I saw your new blog. Unfortunately it is not possible to leave there a message for you. Maybe you can change that, or leave me an email adress here, so that I can reach you. I would like to discuss some points of your blog.
Regards, Nathan

Defender said...

I would be happy to give you my email, but there is a problem.

Why would I agree to discuss with you? you keep twisting the informations about the witnesses.
your heart is full of hatred, how do I know that?

example: the letter that you post don't say anything about hiding a murderer, but your title is:
What happens if there is a murderer in your congregation.
there are many other examples that one is enough.

by the way elders do report to the authority when it is necessary, for your information in the case of murders or child abuse they will report it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Defender, sorry that I didn't mention that in my first post: I am NOT the author of this blog. I am just a reader who also recognized your blog. I think you made some valid points there. That is why I wanted to discuss with you. Please let me know how I can reach you. Thanks, Nathan

Defender said...

Hi Nathan
I don't want to post my email in this website.
give me yours and I will email you.

FreeandHappy said...

Just wanted to say that people like Defender do more harm to their own cause than good. Circular logic, false information, and incredibly bad grammar are not helping prove his points. His comments make me giggle. :)

hudsoncarl said...

it's good to see that confidentiality is being stressed, as it should. i don't know why defender contradicts this by saying the elders would report in cases of murder; this letter seems to say otherwise. whatever the case, confidentiality at this level is scripturally based. read the book of philemon. onesimis was a runaway slave, a crime punishable by death. the apostle paul didn't turn him in to the authorities. but, he DID send him back to his owner with the letter to philemon. by means of the letter, he hoped philemon would forgive onesimis, as it was his right to do. the point is that paul didn't go running to the authorities. in this 1992 letter, the brothers are addressing the concern with smoking as well. whatever happens, they will no doubt encourage this brother to give himself a clean conscience by confessing his crimes. but even if he doesn't, the point of this letter doesn't violate any legal or ecumenical law.

margaretrunge said...

hudson carl, how can you possibly equate murder with being a runaway slave? There is simply no comparison. Don't forget this is Jehovah's chosen religion that we are talking about. One that supposedly has his approval and a direct line of communication with him. Jehovah's Witnesses are taught that adulterers, fornicators, drunkards and smokers are detrimental to the spiritual health of a congregation and therefore must be disfellowshipped from it. How much more would this view pertain to a murderer, especially one that will not confess to the authorities. Wouldn't his influence and presence be much more likely to corrupt the congregation? Whether allowing the murderer to stay within the congregation might not violate any legal or ecumenical law, it is not those wordly laws that are supposed to concern us. It is Jehovah's holy law. What about pedophiles within the congregation? There is no doubt that now they would be expelled, though that was not always the case. It seems that the Watchtower organization does only what is expedient for them at the time.

grissom6471 said...

Why would we or anyone care what anyone else does or has done?

You all will die at armageddon, so you should be worrying about that.

You are just a spreader of gossip.