Monday, June 16, 2008

Latest Statistics From Special Elders Meeting in the United States

Latest Staff Count
Brooklyn Home: 1716
Patterson Home: 1036
Walkhill Home: 1149
Total 3901
2000 have left bethel in the last 3 years
Of those 2000, 225 have become Special Pioneers
47 took up Regular Pioneer Service
1728 returned to congregations as Regular Publishers
70% of the bethel family has more than 5 years service
6% have between 5 and 24 years of service
24% have more than 25 years full time service


grissom6471 said...

Bethel, Bethel, Bethel. Why is it always about Bethel?

"Special Elders Meeting" ooohhhh.

You are such a joke. Good for a laugh. You miss the whole point of everything. It is not about Bethel or the elders, it is about each of us.

JHK said...

We put our attention on this... from Spain Branch.

Thank you very much.

AndYourPointIs said...

Thanks for the useless information.