Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A GIilead Student From Thailand

A young Thai girl who came to new York to attend the Gilead School in upstate South Lansing, New York, had a mental breakdown. Staff members pleaded with President Knorr to send her home by plane, under supervision. He adamantly refused and gave instructions to send her home alone, "the cheapest way possible." She was sent to San Francisco by train and had passage booked for her on a ship to Thailand.
Evidently suffering another breakdown, she jumped overboard. The ship circled but never found her in the shark-infested waters. The captain sent a radiogram to the headquarters in Brooklyn. The switchboard operator, Arthur Barnett, received the message and receptionist Russell Kurzen also learned of the tragedy. The distressing news was then relayed to several members of the staff. When Knorr heard that the news was being circulated among the headquarters personnel, he was furious. Both men were reprimanded, and removed from their positions for revealing the contents of the radiogram.
[...] There was no announcement at Gilead School or at Bethel headquarters about the incident. [...] The young girl from Thailand was never mentioned again.


AndYourPointIs said...
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AndYourPointIs said...

And your point is.

Offer me a different plan of salvation and prove it beyond any doubt with the Bible.

Then we will talk.

Yeah I said it said...

the continued brazen actions of the wtbts amazes me.

even scarier is the information is now getting out there, and people inside still can't fathom anything is wrong.

five meetings a week, the same "information" over and over again, it puts the mind into a lulled state.

spiritualbrother said...

Well thanks to the internet so many of these old stories are coming to the surface