Saturday, June 14, 2008

News From Bethel and The Governing Body

There are big things happening over at the Watchtower Society and it isn't all good. Just remember you heard it here first.
There is a power struggle going on between Losch and Jaracz. Jaracz has had health problems for the last year or two and so is not as able to do as much as he once did. Losch is trying to become the new charismatic leader and he is challenging Jaracz more and more. Losch believes that the Watchtower of the early 90's where they were soft on education was the work of apostates and this led directly to a major decrease in growth (Jehovah let apostates write the Watchtower!?) Anyway, this is why they are now taking a hardline on education.
Barr is the only one really standing up to Losch. We'll see what happens.
Oh, by the way, wouldn't it be interesting if the name Jehovah's Witnesses was changed? (More on that later.)


Hikaru said...

Do you have an email? I really need to ask you a few questions..Please.

Governing Body Letters said...

Hikaru - email me at


grissom6471 said...

No one was ever soft or hard on education. We love it. It has its place. We just think that the universities are selling a product that can be gotten elsewhere in a better atmosphere and less money.
That is all a BA, or BS or MBA is, a product that the universities sell and they and companies created demand for it.

Jackson said...

grissom6471, What you do you mean no one was ever hard on education? Thanks to the GB's controlling policies many of us make half what we should since we don't hold a Bachlors. Speak for yourself but for those of us that read the WT we know the GB's stand on it.

Yeah I said it said...

grissom6471, you're speaking from the experience of someone who hasn't gone to college....just like the wtbts writers for the most part.

there's a lot more to college than the piece of paper. there's working and studying with people who have similar interests and career paths as you. jobs, partnerships, etc. come from networking, meeting people who know your skills, etc.

there's being mentored by academics who usually have clout in their industry.

"we love it"

only as long as it's published by the wtbts.

anyway, last year's assemblies spoke for themselves and there's another generation of janitors ready to go to work.

Carlos E. Cisneros said...
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Carlos E. Cisneros said...
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