Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stained Glass Windows

The Watchtower started to back off it's condemnation of 'stain-glassed' after restoring the Stanley with it's piece of stained glass.

***w53 5/1 p. 260 Why Maturity Is Lacking***

To help fill in the spiritual vacuum imposing cathedrals are built, lavishly furnished with pipe organs, stained-glass windows and other works of art, and choirs are trained. Is it any wonder, then, that churchgoers are not mature when the goal of the worship they attend is entertainment and appeal to the senses instead of edification and appeal to the reason and conscience of man?

***w69 10/15 p. 632 When You First Go to a Kingdom Hall***

In this vein, you will also observe that there are no stained-glass windows, as in many churches, to help create a hushed aura of artificial sanctity. Instead, the spiritual atmosphere at the Kingdom Hall is genuine, springing from a real interest in true worship and Biblical instruction. And the light, natural surroundings in the hall encourage those present to be outgoing and friendly, not inhibited by a mysterious imposed solemnity.

***g82 3/8 p. 6 The Catholic Church’s Past Attitude Toward the Bible***

Instead of favoring education among the masses and translations of the Bible in the local languages, the Catholic Church encouraged the production of ‘books of the ignorant’: picture Bibles (such as the Bibliapauperum, or Bible of the poor), Bible histories, miracle plays, statues and carvings, church wall paintings and stained-glass windows on Bible themes. Such were the crumbs that the Catholic clergy let drop from the rich spiritual table of Bible knowledge, which they kept for themselves and for a few privileged kings and nobles.

***w89 4/15 p. 13 par. 8 The Infamous Harlot — HerDestruction***

Oh, how beautifully she decks herself out! She is famed for her stately cathedrals with their imposing architecture and stained-glass windows, her bejeweled pagodas and wats, her time-honored temples and shrines. True to the stylized fashions set by the great harlot, her priests and monks are arrayed in costly robes of scarlet, purple, and saffron.

BY 1991 the opinion had changed fullly.....with ***g 91 3/8 p. 22 Stained Glass — From Medieval to Modern***

In the midst of their myriad of rules and regulations they can't get even simple things right.

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J said...

This is just one more reason to not go around talking about how special you are. If you are humble then you don't have to eat humble pie for making stupid comments.

Watchtower writers will undoubtedly never learn this lesson since they think they are guided by God.

And of course the more ‘special’ you are the better mind control you can have on others. Just more evidence that they have the ‘truth’. I would take a guess and say stained glass is now ‘old light’.

Man I wish I could do ‘old light’, oh yes I messed that all up, but it was not a mistake, just old perfection.