Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jehovah's Answer To A Heartfelt Prayer, Watchtower Study, 12/21/08

Ah, today's Watchtower study. Nothing like an Old Testament war story! Boy can the Watchtower twist and twist and twist...

Para. 8 was ironic:

They coveted Israel's land and boasted: "Let us take possession of the abiding places of God for ourselves." (Ps. 83: 12) Has something similar been true in our day? Yes!

When you actually look at the Jehovah's Witness message and the individual attitudes, isn't it the Jehovah's Witnesses that covet and boast of taking possession of the abiding places of "the goats" when Jehovah destroys them all at Har-Mageddon? "Ooh, I want that big house on the hill when Jehovah slits all their throats at the Armageddon."

I mean really, what "spiritual paradise" is there that "worldly people" are coveting and boasting about taking away from Jehovah's Witnesses. The Witnesses don't have anything that anyone else wants. So they cite persecution by the Nazis and the communists? How does the fact that they were persecuted make them the truth? The communists were persecuted by the Nazis, and the Nazis were persecuted by the communists. Today there is persecution all around the world in the name of religion. So which group are God's people since they were all persecuted by somebody?

What persecution do Witnesses face today? I can only think of the self-inflicted persecution. Quiting your job if the boss won't let you have a certain meeting night off, that isn't Satanic persecution, that's a personal choice. Someone wishing you "Merry Christmas" isn't persecution, it's a loving gesture. I actually have these "worldly people" come back later and apologize when they remember that I don't celebrate. Sheesh, I've met so many "worldly people" that are so kind and considerate, that I'd rather die with them at Har-Mageddon than watch them be destroyed by "the God of Love" and then have to spend an eternity with the judgmental dubs.

Back on para. 5 is another oddity:

Whatever the case, it is evident that Jehovah God inspired the writing of this prayerful song at a time when his nation was in danger.
I guess this brings up one of those questions that I always fought to ignore when I was a believer. If God was the real author of the Bible, and the humans were merely acting as secretaries, why are so many parts written as plaintive cries from a human in an effort to get God to listen? Like the start of the Psalm supposedly under consideration in the Botchtower:

(Psalm 83:1-3) 83 O God, let there be no silence on your part; Do not keep speechless, and do not stay quiet, O Divine One. 2 For, look! your very enemies are in an uproar; And the very ones intensely hating you have raised [their] head. 3 Against your people they cunningly carry on their confidential talk; And they conspire against your concealed ones. So, God "inspired" the psalmist to write this? Well, I suppose if you read this message, you could equally conclude that Jehovah "wrote" the message and "inspired" me to record it...

"This is Henry, I need help. I'm miserable and poor, lonely and overworked. People who are supposedly my friends are using and abusing me. I think that the course that I've chosen thusfar was based on false hopes set forth by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Please Jehovah, hear my prayer. Please Jehovah, protect me, help me, and show me the truth."
Ironically, sort of, Jehovah showed me the way... out because it is all a load of crap.

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