Thursday, December 18, 2008

Field Service Reports

Starting jan 2009, the field service report can be sent until the day 20th of the month, instead of the 6th of each month as it is now. But, like the letter says: "It is not necessary to announce this change to the congregation". Keep the rank and file thinking they are late. LOL.
The new Watchtower Library 2008 will have an additional version for PDAs. But just for Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Pocket PC. It won't work with Windows Mobile Smartphone. Yet, another reason to switch to Mac and iPhone!
PS: And of course I got another letter thanking for our money contributions and asking for more.


Anonymous said...

Humans are always imperfect- even those on the Governing Body. The prophets of old were weak and even sinful at times, yet Jehovah used them.

If Jonah were on the Governing Body today, would you reject all of the Bible truths that only Jehovah's Witnesses know?

Where would one find a loving international group who are united? Recognize god is not a trinity? No hellfire? The resurrection? Only a limited number go to heaven to rule over the earth?

It is too easy to be stumbled by men. Do not reject God or the bible.

Roxanne said...

you are still donating cash to this falicy? WTH? Stop it!!!! Jehovah wouldn't want you to! Why help with the construction of more buildings at Walkill!? WHY? Why help them aquire even more? Greedy bastards. So, stop it already.

JohnP said...

Anyone have access to the Watchtower Library 2008 - English so I can download it?